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The One-Stop Site for the Modern Toy Collector

big jim catamaran

When you think of iconic toy lines for each decade, the Big Jim action figure line may not be at the top of your list for the 1970’s, but that’s exactly what Big Jim was. Besides Star Wars and GI Joe, Big Jim stood out as the third highest globally selling action figure line of the decade, which is shocking considering how successful Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes and Kenner’s Six Million Dollar Man lines were. To understand Big Jim’s journey to becoming an iconic toy brand, we need to go back to 1970. Mattel Toys was enjoying massive sales and success with their ultra popular Barbie Doll line for girls, but Mattel was inspired by the newly introduced GI Joe Adventure Team line and decided to start an Adventure type action figure series of their own, but with a twist. The figures would be shrunk down to a more economical 9.5 inch size and the line would not only focus on adventure themes but also basically anything a boy would dream about getting into, such as exploring, action and every sport your could think of at the time. In general, Big Jim was going to be a man’s type of man who excelled at everything he did. At the same time Mattel was creating Big Jim, Mego was creating a military adventure line of their own called Action Jackson in an 8 inch size. This meant Mattel would have to step up their game and step it up they did. The new Big Jim figures featured a chopping action feature that could be activated by a button on their back, and a bicep muscle flexing feature that would make it look like the figures had bulging arm muscles. Another great feature that Mattel introduced was TONS of accessories. One trick Mattel learned from their Barbie line was to create bunches of accessories and Big Jim got the same treatment.

big jim catamaran

Big Jim’s All-Star series was a hug hit for Mattel, and their sales numbers were off the charts during that period. When the line began to fade a bit in 1975, Mattel made the decision to change things up a bit by giving Jim a new team of rough looking fighters called the Wolf P.A.C.K (Professional Agents Crime Killers). The figures would remain the same 9.5 inch size, and many of the accessories and figures would be re-branded to the new P.A.C.K line. The focus of the new theme would turn Jim’s group of fun loving sports enthusiasts and adventurers into professional crime fighters, thwarting evil terrorist plots across the world. The new Wolf Pack team consisted of Big Jim the Leader, the Whip, Warpath, Dr. Steel and Torpedo Fist, while the lone villain was Zorak. The P.A.C.K figures still featured the chopping action feature that could be activated by a button on their back, as well as the bicep muscle flexing feature that would make it look like the figures had bulging arm muscles. If you were a child growing up in the 1970’s, this was definitely one of the coolest group of figures on the market. The Big Jim Wolf Pack line stands out as one of the most complete and well-done action figure lines of the decade and still holds up incredibly well even to this day. Since the Big Jim toy line was created, it has always been a huge hit with big sales numbers across the country, but that pales in comparison to what Big Jim did on the global scene. It’s certainly not uncommon for a successful toy line to launch in foreign markets as well, but Mattel took that to a whole new level with Big Jim. They went on to release several unique and original Big Jim lines across the world that were never made available in the United States. These lines included Mark Strong, Kid Acero, The Pirate Series, The Space Series, The Spy Series and the Global Command in 1986, which would mark the final Big Jim line ever produced by Mattel.

big jim catamaran

Mattel released some real quality Big Jim products during its run, and just like every toy line, the values of certain items can greatly fluctuate over time. This is based on several factors, including the item’s time period, scarcity, consumer demand and overall condition. The good news for Big Jim collectors is there always a demand for items from this era, as Mattel created some truly iconic pieces. Loose individual figures from any of the Big Jim lines can certainly be found in most secondary markets, but boxed figures are becoming harder to find in good condition and can fetch very high values, especially the P.A.C.K figures. The foreign issued figures and accessories can prove very tricky on the secondary market, as they were never made available in the United States markets. Many American collectors don’t have the attachment to these foreign lines as they do for the All-Star and PACK series, so the values can greatly fluctuate. That being said, values on Big Jim items from any line remain steady with not many recent changes but the market remains strong due to an ever present 70’s and 80’s nostalgic desire. Boxed versions of most of the playsets and vehicles from the All-Star line can be found fairly easy on the secondary market at reasonable prices but items from the P.A.C.K line remain tough finds and usually fetch high prices in good condition. The figures, playsets, vehicles, packs and other sets from the Big Jim lines will only increase in value as these figures and sets become rarer and harder to find in the future.

big jim catamaran

Click These Links to See The Individual Big Jim Pages

big jim catamaran

Big Jim All-Star Series 1972-1975

big jim catamaran

Big Jim P.A.C.K Series 1975-1976

big jim catamaran

Big Jim Foreign Releases

big jim catamaran

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2023 Boat Buyers Guide: Catamarans

  • By Karl Anderson
  • December 27, 2022

Catamaran spinning circles

The popularity of the multihull (aka catamaran or cat) fishing boats has never been greater, as more and more boatbuilders enter this growing segment of the market. The inherent stability of the catamaran design rolls less with the seas, making fishing offshore less tiresome and more comfortable. Available from 20 to 48 feet, catamarans typically offer a large fishing platform with generous storage and fishing amenities. They are available in a wide variety of deck layouts, including center-consoles, dual-consoles, and even pilothouse and express variants.

Catamaran foredeck

Big Picture

The large deck area of a catamaran enables many large underdeck storage lockers and insulated fish boxes in the sponsons. This gives anglers ample room for gear and the day’s catch. The catamaran’s stability, fishability, and smooth ride in rough seas make it attractive to anglers as well as day-cruisers. A center-console version adds 360 degrees of angler access to the rail. With the dual-console design, generous seating behind a beam-to-beam windshield makes for a great family fishing-friendly setup.

Live bait is one of the most popular types of fishing in virtually every coastal zone. To do it successfully requires optimal water capacity and proper flow. The minimum size of the outflow water plumbing should be twice the size of the inflow. The plumbing should have a drain at the bottom to shed scales at the end of the day, as well as a drain at the top of the well to adjust capacity and allow overflow. Above-deck transom-mounted wells should fully flood to the lids when running to keep baits from getting beat up. 

Tip: A sump box with multiple pumps in case a pump fails is the best setup for first-rate livewells. Conveniently located inflow and outflow valves make it easy to optimize the flow without tiring your bait from swimming too much in the well. 

Catamaran helm

Rod Storage

Having enough rod holders is essential to be successful for opportunity fishing. Look for vertical rod storage along the console and across the back of the T-top. Many models also have rod holders along the outboard transom wall. Having plenty of gunwale rod holders for drift- and kite-fishing is helpful. 

Tip: Placing adjustable swivel rod holders by Gemlux makes deep-dropping, lure-fishing and drifting even easier because they allow your rods to face the direction the baits are fishing, yet they can be swiveled back to keep rods from sticking out of the boat while running and docking. 

Manufacturers often offer multiple choices for horsepower, but whatever the choice, the engines must come in pairs. For example, you might order twin outboards (one for each sponson) or four outboards (two for each sponson), but single- or triple-outboard configurations are not common on a cat. Optimal selection should be made based on user load, weight of the boat, ride comfort , performance desires, and best case for resale. It’s a rare day when you can run wide open, but having more horsepower gives better torque at slower speeds and thus better control. Running larger engines slower gives better fuel efficiency too.

Tip: When possible, choose the highest horsepower offered because it typically leads to a better resale value with a shorter sales cycle. 

Power steering from engine manufacturer Optimus or SeaStar is essential with the higher horsepower required for larger boats, and it makes installing and operating the upper station in a tower far more practical and comfortable.

With the power demands of electronics, livewell pumps, stereo amps and more, it is wise to have at least two house batteries, and for larger boats, a third or fourth with a multibank charger for dockside. Each engine should have its own dedicated battery as well. 


Typically choosing the largest screen or multiple screens that will fit on the console is best-case scenario for ease of use, ergonomics, and visibility. VHF radios, stereo controller, and equipment switches for lighting, pumps, and accessories should all be integrated with greatest visibility and ease of operator reach. 

Catamaran illustration

A Tale of Two Hulls 

A catamaran rides on pair of hulls, or sponsons, each thinner and sharper than  that of a similarly sized monohull boat. The narrow sponsons of the cat tend to slice easily through water to deliver a smooth ride, even in rough seas. At the same time, with the sponsons positioned out to the sides of the boat, cats tend to roll less, thus providing great stability to enhance crew comfort, security and safety. However, cats tend to corner more flatly than a monohull, and some hulls (but not all) tend to lean outward versus inward during a turn.

Catamaran running

Experts Say

Newer designs such as Invincible’s Morelli and Melvin-designed semi-asymmetrical sponsons eliminate some of the negatives of the cat design, such as “sneezing,” where water sprays out the front of the boat when hitting a wave. They’ve also controlled the uncomfortable “outboard lean” ­sensation common in older designs when in a turn. Once transitioned to a ­catamaran, many become true believers and preach the benefits of the design.

Editor Says: Saltwater fishing cats not only offer superb stability and smooth ride, but some also display exceptional speed and range. I recall one trip out of Key West, Florida, aboard an Invincible 40 Cat with four 350 hp outboards to the Dry Tortugas. It was a 60-mile run, and we made it there in 70 minutes. We caught more fish than our arms could bear, and then dashed back to Key West, arriving in time for cocktail hour on the same day. -Jim Hendricks, Staff Editor, Boating and Fishing Group

  • More: 2023 Boat Buyers Guide: More Resources , Boats

Solace 30HCS on the sandbar

Win the Solace 30HCS in the 2024 Ultimate Boat Giveaway

Boston Whaler 365 Conquest rendering

Boston Whaler 365 Conquest

Scout 261 XSS rendering

Scout 261 XSS

Cox Marine outboards on a catamaran

Cox 350 Diesel Outboard

Large calico bass on the boat

Using Weedless Baits to Catch Calico Bass

Angler casting a popper

Popping for Tuna

Snook in the Everglades

Fun Fishing at the Historic Flamingo Lodge

The Custom Captain apparel on anglers

The Mission to Make Custom Boat Gear Convenient, Easy & Fun

Salt Water Sportsman

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  • Cruising World
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  • Salt Water Sportsman
  • Sport Fishing
  • Wakeboarding

big jim catamaran

BIG Catamarans In The Mainstream

Lagoon 77 stern

Sailing catamarans in the above-50ft range are a rare commodity on the global market and are more often custom designs for a particular owner.

Lagoon, Catana, and Fountaine Pajot have each tested the waters in this market and have had varying degrees of success. We have seen first-hand how the market is reacting to these large cats, because we have sold many of them including two of the new Lagoon Seventy7 so far!

Catana’s 70-ft cat, the FP Ipanema 58, and Lagoon’s 620 have all been well received by our clients and are generally very successful catamarans. However, Lagoon has topped this market in 2016 with their latest offering, the Lagoon Seventy7.


The Seventy7 is built by sailing superyacht experts CNB-Lagoon in Bordeaux and designed by the illustrious design team, VPLP, Patrick Le Quément and Nauta Design. No doubt it’s an luxurious super-catamaran but even so, it has elegant and graceful lines and appears to sail well even in a gentle breeze.

Check out the walk-through video of the Lagoon Seventy7

The Lagoon Seventy7 will make its U.S debut at the Miami Boat Show on February 16-20, 2017!

  • Lagoon Seventy7 Pictures & Specifications>>

Buying A BIG Catamaran? Get Your Personal Representation!

Choose your yacht broker wisely. After a house, the purchase of a large sailing catamaran is probably one of the biggest investments a boat buyer will make in their lifetime. So it makes sense to ensure that they have the very best representation. Brokers come free to the buyer, so find a knowledgeable yacht broker who knows the product, understands the industry, and can advise on ALL components of the transaction.

Catamaran buying and boat ownership should be a pleasure, not a nightmarish experience. Your yacht broker should be able to consult, advise, and educate you, not pressure you to buy.

You should feel like a valued client and insist on superior service!

We would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about catamarans and catamaran buying.  Contact Us

More Resources For Large Catamaran Buyers

Yacht As A Business Ownership Program. Read More>>

Crewed Catamaran Charter Programs. Read More>>

Large Catamarans: How To Own & Operate Them. Read More>>

Picture of Estelle Cockcroft

Estelle Cockcroft

Join our community.

Get the latest on catamaran news, sailing events, buying and selling tips, community happenings, webinars & seminars, and much more!

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Catamaran Guru

For more than 30 years, we have been a part of the catamaran community and created Catamaran Guru™ to encourage and educate all the aspiring sailing out there. We understand the dream of traveling the world by catamaran and created a one-stop-shop to make that dream a reality for you.

big jim catamaran

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Big Jim Sport series - Sunrunner Catamaran (ref.9267) - Mattel Italy

Matt masson major and space power suit (ref.6336) mint on card, barbie's canopy bed - mattel 1982 (ref.5641), boglins - mattel - boglin blap, barbie - new vw golf cabriolet - mattel 1984 (ref.7873), customers also liked, grendizer - bubble bath foam container - aldimport 1979.

  • Expedition Yachts
  • Expedition Catamarans
  • Bering Marine
  • Bering Fleet

Bering Yachts Runs a New Adventure with Bering 60 CAT

Pioneering expedition yachts for over 15 years, Bering Yachts is once again charting new waters with the introduction of B60 CAT , an aluminum catamaran designed for both luxurious exploration and comfortable living.

Following the success of their renowned steel trawler yachts, Bering takes a bold step into the world of catamarans, catering to the growing demand for stable, practical, and stylish vessels. This exciting expansion allows customers to embrace the latest trends while staying true to their adventurous spirit.

Bering Yachts Runs a New Adventure with Bering 60 CAT

Combining the best of both worlds, B60 CAT offers:

  • Unmatched Stability: The inherent stability of a catamaran design is further enhanced by Bering’s meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to safety. Explore remote destinations with confidence, knowing your vessel can handle any condition.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Step inside and discover a haven of sophistication. From the spacious saloon with panoramic windows to the multiple decks offering ample relaxation areas, B60 CAT is designed for comfortable living, making every journey an unforgettable experience.
  • Unwavering Innovation: Bering’s legacy of innovation shines through in B60 CAT. The flexible layout allows for customization with 4, 5, or even 6 staterooms, an open or enclosed flybridge, and dedicated zones for privacy. Additionally, the 10.5 square meter rising platform and spacious storage areas cater to your adventurous spirit.
  • Impressive Performance: Equipped with twin Cummins QSB 6.7 engines, B60 CAT effortlessly cruises at 12-13 knots, reaching speeds of up to 15 knots. With a range of 3,000 nautical miles, explore farther and wider without worrying about fuel stops.

Bering Yachts Runs a New Adventure with Bering 60 CAT

Bering 60 CAT is more than just a new vessel; it’s a testament to Bering’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. This innovative catamaran is poised to become a leader in its class, attracting discerning explorers who seek the perfect blend of stability, luxury, and performance.

Please find a video presentation about B60 CAT on Youtube

Ready to embark on your next adventure? Contact Bering Yachts today to learn more about B60 CAT .


James Wharram Designs

Search our site.

Drawings of boat plans

20% Off Boat Building Plans

Take advantage of our spring sale starting on 13th May and start building your dream boat.

Offer ends 31st May.

Distant photo of Wharram Tiki 46 on the water with all sails up

Dream, Build, Sail

Build your own catamaran renowned for its seaworthiness, stability and safe simplicity. All Wharram plans are drawn for the first-time builder.

Aerial view of 5 colourful Wharram catamarans at the beach

A Global Family Of Sailors

The Wharram World circles the globe. Wharram catamarans have been built and are sailing in all the World's oceans.

James and Hanneke in their design studio with Amatasi model

Trusted, Proven Designs

We believe the ancient Polynesians knew a thing or two about building boats to last. Wharram catamarans are proven survivors.

Wharram Mana 24 with white and teal hulls, with deck tent on board

Mana 24: Boat In A Box

Assemble her yourself from pre-CNC-cut plywood parts. Keep it at home, trail it and sail it anywhere.

Seaworthy. Simple. Affordable.

Building your own boat with Wharram Designs is the easiest and most cost effective way to fulfil your sailing dreams. Wharram Self-build boat plans start from only £120.

Wharram designs are based on years of practical, hands-on experience of building and ocean sailing catamarans. They are renowned for their seaworthiness, stability and safe simplicity. Designs from 14’ - 63’ are available for self-building in ply/epoxy with very detailed, easy to follow Plans often described as 'a course in boatbuilding'.

Study our Self Build Boats to familiarise yourself with our range of designs and their unique qualities. Download and read the Wharram Design Book which reviews each design in detail and offers a detailed introduction to the world of self-build catamarans. Order and download Study Plans and immerse yourself into the boat builder's mindset; evaluate the costs; the amount of time required to build your boat; where you will build it and where you will eventually launch it.

Once you have decided on the boat that is right for you, order your Boat Building Plans . All Wharram building plans are drawn for the first time builder, so anyone with a modicum of practical ability can build one of our designs. Our Building Plans present quality instruction, guidance and advice for both novice and professional alike. They are all based on decades of actual building experience and thousands of ocean miles sailed.

Go on adventures and live the life of your dreams. Spend your weekends coastal trekking and camping, or live aboard and spend your days sailing around the world. Become a member of the global family of Wharram builders and sailors. Wharram catamarans have been built and are sailing in all the World's oceans and can be found in far away ports and anchorages.

The quality of the Wharram self-build catamarans is reflected in their popularity, excellence of craftmanship and sound sailing qualities. More than 50 years on - with over 10,000 sets of plans sold and thousands turned into proud vessels - Wharram 'Cats' can be seen in harbours across the world, maintaining the highest reputation for surviving wind and wave.

Find Out More

Aerial view of two Wharram catamarans

Self-Build Boats

Index of Wharram self-build catamarans. Familiarise yourself with our range of designs and their unique qualities.

Wharram study plans

Choosing A Boat

To help you select a design, read our practical advice about basic requirements, building times, building methods, and costs.

James and Hanneke in design studio with Amatasi model

How We Design

Several articles giving an in-depth look at our core design principles and how they are reflected as seaworthy, stable vessels sailing the oceans.

James and Hanneke receiving an award

James Wharram: Lifetime Achievement Award

A special award was presented to James Wharram for a 'Lifetime Achievement' as Pioneer catamaran builder - sailor and multihull designer.

James Wharram - British pioneer of the modern catamaran

About James Wharram

In the mid 50's, based on his research into ancient Polynesian boat design, James Wharram built the first off-shore Catamaran in Britain and sailed it out into the Atlantic. While the world's yachting community still did not accept such a design as a worthy sea-going vessel, James was landing his 23'6" 'Double Canoe' called TANGAROA in Trinidad in the West Indies.

There he built a second 40' Polynesian style Catamaran, RONGO, and in 1959 sailed it up to New York and back to the UK accompanied by two German women - being the first to sail a catamaran West-to-East across the North Atlantic. These amazing Trans-Atlantic crossings and the follow up book ' Two Girls, Two Catamarans ' have etched the name 'James Wharram' into the annals of yachting history.

Since then, James Wharram has been designing, building and sailing offshore catamarans longer than any other multihull designer. James was a 'hands-on' designer having, over his lifetime, built personally many of the prototype designs. These prototypes were built in the open, in barns, workshops and all the range of building sites available to self-builders, in a variety of climate types from northern European to the Tropics. James was often referred to as a 'Living Legend' or as written in 'Yachting Monthly' in January 2006: "James Wharram is considered by many to be the father of modern multihull cruising."

James’ last achievement was his autobiography published in 2020 as ' People of the Sea ', which he wrote in conjunction with his design/life partner Hanneke Boon. James died in December 2021 at the age of 93. The design business is carried on by his co-designer Hanneke Boon .

Tiki Odyssey

Two men in a boat cockpit

From Kos to Kefalonia. Father and son, in a self-build Wharram Tiki, survive a winter passage across Greece. The call came on Thursday. "Hey, Dad. There's a weather window, all next week. It could take us all the way to Monemvasia, maybe even round the Peleponese." Our plan was to sail our self-built Wharram Tiki 26 from its birthplace in Kos to its new home in Kefalonia, a winter passage of over 400nm east to west across Greece. A compelling read.

  • Read more about Tiki Odyssey

Hui Wharram Cornwall Gathering 2024

Wharram Hui 2024

We are having another Annual Hui! 3rd - 5th August 2024. This Hui will mark 70 years since James designed his first Catamaran 'Tangaroa' and we are excited that we will be mooring at Devoran Quay just a 5 minute walk from the Wharram Headquarters based in Cornwall. It would be lovely to celebrate his achievement with all of you.

  • Read more about Hui Wharram Cornwall Gathering 2024

Pacific Islander History Month

People wearing sarongs walking around a beached double canoe

This month of May in America is 'Pacific Islander History Month' and we at James Wharram Designs would like to join in and celebrate alongside them! As you may know, double canoes/catamarans are of ancient Polynesian origin. The modern day catamaran is a direct descendent of these original ocean-going vessels.

  • Read more about Pacific Islander History Month

James Wharram's Last Ride

Catamarans gathered at a quay

On 23 July, a motley fleet of self-built catamarans gathered off Cornwall to give James and Ruth Wharram their final escort. It was a fitting farewell to a legend. The ashes of James and Ruth Wharram were consigned to the sea to be carried by the ebb current out to the open ocean.

  • Read more about James Wharram's Last Ride

Hanneke's Atlantic Adventures (Part 3)

Double sailing canoe at sunset

My new home for the next two weeks was Ontong Java. She had crossed the Atlantic a week after us and was moored off the beach in Port Louis, on the North West coast of Grand Terre.

  • Read more about Hanneke's Atlantic Adventures (Part 3)

James' Eulogy

Matt Knight on Hecate

Hi everyone. I'm Matt. And apart from being truly honoured to be here to help send James on his way to his next adventure, I am here above all as a representative, really, for the many many people worldwide who's lives have been changed, for the better, as a result of James' life work.

  • Read more about James' Eulogy

A Living Legend Lives No More

James Wharram

We are very sad to announce that on the 14th December James Wharram left this earthly world, joining Ruth, Jutta and his many close friends that departed before him. At 93 years old his spirit has set out on the voyage to sail the oceans of heaven.

  • Read more about A Living Legend Lives No More

People Of The Sea - Compact Edition

People Of The Sea - James Wharram with Hanneke Boon

The new second edition of the autobiography of James Wharram and Hanneke Boon is now available! This more compact edition at the lower cost of £16 contains all the text and illustrations of the special first edition. An easier size to fit the bookshelf on your boat. A must for all Wharram enthusiasts and other sailors.

  • Read more about People Of The Sea - Compact Edition


12 Best Catamaran Sailboats

Best Catamaran Sailboats | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

December 28, 2023

The appeal of the catamaran sailboats in terms of speed , stability, and the ability to embark on long-range cruising has made them hugely popular with today's sailors. But what are the best catamaran sailboats?

Even though catamaran sailboats have become increasingly popular in the last few years, they have a truly rich legacy as one of the most sought after vessels for bluewater cruising.

Thanks to their incredibly wide beams and bigger daft, catamarans have become remarkably favorable for sailors looking to go for long-distance voyages, overnight cruising, and day sailing.

And if space is paramount for you when out there on the water, a catamaran sailboat is the only way to go as they offer extraordinary space to allow you to spend more time on the water with friends and family.

But even with all these amazing features, you're probably still wondering; what are the best catamaran sailboats?

Like their monohull counterparts, choosing the best catamaran sailboat can be quite overwhelming since there are lots of them out there. They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes ranging from small catamarans to huge ones.

The best catamaran sailboats can easily clock 250-mile voyages, offer incredible performance, and have layouts that can be easily optimized for individuals, charter markets, and great accommodation. In essence, the best catamaran sailboats offer respectable performance and offer good load-carrying ability.

That being said, here are some of the best catamaran sailboats that you can get your hands on.

Table of contents

Best Catamarans


Even though many multihulls are no longer built in the United States these days, the Manta 42 is a true American-built catamaran that brings good living and good value into one package. Designed cleverly for easy handling, this American built catamaran is a great choice for a liveaboard cruiser for sailors looking to go for long-distance voyages. Thanks to its trademark high bows and an enormously curved incorporated forward crossbeam, this catamaran is easily recognizable even from a distance.

It is designed with a uniquely fixed crossbeam, which is very different from conventional aluminum cross beams that support the tension of the forestay. This fixed crossbeam allows for a little bit of movement thereby helping in absorbing enormous twisting forces of the bows. As such, you have to keep in mind that there may be resultant stress crack particularly in the bow area of the vessel.

All in all, the Manta 42 is a superb offshore cruising catamaran that offers a good sail-area-to-displacement ratio as well as plenty of space and accommodation. The cockpit area is refined, luxurious, and is designed with additional stainless pushpit contraptions to help in holding objects such as wind vanes, dinghies, and solar panels. The boat's quality in terms of performance and stability is the benchmark of what a catamaran should be.

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45


Recently named the "Boat of the Year" for 2019 by Cruising World Magazine and Sail Magazine, the Elba 45 is the latest model in the incredible line of Fountaine Pajot catamarans. This boat was designed to replace the outgoing Helia 44 and stands to be one of the most popular catamarans with Fountain Pajot having sold over 100 Elba 45 hulls long before even the first one emerged from production.

This French-built cat brings to the fore a well-thought-out, safe, and dependable features with 10% less drag, efficient motoring, top-notch performance, and high speeds. It's also designed with fixed stub keels and slightly aft-raked bows, which are all essential in enhancing windward performance; something that most catamarans struggle with.

To improve on safety, the keels of this amazing catamaran sailboat are glued into a particularly designed recess in the hulls. This is to ensure that there are no keel bolts that can rip out and put the boat in danger if the boat gets grounded or in the event of a collision. The rig is also ICW friendly and is a true representation of a standard catamaran setup.

This is, without a doubt, a modern-looking cruising catamaran that has a low-profile lounging space on its deck, high topsides and bows as well as a more pronounced reverse sheer that's essential in minimizing the bulk of the windows while creating additional and useful volume below. This is a true catamaran that occupies a sweet spot for those looking to sail along the bay or for those adventurous sailors looking to set sail for more ambitious offshore cruising plans.


With its fine design, straightforward systems, and easy handling, the Leopard 48 has everything it needs to be ranked among the distinguished category of the best catamaran sailboats. This is an excellent multihull that is structured with advanced materials, designs, and innovations that are meant to be fun, spacious, and comfortable.

Designed in South Africa by Simonis-Voogd, is probably the best design in the Leopard family of catamarans. Its two hulls are vacuum-bagged using balsa core to offer maximum firmness while ensuring that the weight is on the minimum. This is done by articulately regulating the level of resin in the layup. With such types of hull shapes, this catamaran sailboat is very fast and can consistently clock 12 knots of speed against the currents.

The boat is also designed with shallow keels as they're filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam that's of great importance in increasing buoyancy and preventing water ingress. To enhance the safety of the vessel, the stern and bow both have bulkheads that are essential in keeping out that water if the sailboat is involved in a collision.

The hulls of this boat are deep and narrow, particularly below the waterline. They also curve higher up to practically reduce the wetted surface area while offering enough deck space and plenty of room for accommodations. Its cockpit is another excellent feature thanks to its lavish spaces that give you the chance of kicking back and relaxing.

This boat is designed to offer superior livability, quick and easy to handle features, as well as enough space for friends and family. It is designed with beautiful lines and immense practicality for those who want to go on long cruising voyages.

Antares 44i

While many people often believe that voluminous cruising catamarans should be used as charter boats, the Antares 44i brings a very different perspective altogether. Designed in Argentina as a complete bluewater catamaran, this is a boat that's specifically built for private boat owners looking for a sturdy and well-equipped bluewater cruiser. This is an absolutely gorgeous catamaran that has a fully-equipped cockpit just to ensure that you can safely operate it even when shorthanded.

Like most catamarans, the Antares 44i is designed with features that allow for long-distance voyages. It comes with a minimum bridge deck clearance of 30 inches, which is essential in mitigating bridge deck slap. The helm station is designed to offer excellent visibility over the coach roof without having to perch the helmsman high above the cockpit.

If you're planning to make those long-distance cruising to exotic places, you'll appreciate this boat's layout. The galley is put down in the port hull so that it doesn't compromise the size of the galley and the saloon. The forward-facing navigation station is up there with the best and is up to offshore standards. And that's not all; the Antares 44i comes with good mounting points for electronics, a large table, comfortable seats, and provides brilliant visibility outside.

This boat is perfectly suited for extended offshore cruising and is a great reminder for anyone who thinks that all catamarans are charter boats and all offshore boats are monohulls.


Designed by Philipe Pouvreau in northern Brazil, the Dolphin Ocema 42 is a truly unique catamaran sailboat that goes against the conventional norm of catamarans. It is equipped with daggerboards, which are essential in enabling it to point higher on the wind while reducing the wetted surface when running or anchoring in shallow surfaces. This, however, requires a higher level of expertise in sailing. This is because lifting the daggerboards higher up will expose the rudders while the daggerboards can also interfere with the hulls in the event that the vessel runs aground.

But even with that, the Dolphin 42 balances incredible performance and cruising comfort in a very compact package; something that is not very easy in bluewater cruising. That's why it's designed using a foam core to make it lightweight by reducing weight wherever possible. This vessel will most likely never let you down if you want to circumnavigate the bluewater on a high-performance boat that is safe and comfortable.

So if you've been looking for a real sailing catamaran that doubles up as a very comfortable liveaboard sailboat , look no further than the Dolphin 42.


Regarded as the best built and most stylish cruising multihull, the Catana 50 is a very huge catamaran sailboat. Measuring about 50 feet long with a beam of about 26 feet, this is an amazing catamaran that will test your sailing skills as a single sailor or if you're planning to sail shorthanded.

This boat is designed with a rig that gives you the option of using either a screecher or a self-tending jib. This may seem complex since the sheets are led to winches near each wheel while all other controls lead to a centerline winch that's located in the cockpit. But even with that, this sailboat can be easily tacked once on the course.

This is a real performance-oriented catamaran with efficient hulls and rigs allowing for top speed. This vessel is also designed with a long waterline and a subtle underwater shape at the bow to help in increasing volume while minimizing wave drag. The stern platforms can help in stretching the waterline length while also providing easy access from a dock or a dinghy. The board trunks are also very strong and sturdy to protect the integrity of the hulls if a collision occurs.

In essence, this is a very modern catamaran that's designed to safely make long-distance passages with ease. It is subdued in terms of styling but this doesn't mean that it falls short as far as performance is concerned.

Atlantic 42


Designed in 1993, the A42 has cultivated a legion of fiercely loyal fans thanks to its efficiency and aesthetic. This is the smallest of the Atlantic cruising catamaran line and is hugely popular with sailors thanks to its ease of handling, ocean-going capabilities, and superb use of space. From the forward cockpit, pilothouse to the sleeping cabins, and brilliant galleys everything about this cat is a true classic.

Unlike most catamarans, the Atlantic 42 is designed with a waist-high cockpit that's located forward of the pilothouse just behind the mast. It brings forth a solid construction thanks to the large metal girder-like bearers that run across the bulkheads. This helps the vessel in having the utmost strength, better air circulation under the engine, and a high level of flexibility as far as the size of the engine and its positioning is concerned.

Initially, the boat's style and its outlook were considered conservative but it soon became clear that it is built of high-quality materials and to last. The internal construction of the boat is impressive, to say the least. The exterior looks very beautiful and perhaps much more beautiful than most boats today. Its large aft cabin accommodation is a top drawer while the space separating en suite heads and shower compartments are considered a bonus.


If you were to board the French-built Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46, you'll agree that the high-quality of workmanship, layout, and efficient use of space is quite exciting, to say the least. This cat remains very popular among sailors thanks to its easy handling features and incredible performance under the sails. Well, this may not come as a surprise to many of us given that the Fountain Pajot is known for building some of the most remarkable cruising catamarans out there that it can be quite overwhelming to narrow down to a single vessel, but the Bahia 46 simply stands out.

This vessel is designed with hulls that are broader than those of many other catamarans. It's also designed with centerboards and daggerboards that are meant to enhance its performance. These are essential in minimizing draft while ensuring reliability, generous bilge, and in helping to protect the rudders and propellers.

This boat is big enough to manage any type of serious offshore sailing. This is one of the best cruising catamarans for anyone looking for the right vessel for long-distance sailing. This vessel has a very more generous rig than most cruising catamarans, which is essential in enhancing its performance. The six-post Bimini is very strong and clean and can perfectly hold dinghies.

In terms of its look, the Bahia 36 is designed with gorgeous lines with the deck and hulls sculpted with lines that add a touch of elegance to the overall look of an already excellent catamaran sailboat.

Gemini 105MC


Whether you're looking for a comfortable catamaran vessel to take you for a weekend sailing trip or a long sabbatical vacation on the oceans, the Gemini 105MC is a very satisfactory liveaboard catamaran vessel that offers spacious accommodation, thoughtful design, and a stable cruising platform for anyone who wants to have some good time on the water.

Designed by the legendary Tony Smith, this is somewhat a sailing cottage. Like a land cottage, it is cozy, comfortable, and very safe. This is essentially a 35 feet catamaran that offers great value for any sailing looking for a reasonably-priced catamaran sailboat for the weekend or holiday cruising.

This boat is designed with incredibly slim hulls, which are teardrop-shaped with flat bottoms and smaller wetted surface area. This is to ensure that drag is minimized and to lead to more leeway under sail. Each of the boat's hull is designed with a kick-up centerboard is of great importance in enhancing the vessel's windward pointing capability. This boat also has its rudders raised to enable it to seamlessly cruise in shallow waters where most vessels would otherwise run aground.

The eccentric narrow beam, which measures about 40% of the boat's length, is very different from today's 50%. However, its low center helps in keeping its stable, upright, and of course, safe.

Lagoon 450 F


If you're looking for a catamaran sailboat that offers prestige at its peak, look no further than the Lagoon 450. This cat is widely known for offering an all-around comfort without compromising its beauty, spaciousness, class, and elegance. This is an elaborate French catamaran that brings to the table fantastic craftsmanship while leaving nothing to chance.

This is a very safe 45 feet catamaran that's not just comfortable but also very luxurious. The deck layout is centered on an amazing flybridge, which has been redesigned and redefined to offer both the traditional and modern outlook. You can very easily access the bridge, engine controls, steering station in a matter of seconds. As a result, this boat is efficiently designed to give you the ultimate control of almost every situation while on the water.

The spacious and luxurious interior of this boat is worth experiencing. The cabins and saloons are perfectly lit. We're talking about four to six cabins, eight to twelve berths, and up to four bathrooms. In essence, this boat can comfortably sleep eight to twelve people. This boat is designed to offer ultra-modern accommodations and amenities that come with little but amazing touches; all designed to make your life inside the catamaran enjoyable.


An original performance catamaran cruiser from the iconic Gunboat manufacturer, the Gunboat 62 has truly cemented its place as one of the best catamaran sailboats to ever grace the oceans. Honestly speaking, this cat-inspired a whole range of other incredible boats including HH66 Catamaran and the Balance 526.

This is a boat that can perform admirably well in storms with a speed of over 35 knots despite being built using epoxy and E-glass with carbon-fiber structural components. It's designed with a distinct angular outline than most catamaran sailboats of its size and category. This is a vessel that was built for people looking to add more stuff and more gear for their voyages. In other words, you can have all the gear and equipment on this boat and still outperform a racing monohull of the same size.

Thanks to its lightweight feature, this vessel can sail upwind at speeds of over 17 knots and pinch up to 30 degrees. Just for comparison, the Gunboat 62 can tack through 95 degrees and still outperform the best racing monohulls. This boat is designed with a comfortable helm seat that offers 360-degree visibility as well as plenty of storage space, a functional working surface, and a luxurious cabin. Like many performance catamarans, the Gunboat 62 can attain about 20 knots if the conditions are right.

Privilege 615


Combining elegance, comfort, and style, the Privilege 615 is a lovely catamaran sailboat that seems to be always ready for a long offshore voyage. The roots of this incredible cat can be traced back to the 1980s when Philippe Jeantot opened up a boat-building company in France. As one of the best productions from the company, the privilege 615 sports a flybridge that comes complete with twin wheels, a sprawling sunbed, and other excellent features that will make your bluewater cruising a breeze.

Whether you want the charter version or a privately-owned version, the Privilege 615 is one of the most versatile catamaran sailboats. Step inside this vessel and you'll instantly notice the quality of the wood finish and the elegance of design. The advanced navigation station is not only ultra-modern but is perfectly stationed at a dedicated corner where you can control everything while still having a conversation with your friends and family.

This boat comes with multiple sleeping configurations to ensure that you and your guests can live aboard the boat for months on end. Although the boat appears like some sort of maze on the inside, you'll easily get used to it when you enter the forward section. That's not all; this boat has gorgeous lines that make the exterior beautiful just like the interior. Its sleek profile, incredible volume, and versatile interior make it one of the best catamaran sailboats out there.

There you have it; these are the best catamaran sailboats out there. It doesn't matter the one you choose, these cats will make your day out on the water and will serve you just right for your offshore voyages or for day sailing along the bays.

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I Catamaran Can – Sailing in St. Thomas

Posted by Tim Cotroneo on Monday, October 29, 2012 · Leave a Comment  

big jim catamaran

Boating Adventure in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands By Tim Cotroneo

The sounds of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young serenade excursion customers as they step aboard The Cat, Jim Trilling’s pearl white catamaran. Like entering the living room of a palatial home at sea, guests hand their shoes to Trilling’s crew. That’s so The Cat’s deck stays spotlessly clean.

It’s hard to read Trilling’s eyes behind his ever-present sunglasses. What’s not hard to read is the smile that creases this Boston native’s face as he surveys the length of his 54-foot home away from home. As long as guests are having a good time and The Cat is running seamlessly across the Caribbean Sea, life is good for the 64-year old Trilling.

Two years removed from receiving a kidney transplant, Trilling lets his crew take charge. On this day, Trilling’s job is to make sure his paying guests feel special and relaxed. On today’s six-hour snorkeling excursion to St. John, the goal is to ensure pleasant vacation memories and vivid client testimonials.

Jim’s Big Adventure

big jim catamaran

In 1980, Trilling departed from Boston on what he calls “a world adventure.” After spending five years building his boat by hand, Trilling’s goal was to sail around the world. Four days after embarking on his trip, Trilling and his crew encountered the “perfect storm.” Trilling’s 32-foot Westsail limped into the safe harbor of Hamilton, Bermuda, battered but not beaten.

After a two-month detour rebuilding the boat dubbed “Windsong,” sails were set for the next leg of Trilling’s adventure. Upon arriving in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Trilling’s life would reach a turning point.  He concocted the idea of offering six-passenger sailing and snorkeling adventures to the handful of cruise ships that docked in Charlotte Amalie Harbour. With a business belief that “the worst thing they could say is no,” the former Brookline High School grad began knocking on doors of ship operators.

Three Weeks to “Yes”

“ I called on cruise ships for about three weeks. Eventually the Cruise Director from Costa Cruise Lines agreed to offer my excursion, the “Windsong Sailing & Snorkeling Adventure,” to his passengers. Looking back, I guess this was my business break,” Trilling recalled.

big jim catamaran

“One of my first customers was a news reporter from WGN television in Chicago. I took his group on a sailing and snorkeling adventure on my original 32-foot boat. At the time, this type of excursion was unheard of.  The reporter gave a great testimonial about his trip to the cruise line. He also talked about his excursion on the air when he got back to Chicago. Costa Cruise Lines began regularly booking through me from this point on,” Trilling said.

A Win Win Relationship

Three decades after his initial success in the boating adventure business, Trilling is firmly entrenched as an entrepreneur and resident of St. Thomas. Today, The Cat, and a second boat named Castaway Cat, are the centerpieces to Fun Water Tours. Trilling built and paid for these twin catamaran purchases in 2010 by continuing to knock on doors. His sales diligence has evolved into relationships that include four of the major players in St. Thomas commerce. Trilling believes these business relationships are the cornerstones for his enduring success.

The Princess, Norwegian, and Costa Cruise Lines regularly work with Trilling’s company. The cruise lines see The Cat and The Castaway Cat as a way to deliver intimate island experiences for their customers. Trilling sees his relationship with the cruise lines as mutually beneficial. “They depend on us to create memories for their passengers, and we depend on them to pay our bills,” Trilling said.

big jim catamaran

The fourth major spoke in Trilling’s business wheel is the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Resort, located on a bluff directly above the spot where Trilling docks his boat and picks up customers each day. “This beautiful hotel is a 37-year old landmark and one of the most famous places on the island. The cruise lines and the Marriott are the reasons I could build The Cats. I’m very grateful to have these relationships. I believe the cruise lines and the Marriott feel positive about the job we do. After an excursion, we return their customers feeling happy and satisfied. It’s a win-win,” Trilling said.

True Blue Crew

Trilling’s business philosophy regarding mutual dependence extends to the feelings and rapport he has with his employees. This devotion came in handy two years ago when Trilling’s health almost capsized from “end stage kidney disease.”

In 2009, Trilling headed back to Boston to undergo dialysis and ultimately receive a new kidney donated by a friend. His crew took over the keys to his boats and his business.  “My job is to secure new business, write up contracts, and pay the bills. My crew runs the business. They definitely did that when I got sick,” Trilling said.

big jim catamaran

The loyalty of The Cat crew runs deep. “I’ve got employees who always show up and rarely call in sick. I’m a lucky guy,” Trilling said. What’s interesting is the hiring of future employees isn’t done by Trilling. He delegates this responsibility to his captain, Joe Morgan.  The Denver native has worked for Trilling since he arrived on St. Thomas five years ago. Yes, on an island that is one of the rum capitals of the world, guests can tell friends they were on a boat navigated by Captain Morgan.

The other key member of The Cat’s team is Becca Lee, a 28-year old native of Dallas. Lee, The Cat’s snorkeling director and resident chef, showed up in St. Thomas with only the promise of space on a friend’s couch. Lee revealed that networking and finding a job in St. Thomas is done the old fashioned way, in a bar. “I met Joe Morgan at a bar here called the Rum Shack. I explained that I had no experience working on a boat. Joe said this business is more about personality and a good work ethic. He said I’d get trained to learn the boat business. That was four and a half years ago,” Lee said with a smile.

That’s Entertainment

Trilling offers a different slant on what business he’s in. He believes The Cat and its crew are in the entertainment business. The truth is that life on The Cat isn’t just fun and games. The goal is to keep the Fun Water Tours business buoyant. This often means booking and running up to three excursions per day. So if an evening sunset cruise is on the calendar, the crew arrives home after dark feeling satisfied, yet spent.

big jim catamaran

The luxurious Cat is Trilling’s reward for surviving his kidney replacement procedure.  “The Cat is the last item on my bucket list. When I was on dialysis and working up to receiving my transplant, I decided money doesn’t belong to you until you spend it,” Trilling said. One doesn’t need to see Trilling’s eyes behind the sunglasses to see that he was beaming from this confession.

Living the Dream

The story behind how a boat got its name can be revealing. “The Cat’s” moniker awakened Trilling in the middle of the night. “I woke up one night and the name came to me like it was out of a dream. Here in St. Thomas, at least half the new customers will say they want to go on a cat, rather than a catamaran. I figured that for those customers who weren’t sure which boat they wanted to go on, I would have them covered,” Trilling said.

More than 30 years since departing on his “world adventure,” Jim Trilling is still living the dream. It’s amazing the business you can build, the people you can meet, and the life you can experience if you just knock on a few doors.

Tim Cotroneo is a freelance writer from Lino Lakes, MN with a passion for travel and a future Caribbean zip code.

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An Interview With Multihull Pioneer - Jim Brown

October 26, 2020

An Interview With Multihull Pioneer - Jim Brown

Jim Brown got his start designing and building sailing trimarans from friend and mentor, Arthur Piver, near Sausilito, CA in the late 1950's. Jim's foray into his career as 'trimaran test pilot' is well documented in his entertaining book, 'Among The Multihulls: Volume I'. In this Dream 10X podcast episode, however, we learn more about the story of Jim's early childhood leading up to the story in this book. I think this as-of-yet untold story of his early youth is just as fantastic and entertaining as his book!

The real skill in pioneering, as in business and life, is survival. Jim Brown, Among The Multihulls: Volume I, Pg 46

Finding Your Passion

One thing I wish I could ‘teach’ my own kids is how to find your passion in life and how to follow it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that is something that can be taught, but it can certainly be felt and even witnessed in other people’s lives. One case in point is the life of Jim Brown. It’s not hard to look back over Jim’s life to see how his simple pursuit of his singular passion for boats and the ocean took him on extraordinary life adventures. When he essentially flunked-out of college mostly due to his poor eyesight, he decided to continue pursuing his passion for boats by heading off to Miami to jump on the schooner Janeen, which in turn led to events that positively impacted the arc of his professional and personal life.

In other words, he didn’t know what his life held for him when he dropped out of college, but he knew he had an interest in boats and the ocean so he jumped in (or on a schooner) with ‘boat’ feet not knowing where things would lead him.

One of my favorite movie quotes is from the movie ‘Cast Away:’

And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring? Chuck Noland, Cast Away

It would seem that finding your life’s passion can be rather simple. Take action and keep moving in some direction - any direction. You never know what the tide will bring!

Continuous Learning

Jim exemplifies the idea of continuous learning throughout life. Since he was a college drop-out, it is evident to see that his genius and knowledge is not a product of an institution of ‘higher’ education. In fact, it would seem to me that Jim had an adequate knowledge toolkit available to him since childhood: a burning curiosity about things, an ability to teach himself answers to his own curiosities, and simple naivety in not knowing that he could not do things others might have said were impossible. Jim’s child-like curiosity and naivety in all things nautical have allowed him to constantly innovate in his profession throughout his fascinating career, and have afforded him the relative luxury of hanging-out in metaphorical littoral zones between modern western ‘civilization’ and the ‘wilder,’ less civilized, parts of the world.

A Closer Look Into Jim’s Life Adventures

The following video contains a slide-show narrated by Jim Brown himself, which he did just for us at Dream 10X!

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James Caple 2020-10-12 BLOG podcast sailing trimaran multihull catamaran arthur piver jim brown walt glaser woody brown dick newick Chesapeake Bay Virginia environment ecology marine architecture innovation design adventure microadventure

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    middle connector is broke - can be glued. condition : only used for display-. picture : the picture is from the actual item for sale.

  9. 2023 Boat Buyers Guide: Catamarans

    Big Picture. The large deck area of a catamaran enables many large underdeck storage lockers and insulated fish boxes in the sponsons. ... A catamaran rides on pair of hulls, or sponsons, each thinner and sharper than that of a similarly sized monohull boat. ... -Jim Hendricks, Staff Editor, Boating and Fishing Group. More: 2023 Boat Buyers ...

  10. BIG Catamarans In The Mainstream

    BIG Catamarans In The Mainstream. McConaghy's Trimaran, the 140ft "Adastra ", still rule the big catamaran market. Any other large multihulls have a steep hill to climb to compete. However, we have seen more interesting large catamaran designs come to market lately like the Lagoon Seventy7, Sunreef 68, Privilège Serie 8, and Catana 70.

  11. Seasmoke: A Racing Legend

    Seasmoke, it turns out, was commissioned in 1966 by actor James Arness, who played Marshall Matt Dillon on the famous 1960s television show, "Gunsmoke.". Arness, an avid sailor, asked Rudy Choy of C/S/K Catamarans to build him "the fastest boat on the water.". An early advocate of catamarans and trimarans, Choy built Arness a cat that ...

  12. James Wharram's First Catamaran Build

    James Wharram. Jul 2, 2021. Ruth aboard Tangaroa shortly after the boat's initial launch. More than just a sailor and designer, James Wharram, originally of Manchester, England, is also both a free-thinker and an individual clearly dedicated to getting as much out of this life as possible. Although he made his mark as a multihull designer ...

  13. The Best Power Catamaran Boat Brands

    Photo via World Cat Boats. World Cat is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of power catamarans — in fact, according to the company they're the largest producer of power catamarans in the world. Their line is a mix of center console and dual console fishing and family boats ranging from 23' to 40'.

  14. Big Jim Sport series

    Type : vehicule Material : plastic Scale : for 10" figures Origin : Europe Year : 1975 Condition : mint in box

  15. The Largest Catamarans In The World

    8. Silver Cloud 134 feet. 9. Zenith - 132 feet. 10. The Beast (Profab Engineering) 129 feet. 1. The World's Largest Catamaran: Hodor 217 feet. Hodor's linear exteriors and grey paintwork give an industrial look, neatly finished with contrasting orange stripes that wrap around the hull, helicopter and helipad.

  16. A Veteran Skipper's Guide to Catamaran Cruising

    One of the drawbacks with a catamaran is that beam seas and big wakes are magnified, making for an extremely uncomfortable ride. ... Pictured here, Jim enjoys a kayak excursion in front of an anchored Thing 1 Thing 2 at Easton, Maryland, in the Chesapeake Bay. Anchoring and Mooring. Catamarans swing differently than keel boats do at anchor. We ...

  17. Bering 60 CAT: The Next Generation of Expedition Catamarans

    Model February 06, 2024. Pioneering expedition yachts for over 15 years, Bering Yachts is once again charting new waters with the introduction of B60 CAT, an aluminum catamaran designed for both luxurious exploration and comfortable living. Following the success of their renowned steel trawler yachts, Bering takes a bold step into the world of ...

  18. James Wharram Designs

    Affordable. Building your own boat with Wharram Designs is the easiest and most cost effective way to fulfil your sailing dreams. Wharram Self-build boat plans start from only £120. Wharram designs are based on years of practical, hands-on experience of building and ocean sailing catamarans. They are renowned for their seaworthiness, stability ...

  19. James Wharram

    Wharram was born in Manchester, England. In 1953, after long studies into the records of boats of the Pacific in the libraries and museums of Britain, and inspired by Eric de Bisschop 's book The voyage of the Kaimiloa, [1] he designed and built the first British ocean-going double-canoe-catamaran, the Tangaroa (length 23 feet 6 inches (7.16 m ...

  20. 12 Best Catamaran Sailboats

    Gunboat 62. gunboat_catamarans. An original performance catamaran cruiser from the iconic Gunboat manufacturer, the Gunboat 62 has truly cemented its place as one of the best catamaran sailboats to ever grace the oceans. Honestly speaking, this cat-inspired a whole range of other incredible boats including HH66 Catamaran and the Balance 526.

  21. Boating Adventure on The Cat in St. Thomas : Travel Dreams Magazine

    Three decades after his initial success in the boating adventure business, Trilling is firmly entrenched as an entrepreneur and resident of St. Thomas. Today, The Cat, and a second boat named Castaway Cat, are the centerpieces to Fun Water Tours. Trilling built and paid for these twin catamaran purchases in 2010 by continuing to knock on doors.

  22. An Interview With Multihull Pioneer

    Jim Brown got his start designing and building sailing trimarans from friend and mentor, Arthur Piver, near Sausilito, CA in the late 1950's. Jim's foray into his career as 'trimaran test pilot' is well documented in his entertaining book, 'Among The Multihulls: Volume I'. In this Dream 10X podcast episode, however, we learn more about the story of Jim's early childhood leading up to the story ...

  23. Sail Catamaran boats for sale

    Catamaran yachts are large, sailing vessels usually used for time-honoured on-the-water activities such as overnight cruising and day sailing. These sailing boats are known for their deeper-depth draft and very wide beam. Across our current listings, the average capacity for catamaran sailing vessels is for 12 people, accommodating a maximum ...