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Killer whales attack and sink sailing yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar — again

By Emily Mae Czachor

Updated on: May 14, 2024 / 4:54 PM EDT / CBS News

A sailing yacht sunk in the Strait of Gibraltar on Sunday after an unknown number of orcas  slammed into the vessel with two people on board and caused a water leak, officials said. Both crew members were rescued by a passing oil tanker, said Spain's maritime rescue service, marking the latest killer whale attack on a boat in what has become a pattern in recent years.

The incident happened at around 9 a.m. local time in the narrow strait between Spain and Morocco that has become a notorious site of human interactions with pods of killer whales that, for reasons still not fully understood, ram into boats and at times even sink them . In this case, crew members on board the SV Alboran Cognac yacht put out an emergency call for an evacuation after they encountered orcas roughly 14 miles off the coast of Cape Spartel. 

The crew members reported feeling blows to the hull of the vessel and rudder, which was damaged by the whales, the rescue service said. The agency's coordination center in Tarifa, on the Spanish side of the Strait of Gibraltar, helped arrange for their evacuation via the tanker MT Lascaux. The tanker was able to collect the crew members from the sinking yacht within the hour, and they disembarked in Gibraltar before 10:30 a.m. They abandoned the SV Alboran Cognac, which proceeded to completely disappear into the ocean.

Anyone sailing through waters from the Gulf of Cádiz in southern Spain and the Strait of Gibraltar, either in a larger motorized vessel or a personal sailing boat, is advised to avoid certain areas that the maritime rescue service marks as potentially dangerous spots for orca interactions. The greatest threats exist between May and August, when officials say that pods of killer whales are most commonly seen in those parts of the Atlantic. 


But previously recorded incidents suggest those dangers may be present at any time. Last October, a Polish boat touring company reported that a pod of orcas had managed to sink one of its yachts after repeatedly slamming into the steering fin for 45 minutes, causing it to leak. Last June, two sailing teams competing in an international race around the world reported frightening scenarios in which multiple orcas rammed into or pushed up against their boats or as they sailed west of Gibraltar. 

No one on board any of the vessels was hurt in those encounters, but the documented rise in confrontational behavior has researchers and sailors trying to determine why orcase have attempted to sink or capsize so many boats off the coasts of Spain and Portugal. 

Some sailors have even resorted to blasting thrash metal music in a bid to deter the apex predators.

Reports of orcas interacting with humans have more than tripled in the last two years or so, according to the research group GTOA, which has documented hundreds of such incidents in the region since 2020. But some of the latest data points to possible changes in the orcas' etiquette, with the group reporting only 26 interactions in the Strait of Gibraltar and Bay of Biscay areas between January and May of this year. That number is 65% lower than the number of interactions recorded in the region over the same months last year, and 40% lower than the average number of interactions recorded in the same months between 2021 and 2023, according to GTOA.

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Emily Mae Czachor is a reporter and news editor at She covers breaking news, often focusing on crime and extreme weather. Emily Mae has previously written for outlets including the Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed and Newsweek.

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Orcas Sink 50-Foot Yacht Off the Coast of Morocco

The vessel’s two passengers were evacuated onto an oil tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar. The incident marks the fifth vessel the mammals have sunk in recent years

Sarah Kuta

Daily Correspondent

a pod of four orcas swims, their backs, heads and fins visible from above the surface of the water

The boat-ramming orcas are back in action: Two people had to be rescued from a sailing yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar after the black-and-white marine mammals damaged the vessel so badly it later sank, reporters Reuters ’ David Latona.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m. local time Sunday, some 14 miles north of Cape Spartel in northern Morocco. Passengers aboard the 50-foot Alboran Cognac felt blows to the yacht’s hull and saw that the rudder had been damaged. As water began leaking onto the ship, they contacted the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Tarifa, Spain, which directed them to prepare for an emergency rescue.

About an hour later, a nearby oil tanker picked up the two crew members, who were customers of Spain-based Alboran Charter , which owns the yacht, reports the Washington Post ’s Dan Rosenzweig-Ziff.

The boat took on more water and sank soon after. It’s not clear how many orcas targeted the vessel.

The sinking of the Alboran Cognac is the latest in a string of incidents involving orcas and ships in the Strait of Gibraltar. The highly intelligent, social marine mammals made headlines last spring , when they sank a Swiss yacht called Champagne off the coast of Spain. In November, they brought down another ship , a Polish sailing yacht called the Grazie Mamma .

But the animals’ unusual behavior goes back even further: Since 2020, mariners have reported 700 interactions between orcas and ships in the Strait of Gibraltar, per Reuters. The Alboran Cognac is the fifth vessel orcas have sunk in the last three years, reports Live Science ’s Harry Baker.

Most of the incidents have been recorded in the Strait of Gibraltar, a waterway linking the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The strait, which is bordered by Morocco to the south and by Spain to the north, is home to a distinct—and critically endangered —subpopulation of fewer than 50 orcas .

However, last June, orcas also rammed into a ship in the North Sea between Scotland and Norway, roughly 2,000 miles away from the Strait of Gibraltar. Scientists weren’t quite sure what to make of that incident, which raised the possibility that the destructive behavior was spreading to different groups of orcas.

In the meantime, authorities are urging mariners in the Strait of Gibraltar to exercise caution this summer. Spain’s Maritime Safety and Rescue Society recommends avoiding a large area between the Gulf of Cádiz and the Strait of Gibraltar; the agency also suggests that mariners sail as close to the coast as possible, especially from May to August, when orcas are more likely to be in the region.

If sailors do encounter orcas, the agency recommends they keep the vessel moving and head toward shallower waters. People onboard the ship should remain in the middle of the vessel and not approach the sides, where they may be at risk of falling overboard.

The agency also asked mariners to notify authorities of any orca encounters and, if possible, to take photographs of the creatures for identification.

Scientists remain puzzled by the orcas’ destructive behavior. A leading hypothesis is that a female nicknamed “White Gladis” started ramming into ships after having some sort of traumatic run-in with a vessel; she may also have been pregnant when she first started targeting ships. Since orcas are social creatures, other members of White Gladis’ group may have simply followed her lead and mimicked her actions.

“The idea of revenge is a great story, but there’s no evidence for it,” said Lori Marino , a neuroscientist and the founder and president of the Whale Sanctuary Project, to BBC Newsbeat ’s Shaun Dacosta last year.

Another possibility is that the orcas are curious about ships, or maybe, they’re just having fun.

“They’re probably socializing, yucking it up with each other about their adventures without realizing the terror they’re creating in their moments of joy,” said Andrew Trites , a marine mammal researcher at the University of British Columbia in Canada, to Business Insider ’s Erin Heger last summer.

From January to May 2024, the interactions recorded by the GT Orcas APP and @crewingservice were a total of 26. It is a 65% lower than the 2023 records and 40% less than the average. Interactions have been reduced since the wide distribution of the orcas. — Orca Ibérica GTOA (@Orca_Iberica) May 14, 2024

Orcas have also been known to temporarily exhibit other unusual behaviors, like placing dead salmon atop their heads. The boat-ramming behavior may be another, similarly short-lived fad that the Strait of Gibraltar orcas will eventually move on from.

And they may already be doing just that: Between January and May 2024, the number of reported interactions with orcas was 65 percent lower than during the same period in 2023 and 40 percent lower than the average for those months across 2021, 2022 and 2023, according to the Atlantic Orca Working Group .

Whatever the orcas’ motivations, scientists have urged onlookers to avoid assigning human emotions to the animals’ behaviors. Though the boat-ramming killer whales have given rise to internet memes and merchandise that suggests they’re plotting an “ orca uprising ,” researchers argue that the marine mammals are not acting with malicious intent.

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Sarah Kuta

Sarah Kuta | READ MORE

Sarah Kuta is a writer and editor based in Longmont, Colorado. She covers history, science, travel, food and beverage, sustainability, economics and other topics.

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A pod of orcas has sunk a yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar

Ayana Archie

attracco yacht

A pair of orcas swim off the west coast of Vancouver Island in 2018. Brian Gisborne/AP hide caption

A pair of orcas swim off the west coast of Vancouver Island in 2018.

For 45 minutes, the crew of the Grazie Mamma felt like they were under attack from below. A pod of orcas had zeroed in on the yacht's rudder as it made its way through the Strait of Gibraltar last week, and rammed it repeatedly, "causing major damage and leakage," according to the company that operated the boat.

Rescuers were able to save the crew and return them safely to port in Tanger-Med on the coast of Morocco. Their vessel, though, sank into the sea.

"This yacht was the most wonderful thing in maritime sailing for all of us," read a statement posted to Facebook by Morskie Mile , the Warsaw-based touring company that operated the boat. "Very good memories will be transferred to Grazie Mamma II. Love of the sea always wins and friendships remain with us."

The company said it is working to ensure its upcoming trips to the Canary Islands go on without a hitch.

Last week's incident was the latest in a string of recent "attacks" by orcas in the waters separating southern Europe and northern Africa — encounters that have left researchers scratching their heads.

Killer whales are 'attacking' sailboats near Europe's coast. Scientists don't know why

Killer whales are 'attacking' sailboats near Europe's coast. Scientists don't know why

Since 2020, there have been about 500 encounters between orcas and boats, Alfredo López Fernandez, a coauthor of a 2022 study in the journal Marine Mammal Science, told NPR earlier this year. At least three boats have sunk, though there is no record of an orca killing a human in the wild.

Scientists have been trying to pinpoint the cause of the behavior.

One theory among researchers is they're just playing around. Other researchers say it may be that the whales like the feel of the rudder.

"What we think is that they're asking to have the propeller in the face," said Renaud de Stephanis, president and coordinator at CIRCE Conservación Information and Research in Spain, in an interview with NPR last year. When they encounter a sailboat without its engine on, "they get kind of frustrated and that's why they break the rudder," de Stephanis said.

Another theory is that the behavior may be some sort of act of revenge due to possibly traumatic , previous encounters with fishing boats.

Orcas sank a yacht off Spain — the latest in a slew of such 'attacks' in recent years

Revenge of the killer whales? Recent boat attacks might be driven by trauma

"I definitely think orcas are capable of complex emotions like revenge," Monika Wieland Shields, director of the Orca Behavior Institute previously told NPR. Shields said she does not think "we can completely rule it out," even if she was not entirely convinced herself.

Deborah Giles, the science and research director at conservation group Wild Orca, says pods in other areas, such as near Washington state, have been targeted by humans, but haven't shown a pattern of ramming boats.

How wildlife officials saved a humpback whale found 'hogtied' to a 300-pound crab pot

How wildlife officials saved a humpback whale found 'hogtied' to a 300-pound crab pot

Which underscores why researchers say it's difficult to draw any conclusions from the interactions documented to date. In an open letter published this summer, 30 scientists cautioned against "projecting narratives onto these animals," writing that "In the absence of further evidence, people should not assume they understand the animals' motivations."

Correction Nov. 7, 2023

An earlier version of this story misstated the yacht's name, Grazie Mamma, as Grazie Mamma II.

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Your late afternoon continues in front of a beautiful sunset to the sound of beautiful melodies played on the piano, with an aperitif. Every day, discover a new cocktail recipe. Dinner follows, cooked by our chefs in keeping with the tradition of grand French fine dining .

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The restaurants onboard Le Lyrial

An essential component of French culture, fine cuisine naturally has a place of honour onboard this megayacht.

The Le Céleste gastronomic restaurant - Deck 2

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  • 3,980 square feet
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  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, French and international cuisine, elegance and refinement
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The La Comète grill restaurant - Deck 6

Enjoy breakfasts, buffet lunches and themed dinners in a relaxed atmosphere at the grill restaurant on Deck 6.

  • 2,530 square feet
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A more eco-friendly sailing

Ecodesign is at the centre of our reflection. The latest innovations available at the time of its creation were deployed on board this vessel. Since then, PONANT has regularly improved its environmental performance at each technical stop.


in ports that are equipped.

attracco yacht


60% less fine particles thanks to 100% LS MGO propulsion with 0.05% sulphur content and the use of continuous catalytic converters on all sailing areas by 2025.


Hydrodynamic design, diesel engine assisted by electric turbines, optimised sailing routes, and limiting the average speed of the ship to 11 knots.


Elimination of single-use plastics, cloth laundry bags, water fountains and distribution of stainless steel water bottles, ecological cleaning products.


Shell and sea creature detectors, electronic positioning system without the need for anchoring, ballast water processing, reduced noise and vibrations.


Clean Ship Super certification by Bureau Veritas, and Green Marine Europe, who evaluate our environmental strategy every year.


The presence on board of an environmental officer who ensures that procedures are followed and that the crew is trained.


100% of waste sorted on board and traced, 60% of waste recycled.


Environmental and societal impact studies and compliance with IAATO and AECO directives in polar zones.


75% less electricity consumption for lighting thanks to the use of LEDs, recycling of waste water, short supply chains.

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Suppression des plastiques à usage unique, sacs à linge en tissu, fontaines à eau et distribution de gourdes en inox, produits de nettoyage écologiques.

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Minimal and transitory impact

Modern ships, cutting-edge technologies, strict landing protocols, environmental impact studies, crew training: find the environmental commitments that guide us on a daily basis, with the greatest respect for both the marine andterrestrial ecosystems that we take you to.

Nicolas Tolstoï , Corporate expedition leader

attracco yacht

In the polar regions, prior to each disembarkation, a protocol designed to preserve the biosafety of fragile natural sites is put in place: passengers are required to decontaminate their boots and clothes to avoid introducing invasive species such as seeds, insects, fungi, mould, etc.

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Distributed across decks 3 to 6, the Le Lyrial 's 122 staterooms and suites embody the unique atmosphere so dear to PONANT: a subtle combination of luxury, intimacy and serene well-being. Enjoy views of the sea in a setting conducive to escape and getting away from it all in each and everyone of the staterooms.

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Ponant ship LE LYRIAL - Deck 2

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Grand Deluxe Suite Deck 6

Grand Privilege Suite

Owner's Suite Deck 6

  • Yachting World
  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Sailing Morocco: Unforgettable experiences all along the Atlas Coast

Yachting World

  • October 23, 2019

Jessie Zevalkink and Luke Yeates cast aside their doubts to cruise Morocco’s Atlas Coast. This is their story of their African sailing adventure...


All photos: Jessie Zevalkink

Air is chopped in the distance. Our ears swell as an ill-defined dot appears, growing larger in diameter. The helicopter flies hastily in our direction as if ready to fire. The pilot comes to a hover just overhead, unnervingly close to our mast.

The pressure differential around the main rotor blades is deafening, the soft sea around us now turbulent. Our precisely trimmed sails slam from side to side. I am stone scared. My breath is held, as I raise my hands to protect my eyes from the sand dislodged from Desirée ’s creases. What do they want? What did we do wrong?

Ten miles off the coast of northern Morocco, the helicopter tilts to circumnavigate Desirée . The men aboard hang out of the open fuselage, and cheerfully wave and smile. I release my breath. They take out their mobile phones and take photos of us. We raise our arms and wave back, and off they go.


Soft seas and a 12-17 knot tailwind proved ideal to sail from Portugal to Morocco

Our details are relayed to a nearby Moroccan Navy ship. We have them in sight but they are not on the AIS. As they approach we can see each other on deck with our marine binoculars . We study one another, holding our course. After determining we are not a threat, the ship alters its course. That is our first welcome to Morocco.

Mohammedia is on the bow. A port city placed between Rabat and Casablanca, it is the centre of Morocco’s petroleum industry and a well established point of entry. We chose it because we wanted to explore Casablanca, 16 miles further south.

There is a marina being developed in Casablanca. Some say it is open to the public, some say it’s not. The internet makes this unclear but we are not in the mood for guessing as we approach a lee shore and so we settle on Mohammedia.

Article continues below…

A winter adventure: yacht Hummingbird moored just off the old Portuguese fortifications of El Jadida

A winter cruise to Morocco and a rare glimpse into another world

Sandy, straight and with few deep water ports, the Atlantic coast of Morocco stretches for almost 1,000 miles down the…

attracco yacht

A test of commitment: a young couple cross the North Atlantic from Michigan to Cornwall

Luke asked me marry him. My feet didn’t touch the ground, I was airborne in saying yes. Within a month…

Head versus heart

Six months after an incredibly rude wave put our mast – and myself – into the sea off the coast of Portugal, we returned to Desirée , our 1962 Pearson Invicta, in the Algarve for some gruelling boatyard work.

The repercussions of a single breaking wave were extensive and included having to build a new rudder from scratch, re-bed all the stanchions, refit the Hydrovane and solar panels, remake our dodger and repair sails and electronics. It required two months of full-time work to have Desirée ready for the ocean again.

By January this year we were ready to sail but our passage plan remained indecisive. We flipped a coin: Morocco vs. Madeira. Our hearts were silently set on Morocco, although logic dictated Madeira. We knew we wanted an experience, not a vacation. The Queen’s head landed face up: Morocco. Our hearts had won; we were sailing to Africa.


Following a large wave strike, Desirée required repairs before the Moroccan odyssey could begin

Despite a lack of reliable information, we read as much as we could about Morocco, most of it negative, incomplete, vague and often contradictory. I remained unsure about our Moroccan yearnings: unsure about the unwanted attention we could attract, unsure about the language barrier, about our lack of boat insurance, about safety. Unsure about arriving there as a female captain.

One thing was very clear, my mother would prefer if we went to Madeira. Regardless of our apprehensions, we choose the southerly course.

After a grim sail from Newfoundland to England across the North Atlantic two years ago , and an early spring passage from England to Portugal the following year, my expectations of the actual sailing were fairly low. The entirety of my deep-water sailing experience has been cold, wet, foggy, iceberg-strewn, in gales or becalmed, and for the most part physically miserable.


Captain ’ s duties

The forecast was in our favour for the passage to Morocco, in fact it couldn’t possibly have looked better. However, I hold close the belief that forecasts aren’t always right. In reality, it’s categorically perfect.

The whole darn 200 miles across the Strait of Gibraltar feels like a make-believe voyage. It’s the kind of sail where you could bring your whole family aboard, even your seasick sister, and open a bottle of red wine.

We have soft, horizontal seas, 12-17 knots of tailwind on a broad reach. The Milky Way looks like it was pulled from a screensaver and glued to the night sky. Dolphins leave neon contrails in their wake as we sail through pancakes of glowing jellyfish. Not a glass of red wine is spilled.

Mohammedia is basic. I am so enthused to be here that basic is more than enough. No one responds on the VHF, but our mast is spotted and we are guided in by a man with deep wrinkles and baggy clothes. He speaks to us politely in French and I follow him to the office with our paperwork.

We nod at one another, not properly able to communicate. I fill out repetitive forms as he calls customs and immigration. He writes down numbers in front of me. There’s a €26 port entry fee, a €40 dockage fee. I hand him cash, he nods, and waves me back towards the boat.

Customs and immigration arrive within the hour. In well-spoken English two men ask permission to come aboard. They are very curious about our emergency flare gun but don’t care about our cat. They advise us to be extremely cautious with no insurance and graciously welcome us into their country.


Our ship’s cat didn’t bother the Moroccan authorities

Days later, halfway down the Moroccan coast; we wait for first light just shy of Essaouira, our next port of entry some 250 miles south-west. It’s an inviting fishing village where fisherman over-load skiffs and smash their way out towards deep water, eager to work.

We motor over a lifeless sea under the blood orange sky. Soon there is a single mast in the harbour: ours. We are so visible, as the village comes alive and keen to greet us. Two local men gesture us in the right direction, over to a tall, slimy cement wall behind the coastguard vessel.

Before we can finish properly tying up the boat they ask for the captain. Promptly. I begin to climb up an old ladder, the cat meowing in the now blinding sunlight. I hear the words “No,” and “Captain.” I point to myself, and present the paperwork. “Me. Captain.” There are questions in their pupils, but they smile. “Come.”


I follow them into a corridor of enclosed walls exposed to the sky. The harbourmaster speaks no English but politely moves some French forms in my direction. I fill out three sheets of paperwork to the best of my best ability and pay him in Euros even though their currency is dirham.

The harbourmaster sends me to the coastguard station next door, and I fill out three more sheets of the same paper. I ask him about the helicopter that approached us. He smiles: “They had nothing better to do”.

The coastguard sends me to the police station. I fill out three more sheets of the same paper and, finally, curious officials stamp our passports. As odd as this sounds, this is an absolute dream come true. We are sailing Morocco.

Oceans of sand

Arriving somewhere exotic and electrifying by sailboat usually compels me to next head to places a yacht can’t take me. In Morocco, that’s the mountains and the desert, the sand ocean. I ask several men in what appear to be uniforms if it would be safe to leave our boat here unattended.

It’s the same tactic as looking up three weather forecasts and choosing to trust the one you like the most. Three completely separate ‘officials’ tell me that, as long as we lock the boat, that the boat is perfectly safe. (Don’t Google this question. It says someone must remain on board at all time.)

I later find out that the coastguard told my husband not to worry because he would “shoot anyone who tried to get on board”. We choose to trust, and we go.


“The landscape is indescribable, the colour palette captivating.”

Desirée is left unattended for two days and two nights, in an area that’s completely unsecured, where the homeless beg and children play, cats lounge, locals and tourists are free to wander right up to our vessel. Given the dividing pulls between my responsibilities as skipper and innate desire to explore, many would consider this to be a poor choice.

But we drive, far away from the coast, over the Atlas Mountains and down into the desert valleys. Euros turn to dirham, broken English turns into French, then French to Arabic and Arabic to Berber. The occasional flushing toilet turns to all sorts of different holes in the ground.

The landscape is indescribable, the colour palette captivating, the people beautiful. We are defenseless against the sun and stifling heat or shivering in the shade. Here, we cannot hide. This is the first time I’ve ever longed deeply to fit in.


Adventures in the Sahara

A donkey crosses the motorway, goats balance high up in tree branches, cats patrol their territory and skinny dogs bake in the sun. We wander among rusty blue doors and brightly patterned rugs, past flatbed trucks stacked with tangerines and djellaba-cloaked locals under pointy hoods. Everywhere we go we attract long looks, and each and every observer smiles at us. Curiosity received, curiosity returned.

Thirty miles outside of Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains provide scale. We go up, up, and up some more. And then down and down until there is nothing left but old date branches on the side of the road and the occasional camel.

After we’ve driven over the Atlas mountains, into the Sahara and back, we are tired, have had our cultural fill, and anxious to return to our unattended boat. Untouched and awaiting us, Desirée rests beautifully in the harbour.

Unforgettable experiences

We have one full day before departing for the Canary Islands with an ambitious list to check off: water; provisions; laundry; engine service etc. But Essaouria’s entire population seems to know of our presence after our return from the desert, and I cannot complete a single task without interruption.

We awake to a weathered man trying to sell us a puppy. I’ll admit, it is difficult to deny a puppy. The next man tries to sell us a fishing line wrapped around half a flipflop, with a rock tied to the end. Luke buys it for €5.

A woman lingers alongside quietly. She waits until no one else is around and cups her palms and holds them out towards me. She wants money, and I gave her spare change. A gigantic cat tiptoes over and lays on the edge of the cement wall, purring like a train and preforming yoga until we give him food. When satiated, the cat leaves.


Then a fit middle-aged man arrives and asks for clothes. It’s his lucky day – I have a bag of clothes I was trying to get rid of. I pass it over and he pulls out sweatpants and cowboy boots.

The harbourmaster arrives and tells me I must come with him. He needs all new paperwork filled out because by now it has been one day longer than we said we would stay. By late afternoon, I have accomplished nothing and I’m ready for a beer.

But that we are lucky to be here is an understatement. In Morocco, we are associated with wealth, and looked upon like unicorns, living in a 37ft sea castle. Everywhere else we have sailed, we are an average young sailing couple on a tight budget, choosing to evenly weigh personal experiences and professional careers. Trying to work out this lifestyle just like everyone else.

It’s easy to lose track of the places we have been and the people we have met. I sail for the experience of the next port and the people I meet when I get there. They’re the reward for working hard in the boatyard, the slow passages and the building anticipation at a stubborn 5 knots.

It is possible to have a flawless passage, just don’t expect it. It is possible to sail Morocco untroubled. Just don’t believe wholeheartedly whatever you might read in advance.

The young girl in a fleece burka who couldn’t take her eyes off me. The boy who guided us on camels and, out of nowhere, would throw his arms up in the air to shout “New York City!” The smell of fish in the harbour. The sound of camels spitting. The elite display the sky would put on every morning, and every evening. The hot days, and freezing nights.

We will never forget this experience. Their faces will never go missing in the crowds of people we’ve met. Morocco will never get lost in the sea of places we’ve sailed.


Luke confirms Desirée’s position with a noon sight

Morocco sailing advice

  • Mohammedia is safe to approach in heavy weather. It’s a well-secured harbour and they provide you with a shore pass to get in and out of the marina gate to access town.
  • Essaouira is more rocky and shallow. We waited for sunlight to enter. The harbour itself is bustling with people and unsecured. Anyone is free to come and go.
  • You must check in, and back out, of every port in Morocco – your information is not passed along to the next port of call. Immigration and customs is repetitive and you are required to visit multiple different offices. Officials were polite and welcoming. Around a third spoke good English.
  • All port fees must be paid in advance. If you overstay what you have paid for, they will come and find you, and you are required to fill out all the same paperwork – again.
  • €1 roughly equals 4 dirham. Most areas accepted euros, but no credit cards.
  • You need to ask permission to anchor, but officials are more than happy to let you do so.
  • The entire coast is dotted with fishing boats and buoys, most of them unlit.

About the author

Michigan-born Jessie Zevalkink is a freelance photographer and writer. She sailed double-handed from her home to Britain with Luke Yeates, whom she then married. They plan to sail Desirée to further destinations. You can follow their adventures at

First published in the October 2019 edition of Yachting World.

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Home » Notizie » Costi di ormeggio e attracco in Croazia: Una panoramica completa

Costi di ormeggio e attracco in Croazia: Una panoramica completa

Esplorare l’adriatico: come orientarsi tra le spese di ormeggio e attracco in croazia.

La splendida costa e la miriade di isole della Croazia ne fanno una destinazione privilegiata per i velisti e gli appassionati di yacht. Con le sue acque cristalline, i suoi porti pittoreschi e le sue città incantevoli, la Croazia attira ogni anno innumerevoli visitatori.

Tuttavia, per chi naviga nel Mare Adriatico, capire i costi associati all’ormeggio, all’attracco e all’ancoraggio è fondamentale. In questo articolo approfondiamo le varie spese da sostenere, tra cui i porti turistici, le boe, l’ancoraggio e le differenze di prezzo tra catamarani e barche a vela.

Porti turistici:

I porti turistici in Croazia variano molto in termini di strutture, posizione e prezzi. Nelle destinazioni turistiche più popolari, come Spalato, Dubrovnik e Hvar, le tariffe dei porti turistici tendono ad essere più alte a causa dell’elevata domanda. In media, le tariffe di ormeggio nei porti turistici possono variare da 50 a 150 euro a notte per una barca di dimensioni standard (fino a 12 metri). Le imbarcazioni più grandi possono pagare fino a 200 euro o più a notte, soprattutto durante l’alta stagione (da giugno ad agosto).

Le tariffe dei porti turistici spesso includono l’accesso a servizi quali elettricità, allacciamenti idrici, docce, Wi-Fi e talvolta anche piscine e ristoranti. I prezzi possono anche variare a seconda della stagione, con un aumento delle tariffe durante i mesi estivi.

L’uso delle boe di ormeggio è un’opzione popolare e conveniente per i diportisti che preferiscono evitare porti o ancoraggi affollati. Le boe sono disponibili in varie località lungo la costa croata, in particolare nelle baie appartate e nei porti più piccoli. I prezzi per l’ormeggio in boa variano generalmente da 20 a 80 euro a notte, a seconda della posizione e dei servizi offerti.

Sebbene l’ormeggio in boa includa in genere l’accesso ai servizi di base, come l’acqua potabile e talvolta l’elettricità, i servizi aggiuntivi possono avere un costo aggiuntivo. È fondamentale verificare in anticipo la disponibilità delle boe, soprattutto durante l’alta stagione, perché possono riempirsi rapidamente.


L’ancoraggio è un’opzione conveniente per i diportisti che vogliono risparmiare sulle spese di ormeggio. La Croazia offre numerosi ancoraggi lungo la sua costa, dalle insenature riparate alle baie aperte. L’ancoraggio è generalmente gratuito, ma è essenziale prestare attenzione alle normative e alle restrizioni locali, soprattutto all’interno dei parchi nazionali e delle aree protette.

Sebbene l’ancoraggio sia economico, non sempre offre lo stesso livello di sicurezza e comodità dell’ormeggio in un porto o su una boa. Prima di gettare l’ancora, i diportisti devono valutare le condizioni meteorologiche, la composizione del fondale e i potenziali pericoli.

Costi di ormeggio e attracco in Croazia Una panoramica completa

Prezzi dei catamarani e delle barche a vela:

Quando si tratta di affittare o noleggiare un’imbarcazione in Croazia, il tipo di barca può avere un impatto significativo sul costo complessivo. I catamarani, con i loro layout spaziosi e la loro stabilità, sono sempre più popolari tra i turisti e i navigatori esperti. Tuttavia, in genere hanno un prezzo più elevato rispetto alle barche a vela monoscafo.

In media, il noleggio di un catamarano in Croazia può costare da 2.000 a 10.000 euro o più a settimana, a seconda delle dimensioni, del modello e della stagione. I catamarani di lusso dotati di servizi all’avanguardia hanno prezzi elevati, soprattutto durante i mesi estivi di punta.

Al contrario, le barche a vela monoscafo sono generalmente più convenienti da affittare o noleggiare. I prezzi delle barche a vela in Croazia variano in genere da 1.000 a 5.000 euro a settimana, con imbarcazioni più piccole e più vecchie disponibili all’estremità inferiore dello spettro.

È essenziale considerare fattori quali le dimensioni del gruppo, le preferenze di comfort, l’esperienza di navigazione e il budget a disposizione per scegliere tra un catamarano e una barca a vela per la vostra avventura in Croazia.

In conclusione, la navigazione nelle acque della Croazia comporta diversi costi, sia che si scelgano i porti turistici, le boe o l’ancoraggio. Conoscere queste spese e pianificarle di conseguenza può aiutare a garantire un’esperienza di navigazione piacevole e senza intoppi lungo l’incantevole costa adriatica.

This $12 million yacht looks like a spaceship and can cross the Atlantic twice on a single tank — see inside 'Adastra'

  • A sleek, lavish megayacht fit for a Bond villain, called "Adastra," has hit the market for $12 million.  
  • Thanks to its efficient shape and lightweight construction, the yacht can cross the Atlantic twice without refueling and boasts a total range of around 11,500 miles. 
  • Adastra has a master bedroom, two guest cabins, and room for six crew members. 
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories .

Insider Today

Some people can't simply settle for a regular, run-of-the-mill superyacht like all the other millionaires and billionaires — they need something a bit flashier to set them apart from the crowd. 

For those people, there are yachts like Adastra , a sleek, custom-built trimaran that's currently on the market for a cool $12 million. 

The extravagant vessel — which looks less like a yacht and more like something out of "Star Wars" — is built for exploration, according to Burgess Yachts , which has the boat listed for sale. Due to its streamlined shape and lightweight construction, Adastra can travel across the Atlantic twice over without needing to refuel. Plus, Adastra's unique design means it can venture into shallow harbors and get up close to islands, unlike most traditional yachts.

But this multimillion-dollar yacht is built for pleasure, too — it sports multiple sunbathing areas, a diving platform, a lavish main room, three cabins for guests, and space for six crew members. 

See inside Adastra:

Adastra, a spaceship-like megayacht fit for a Bond villain, has hit the market for $12 million.

attracco yacht

Commissioned in 2012 by shipping tycoon Anto Marden at a cost of at least $20 million, according to Robb Report, the trimaran yacht was built to cover vast distances and cross oceans.

attracco yacht

Source: Robb Report

Thanks to its efficient shape, lightweight construction, and 15,000-liter fuel capacity, Adastra boasts a range of 10,000 nautical miles, or roughly 11,500 miles.

attracco yacht

That means the 140-foot ship can cross the Atlantic twice over without having to refuel, and its owner has done just that, he told Robb Report.

attracco yacht

Plus, the yacht sits less than four feet below the water line, so it can venture into shallow harbors where traditional yachts can't.

attracco yacht

After spending several years cruising the globe aboard Adastra, Marden is ready to sell the head-turning vessel and give more attention to his other yacht, he told Robb Report.

attracco yacht

To keep passengers comfortable on long journeys, Adastra is every bit as luxurious as it is capable.

attracco yacht

Inside, there's a main living space with a wraparound lounge area ...

attracco yacht

... and panoramic windows.

attracco yacht

The yacht features lots of custom materials — including lightweight oak cabinetry — to decrease weight and improve fuel efficiency.

attracco yacht

Behind the lounge, there's a full dining area ...

attracco yacht

... complete with a kidney-shaped wood table and a pair of skylights.

attracco yacht

Toward the back of the interior, there's a sofa and a bar area.

attracco yacht

Below deck, there's a master suite that spans the full width of the hull.

attracco yacht

The master bedroom has a private full bath and desk.

attracco yacht

In total, Adastra sleeps up to nine guests ...

attracco yacht

... along with six crew members.

attracco yacht

There's a second full bathroom below deck as well.

attracco yacht

The helm station has seating for two, and is raised up above the rest of the yacht.

attracco yacht

On the aft deck, there's teak flooring and a couple of lounge areas ...

attracco yacht

... including a full dining setup for meals outside.

attracco yacht

The back of Adastra sports a large diving platform and has room for two "tenders," smaller boats for recreation and for getting to and from port.

attracco yacht

A sliding door at the front of the main saloon gives way to a covered lounging area on the bow.

attracco yacht

Plus, there's a tanning area with bean bags for catching some rays. If all that sounds appealing and you've got a spare eight figures sitting around, this may be the yacht for you.

attracco yacht

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The new Jeddah Yacht Club is capable of accommodating over 100 yachts and superyachts, JYC offers customs and immigration services for all vessels entering the region. Designed for luxury, the yacht club offers world-class facilities, including five-star restaurants, a wellness center, business center, lounges, concierge services, and various water sports. The new Edition Hotel is also scheduled to open in the near future, InshaAllah with a fabulous sea view location.

Five Star Dining, Retail & Waterfront Location

Jeddah Yacht Club Restaurants offers a variety of fine dining experiences including Le Comptoir de Nicole , Mashi No Mashi , Le Vesuvio , Madeo, Emmy Squared Pizza , Karamna and Lexus F Club Lounge . Karamna is a unique Lebanese restaurant that offers fine dining both inside their restaurant as well as on their yacht. JYC also offers a Beach Club by Omnia which has incredible views over the Red Sea as well as Sky Lounge in the Jeddah Yacht Club Tower. Jeddah Yacht Club also offers great views over the Al Rahma Mosque and is located next to the Jeddah Formula 1 Grand Prix Track. You can check out our complete guide to Restaurants at Jeddah Yacht Club   for the full list of restaurants and cafes at Jeddah Yacht Club.

Preliminary Regatta of 37th America's Cup

With the Red Sea's stunning coastline, and its strategic location between the Mediterranean and Asia, Jeddah Yacht Club is positioned as a superb superyacht destination.  Jeddah Yact Club is also due to host the second Preliminary Regatta of 37th America's Cup, which is one of the most prestigious competitons in international sailing. 

The event is in partnership with the Ministry of Sport and the Saudi Sailing Federation who have significant ambitions for the rapid growth of sailing in Saudi Arabia across many top-level sailing events and classes as part of its Vision 2030 ambitions. 

Saudi Sailing Federation

The Saudi Sailing Federation is the national governing body for the sport and is dedicated to developing and promoting sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and wingfoiling throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  They are striving to make sailing accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability.  The Federation also aims to increase participation and elevate the standards of sailing within the country.

Hassan Kabbani, Chairman of the Saudi Sailing Federation said, “We welcome the America's Cup organisation and sailors from around the world to Saudi Arabia and to Jeddah. It is an honour to be selected to host an America's Cup Preliminary Regatta and to be able to showcase to the sailing community the wonderful conditions we have. I can assure everyone of a warm welcome."

“This is one of the fastest growing sports markets in the world and has a maritime heritage that is ready to be reignited for all Saudi women and men.” explains Samia Bagdady CEO of the Saudi Sailing Federation, a kite surfer and sailor herself.

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Nearby tourist sites, hotels nearby, nearby restaurants, le comptoir de nicole - jeddah yacht club, lexus f club lounge - jeddah yacht club, madeo ristorante - jeddah yacht club, le vesuvio - jeddah yacht club, mashi no mashi - jeddah yacht club, karamna - jeddah yacht club - كرمنا, emmy squared pizza - jeddah yacht club, obo beach house - jeddah yacht club.

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30m yacht ROCCO opens for luxury charters in the West Mediterranean

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By Nina Done   10 June 2022

Delivered by Monte Carlo Yachts in 2021, the super stylish 30m (96ft) motor yacht ROCCO is making her charter debut around the crystalline waters of the West Mediterranean , offering guests a chic, state-of-the-art platform for a truly memorable yacht vacation this summer.

Styling is neutral, warm and sophisticated, with fold-down terraces amidships creating the perfect synergy with her surroundings. 

Whether you fancy a casual lunch up on her spacious, shaded sun deck repete with a BBQ and bar, an aperitivo on the main deck, or simply to catch up on all the day’s adventures on the sumptuous canopied seating area on her bow, yacht ROCCO is the ideal choice for relaxing and socialising. 

Sundeck on board charter yacht ROCCO

She provides accommodation for 10 charter guests across 5 well-appointed cabins, including a full-beam master suite on the main deck. 

Master suite on board charter yacht ROCCO

For guests looking for more adventure, the water toy garage holds a host of adrenaline fuelled equipment to stretch out sealegs and witness the staggering environment from a whole new angle, while her shallow draft makes her the perfect yacht to explore the secluded islands and shallow bays of the Mediterranean .

Interested in booking a luxury yacht rental?

There are no end to spectacular destinations around the glittering West Mediterranean, with a host of countries offering their own unique character and flavor to the overall experience.

Whether you want to sample the culinary delights of Italy , fancy the more hedonistic vibe of the Baleraics or simply enjoy people watching along the eternally glamorous French Riviera , the choice is up to you.

Facade of an Italian restaurant, Capri

To find out more about chartering in the region, check out our West Mediterranean yacht charter guide . For some inspiration, browse our selection of itineraries handpicked by experts with in-depth knowledge of the region.

If you’d like to learn more about chartering motor yacht ROCCO this summer, please contact a recommended yacht charter broker . 

Rocco Yacht

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Maltese Falcon

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Kismet yacht charter

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Yacht Attimo

Attimo is the ideal yacht for sailing with family and friends. Its large capacity allows to accommodate 11 people in 4 cabins.

2 cabins with double beds; 1 cabin with 2/3 beds; 1 cabin with 2/3/4 beds.


Browse the plan of the boat to see the detailed pictures

attracco yacht


Discover the activities to do during your stay on the boat

Fishing equipment

2 x paddleboards, snorkelling.

attracco yacht

Attimo is the ideal yacht for sailing with family and friends. Its large capacity allows it to accommodate 1 1 people in 4 cabins . A ‘children’s’ cabin with 4 berths has been specially designed to accommodate them.

The warm and contemporary interior design by Italian designer Arnaldo Tranti is curved with soft lights in all areas.

The varnished mahogany with steel elements makes the boat unique in the quality of the decorative details.

The quality of the linen and tableware places the yacht among the best in French taste .

Category : Gorodok factory


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Media in category "Gorodok factory"

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attracco yacht

  • Factories in Pavlovsky Posad
  • Gorodok (Pavlovsky Posad)
  • 1900s architecture in Russia
  • Weaving mills in Russia
  • Brick architecture in Pavlovsky Posad
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    Franks Yachtstation Porto Heli Marine Engineers, Storage and Yacht Lift. 37°19'43,01"N - 23°08'45,17"

  18. 30m yacht ROCCO opens for luxury charters in the West Mediterranean

    By Nina Done 10 June 2022. Delivered by Monte Carlo Yachts in 2021, the super stylish 30m (96ft) motor yacht ROCCO is making her charter debut around the crystalline waters of the West Mediterranean, offering guests a chic, state-of-the-art platform for a truly memorable yacht vacation this summer. Styling is neutral, warm and sophisticated ...

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    Description. ROCCO, the sophisticated motor yacht from Monte Carlo Yachts, is designed for luxury and safety while navigating long passages. Her timeless modern design exudes a sleek profile and wide overhanging side decks. Guests aboard ROCCO are welcomed by spacious and comfortable interiors. Two fold-out terraces, a large swimming platform ...

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    Attimo is the ideal yacht for sailing with family and friends. Its large capacity allows it to accommodate 11 people in 4 cabins. A 'children's' cabin with 4 berths has been specially designed to accommodate them. The warm and contemporary interior design by Italian designer Arnaldo Tranti is curved with soft lights in all areas.. The varnished mahogany with steel elements makes the boat ...

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    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

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  23. Category:Gorodok factory

    Media in category "Gorodok factory" The following 41 files are in this category, out of 41 total.