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  • FRC / Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats (VI/2-2)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (VI/3)
  • Medical First Aid (VI/4)
  • GOC (GMDSS) (IV/2)
  • Tanker Familiarization (V/1)
  • Advanced Oil (V/1)
  • Advanced Chemical (V/1)
  • Advanced Gas (V/1)
  • Ship Security Officer (VI/5)
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  • Engine RT-flex Operation Basic Course
  • Ro-Ro Crisis Management
  • Ship Security Awareness
  • ITSO (Initial Training Shipboard Operations)
  • Ship Simulator and Bridge Team Work (SSBT)
  • Energy Conservation
  • Incident Investigation & Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Tank Inspection
  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (LICOS)
  • Automatic External Defibrillator training (AED)
  • Volatine Organic Compound (VOCs)
  • MAN Electronic M/E engine
  • Free Fall Lifeboat
  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
  • H2S Tranining
  • DP Operator Induction (B-V/f)
  • DP Operator Limited
  • DP Operator Advanced (B-V/f)
  • Full DP Unlimited Certificate
  • DP System Maintanence Certificate
  • Offshore Crane Operator stage 1
  • Offshore Crane Operator stage 2
  • Offshore Crane Operator stage 3
  • Banksman & Slinger Training stage 1
  • High Voltage Training
  • CAA Offshore Radio Operator
  • ERRV Command and Control

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Career | HanseYachts AG

HanseYachts AG Career

Working at hanseyachts ag.

Job vacancies, applications and more

Since the company was first established in 1990, around 1,500 jobs have been created at HanseYachts AG. More than half of our employees, who hail from a total of 14 nations between them, work in more than 100 different professions and positions at our headquarters in Greifswald. We offer a variety of jobs, apprenticeships, and internships within of the development, production, and sales of our sailing boats and motorboats . Follow a variety of career paths and truly fascinating work placements, apprenticeships and full-time jobs located in an attractive location on Germany’s and  Poland’s Baltic coast.

Career opportunities with us are every bit as diverse as the types of job we offer. We are looking for:

  • New entrants in specialist and management positions
  • Apprentices
  • Placement students

Have a look at our current job vacancies to find out whether we have a work placement, apprenticeship, or career that could be of interest to you. Alternatively, you can feel free to send us a speculative application.

product Designer | HanseYachts AG

HanseYachts AG as an employer

HanseYachts AG is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of sailing yachts. We are among the top ten suppliers in the world for series-production motor yachts. This impressive market position has been made possible by our employees. Our yachts regularly win prizes and international awards, providing compelling evidence of the supreme development and production quality that our boatyard offers. Time and time again, we set new standards in the industry with a host of innovations and novel features. Our company profile provides some initial insight into HanseYachts AG’s strategy and multi-brand portfolio.

Students learning from sailing industry professional

Job vacancies

We need specialists and true team players to help develop, manufacture and sell our sailing and motor yachts. As we continue to grow, we are always on the lookout for new skilled workers. With more than 100 different professions and positions available at our headquarters in Greifswald and at our locations in Hamburg and Goleniów (Poland), we offer a wide range of jobs and exciting career prospects. Want to find out more? Have a look at our current job vacancies.

Tips for your application

No matter which job or apprenticeship you’re applying for, we’re looking forward to getting to know you. Here are a few tips for applying to HanseYachts AG:

Covering letter

Tell us why you are applying for that particular position or apprenticeship, why you are suitable for it and what it is about HanseYachts AG that interests you.

Your short CV should provide a concise overview of your personal and professional life to date. We are especially interested in your academic and professional background.

References and qualifications

In particular, we would like to know about your most recent academic accomplishments. If you already have references from employers, please submit them along with your application. If you have any other certificates for qualifications that could be relevant to your new job role or apprenticeship, feel free to submit those as well.


We will most likely contact you via e-mail. If you would prefer us to get in touch with you by telephone, please mention this in your application.

Salary expectations

Please inform us of your salary expectations in your application for a job vacancy. You do not need to do this if you are applying for a work placement or apprenticeship.

Starting date

We hope that you will be able to join the HanseYachts AG team as soon as possible. Please let us know your earliest possible starting date or your notice period for your current employer, as applicable. Our apprenticeships begin on 1 August every year. 

Data protection

We will handle your documents in the strictest confidence. Only the HR department and the relevant department for the job you have applied for will be able to view your documents. Your data will be deleted immediately once the application process is complete.

One step at a time – your journey into our diverse working environment

In the recruitment process - individually planned for the position, we try to familiarize the candidates with our organization in the best possible way. We pay particular attention to clear information about the scope of duties and details of the offer. We are looking for both qualified specialists and people without experience, whom we train as part of internal training. The moment you submit your application documents via our online form or through the post marks the start of a multi-stage application process.

Beate Engelbrecht

HanseYachts AG

Ladebower Chaussee 11

17493 Greifswald, Germany

+49 (0)3834 579 2200


Beate Engelbrecht | HanseYachts AG

Baltic Yachts

  • Service & Refit
  • Baltic Yachts Rendezvous


Our Service & Refit operation has evolved to become one of the most experienced, trusted and sought after in the yachting industry. Formally established in 2013 in Palma de Mallorca, the epicentre of the Mediterranean yachting scene, it offers a holistic, wide-ranging service benefiting from 50 years of world class yacht building. It recognises owners’ needs for transparent reporting, efficient planning and technical expertise to keep their yachts in first class condition.

Any yacht is welcome, either at Baltic’s new-build facility in Jakobstad, Finland, where a Service & Refit one-stop-shop is available, or at our Palma base, which tends to be the first point of contact.

Located in the STP shipyard, Baltic’s S&R business has benefitted from steady investment since 2013 and now employs more than 30 experts specialising in everything from hydraulics, PLC management and advanced composite work to the highest quality woodworking and electronics skills.

Baltic’s Palma operation is backed by a highly knowledgeable on-site administration team and modern workshops capable of undertaking any project for any yacht.


baltic yachts jobs

Our experienced team covers every aspect of service and refit, fully supported by the latest new-build technology from our facility in Finland. We work with a range of trusted Mallorca-based suppliers and with the STP shipyard whose world class facilities, including a 1000-ton lift, are unmatched in the western Mediterranean. Upgrading and future-proofing yachts are among our wide range of services, all benefitting from the cutting-edge technology transferred from Finland.

baltic yachts jobs

We specialise in making yachts more efficient, more eco-friendly and regulation compliant. For instance, converting to a high-voltage battery system means less generator running time, reduced emissions and longer, battery-only ‘silent’ periods. Fitting the latest air conditioning systems will save space, reduce weight and improve efficiency. Clients are increasingly seeking to upgrade to a hydrogeneration system enabling their yacht’s propeller to drive an electric motor as a generator to charge a modern battery bank.

baltic yachts jobs

Our on-site workshops in STP provide everything from engineering and lamination to electronics, PLC management and bespoke cabinetmaking. A modern offsite workshop can undertake substantial projects such as the retro-fitted 40m hardtop bimini for Baltic 175 Pink Gin. A speciality is upgrading and completely re-furbishing interiors. We use our expertise in Finland by building interior modules in our specialist workshops. The interiors are then shipped to Palma for installation and finishing.


baltic yachts jobs

Aaron O’Grady, captain 46m Christopher

“I’ve never before come across such complex work carried out to such a high standard” - Aaron O’Grady, Christopher’s captain, on the yacht’s seven-month refit. Matt Dean, who project managed the refit added that Aaron had been immensely impressed with the quality of the work and the multiple skillsets available at Baltic Yachts. Work included a complete, in situ re-build of the main engine, servicing the yacht’s centreboard and re-cladding the superstructure in timber. Both masts were serviced and the yacht was completely re-painted.

baltic yachts jobs

Owner of Baltic 67PC Manyeleti

``The service is superb in every way. I have a very good relationship with Jim Wadham (S&R project manager) who makes sure that Manyeleti is always in perfect condition. Jim is fully committed to looking after all aspects of Manyeleti in the best possible way. I’ve been using Baltic’s guardianage service for a couple of years, which means day-to-day maintenance is taken care of and the boat is always ready to go when I arrive in Palma.”

baltic yachts jobs

Declan O’Sullivan, manager Swan 100 Onyx

“We are delighted with the results of our cooperation with Baltic Yachts and Evolution Sails in the rebuild of the Swan 100 Onyx” – Declan O’Sullivan of management company Pelagos Yachts. Owner’s representative Siggi Mansaker, said: “A combination of skills had enabled the purchase, setting up of an ownership structure, refurbishment to the highest standards and MCA coding to produce a stunning yacht in a remarkably short time frame.”

baltic yachts jobs

Oscar Vallejo, captain Baltic 175 Pink Gin

“I was really impressed with the high standard set on all the planned and unplanned work resulting from our five-year survey. I appreciated the one-to-one client service and Baltic’s ability to seek out alternative solutions when time was against us. Retro-fitting a hardtop to Pink Gin’s large cockpit is a complex challenge, but Baltic took this in their stride and we never got ‘no’ for an answer! Getting everything done on time was impressive and the S&R team certainly met the owner’s expectations.”


baltic yachts jobs

The Baltic Family spirit and what it stands for lie at the heart of how we run our Service and Refit business. We promote a policy of transparent reporting, honesty and reliability engendered by an ethos which has proved a real success in Finland. Efficient planning and quick, on-time turnarounds are key to our operation. We benefit from a broad internal operational skill base comprising personnel who have had first-hand experience running yachts, including captains and engineers. Our Finland base is renowned for developing new technology which is immediately available to Service & Refit in Palma.

Taking genuine pride in what we do goes hand in hand with the virtues of honesty and reliability which lie at the heart of the Baltic Family. We want clients to rely on us 100% to get complex work done to the highest standard, on time and at the right price. This attitude is born out of how we operate Baltic Yachts in Finland where we encourage the workforce to be open-minded, forward thinking and not be afraid to suggest how things can be done better.

This is supported by an over-arching desire to innovate, to take full advantage of new technology and tailor it to suit the yachtsman’s needs. This open-minded attitude allows us to be flexible and adaptable so that every task we complete is to the highest standard possible.

baltic yachts jobs


We’re just a 15-minute drive from Mallorca’s main airport, immediately adjacent to Palma’s historic city centre and overlooked by the famous La Seu cathedral, an iconic local landmark. Our main administration office is located just outside the STP shipyard main gates. Inside STP we have a fully equipped workshop located in the Global Building providing all the services offered in our S&R remit.

We also have a large warehouse on the north dock within STP. Offsite we have developed a purpose-built, multi-discipline workshop at Son Castillo on the outskirts of the main city. Palma is recognised as the superyacht crossroads of the western Mediterranean and is popular with owners, captains and crew because of its excellent transport links, world class city attractions and a concentration of specialist marine businesses.

baltic yachts jobs


Baltic Yachts Service and Refit Mallorca S.L. Muelle Viejo 17, Planta baja 07012 Palma De Mallorca Spain Tel: +34 971 21 35 34 [email protected]

baltic yachts jobs


Warehouse: Baltic Yachts Service and Refit Mallorca S.L. C/ Moll Vell, s/n – STP, Espigon Exterior Edificio Consigna, local 2 07012 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Workshop: Baltic Yachts Service and Refit Mallorca S.L. C/ Moll Vell, s/n – STP, Edificio Global, local 1 07012 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

baltic yachts jobs

Invoicing details can be found here 


Following a seven-month refit at our Jakobstad facility in Finland, the aluminium-hulled, Ron Holland-designed ketch is returned to the water. The yacht underwent a 10-year survey resulting in a detailed schedule of work which included the re-cladding in hardwood of the deck-saloon and coach-roof superstructure


The 46m, 270-ton Christopher arrives in Jakobstad and is lifted to undergo a survey and refit programme. Built in aluminium by Pendennis Shipyard in the UK in 2011, the powerful ketch, which features twin rudders and a centreboard, was re-decked and had her topsides, superstructure and cockpit surfaces re-painted. Video credits: Havator/Jarno Vuorinen


We are able to offer a lot of alongside dock space in Jakobstad adjacent to our modern new yacht build facility which also functions as a one-stop-shop for Service & Refit. Here Baltic 112 Liara (foreground) is undergoing routine maintenance and Pink Gin (right) was in Finland for an annual survey having sailing some 69,000 miles since her launch in 2017


The 31-year-old Baltic 38 was lifted out in Jakobstad and transported to our facility in Bosund for an extensive six-month long refit which brought her back to almost new. Erkki Laasonnen has owned Favorita for 25 years and decided it was time for new decks, a paint and varnish job plus other upgrades. The yacht is a great example of sustainability and demonstrates how our Service & Refit operation can rejuvenate a yacht


The spectacular, Baltic 175 Pink Gin is a regular visitor to both Jakobstad and Palma de Mallorca where she takes advantage of the services offered by our Service and Refit teams. This video shows one of her approaches to Jakobstad on Finland’s spectacular coastline and a welcome ‘home’, following a transatlantic crossing and regatta racing in the Caribbean


Built in timber in Italy in 1989, Sunny Day has remained in the same family since her launch. While her owners wanted the classic motor yacht brought up to date, they also wanted to retain some of the style and ambience they had enjoyed for more than 30 years. Our Service & Refit team took on the challenge and the result is spectacular

We’re constantly updating our website to bring you news of launchings, new commissions and Baltic inspired innovation.

Yacht Racing Life

Half a century at the cutting edge

Baltic Yachts

Fifty years ago in Finland five young men shared a controversial idea and an ambitious plan. They quit their jobs at Nautor and set out to create a new style of offshore cruiser racer – lighter, stiffer and faster than almost anything else on the market.

Baltic Yachts

‘We just got together one day and the idea came up,’ says Per-Göran “PG” Johansson, one of the five founding fathers of Baltic Yachts back then and still one of its directors today. ‘We were not alone thinking “light is better” but most boatyards and naval architects favoured heavier designs. Some of our competitors published studies for marketing purposes arguing that heavy was better. One of their claims was “heavy does not stop in waves due to the inertia of the mass”. Another was “the client gets more kilos for his money”. We remained convinced and carried on with our lightweight, hi-tech way.’

History soon proved Johansson and his colleagues to be absolutely correct and the company they founded became a world leader in the production of large, high-performance sailing yachts.

Before any of it could happen, first they had to clear a patch of pine forest at Bosund near Jakobstad and build a shed in which to do it.

Still in use as a joinery workshop, that first shed is finally about to be decommissioned along with the whole facility that grew up around it. This year, Baltic Yachts is moving all operations to Jakobstad where a new state-of-the-art building will more than double the size of its existing waterfront location.

Baltic Yachts

There’s a world of difference between the series-produced Baltics of the 1970s and the full-custom superyachts that have become the yard’s primary focus alongside its ongoing small-series, semi-custom production.

However, from the first Baltic 46 Diva (now Queen Anne) all the way to its current projects via some of the most advanced sailing yachts in each of the last three decades, the core DNA is arguably unchanged.

‘Baltic Yachts is still very much true to its original values,’ Johansson says. ‘We started as a series production yard but with more flexibility built in than most competitors, using hi-tech methods to achieve better sailing performance and handling characteristics. With time we moved over more and more to full custom projects, which required changes in our approach.

Baltic Yachts

‘The projects became more individual in concept, in styling and in materials and methods used.

In that process you lose some of the things that originally earned your company its reputation. However, even our cruising projects have been very hi-tech and in that sense they’ve followed our original philosophy, “lighter is faster and better”. Some of the high-performance projects challenged us to take technology much further, increasing our know-how and potential.’

Eagerness to embrace technology prompted the founding of Baltic Yachts in the first place. Johansson was project manager of the Swan 65 when he tried and failed to convince his managers that it could be built lighter, stiffer and better using sandwich construction with unidirectional fibres instead of a single laminate with woven rovings.

The five who left Nautor – boatbuilders Jan-Erik Nyfelt and Nils Luoma, purchasing manager Ingmar Sundelin, designer Tor Hinders and Johansson – became the nucleus of Baltic Yachts.

Baltic Yachts – major milestone boats 1974-2022

Baltic Yachts

1974 Baltic 46 Ahead of its time: tank tests, sandwich construction, unidirectional fibres, balanced spade rudder, epoxy bonded teak deck…

1977 Baltic 39 Most popular model, 74 in six years. From 1980, one of the first yachts to have computer-generated VPP

1979 Baltic 51 Notable for interior design innovations. First double-berth cabin under an aft cockpit, slanted bulkheads for optimal use of space

Baltic Yachts

1982 Baltic 80 Midnight Sun Baltic Yachts’ first maxi racer and one of the first maxis with full glassfibre composite construction.

1985 Baltic 43 Bully The first offshore sailing yacht in the world built entirely with epoxy resin

1996 Baltic 67 Aledoa The first cruising yacht built entirely in pre-preg carbon

1996 Baltic 87 Anny First Baltic with a lifting keel, complex hydraulics and push-button sail controls

1997 Baltic 70 Vittfarne First Baltic yacht to combine classic appearance with hitech construction and modern hydrodynamics

Baltic Yachts

1997 Baltic 70 Loftfari The first yacht with a fully fitted interior built entirely in pre-preg carbon and Nomex honeycomb, all invisible under the teak veneer finish

Baltic 78 Super Baltic 5 Canting keel with its entire mechanism under the cabin sole; 3.5kts faster than the same yacht with a fixed keel

2002 Baltic 147 Visione The first superyacht capable of planing at 30 knots. Packed with unique innovations, ultra-light displacement (105T) and almost literally no expense spared

2003 Baltic 141 Canica A very complex build and fitout with hi-tech materials, construction techniques and systems. The first Baltic ‘super cruiser’

2011 Baltic 197 Hetairos Largest carbon composite sailing yacht in the world at 221ft LOA. Classic look, superb finish. Hi-tech build and hydrodynamics

Baltic Yachts

Baltic 175 Pink Gin The largest full carbon sloop in the world to date. Unique fold-down, through-hull platforms in the saloon and owner’s suite

2019 Baltic 142 Canova First DSS foil on an ocean cruising superyacht. First hybrid drive with full regeneration. Advanced composite engineering. A giant leap into the future

2022 Baltic 68 Pink Gin Verde First Baltic yacht built with 50% flax fibre. Advanced electric/hybrid propulsion, super efficient systems

‘They had a strong belief in themselves, courage to swim upstream and test new ideas,’ Baltic Yachts’ marketing manager Elisabet Holm explains. ‘They all had a passion for boats, a strong driving force to learn new things and research technology, and they were always ready to meet new challenges.’

The original Baltic 46 was far ahead of its time. At a time when nearly all new designs simply relied on the naval architect’s eye, experience and intuition, several different hull models were tank tested across a range of speeds, at various heel and leeway angles before the design of the 46 was finalised and only then was it built. It had a balanced spade rudder and solid rod rigging, which were then used only on hi-tech racing yachts and its teak deck was laid with epoxy resin. But the hull laminate itself was the key innovation.

Baltic Yachts

‘In those days most yards building larger yachts used woven rovings with fibres bent, not straight, hence not structurally optimal and they also resulted in resin concentration,’ Johasson explains.

‘You could see the roving patterns on the surface, due to resin shrinking, so before applying the rovings they used several layers of chopped mat, which has very low structural value, especially on larger yachts, but added a lot of weight.

‘We used a very thin surface cloth and the rest of the laminate was unidirectional fibres, oriented in the direction of the stresses and perfectly straight, hence stronger and stiffer.

‘The fibres we used did not create resin concentration so there was less print-through on the hull surface. Unidirectional does not build up thickness like woven rovings so we used them with a core material in sandwich construction. This achieved much higher panel stiffness than a single laminate and gave us more flexibility for panel sizes.’

Baltic Yachts

End grain balsa was the core for the 46 but Baltic soon switched to foam cores with a variety of densities and strengths. Carbon fibre was used from 1979, initially in rudder posts, beam tops and to reinforce high-stress areas of the hull where extra stiffness was needed. As stabilised foams for high-temperature cures and then Nomex for pre-preg carbon construction became available, Baltic pioneered the use of those materials.

Baltic Yachts’ early achievements belie the fact that it faced strong headwinds right from the start. 1973 was a bad year to launch a new brand of sailing yachts, with the global oil crisis looming.

The yachting industry as a whole was hit hard and by 1977 Baltic had to seek outside investment to stay in business. Ironically that same year saw their first major commercial success, selling 12 Baltic 39s at the Hamburg Boat Show, which was unheard of at the time.

Hollming, a Finnish shipbuilder, acquired Baltic. Two of the founders, Nils Luoma and Ingmar Sundelin, quit but the takeover turned out to be a positive move. Hollming provided stability and investment to help Baltic grow. A huge production hall was built, funds were provided for new model development and marketing.

Baltic Yachts

An unusual aspect of Baltic Yachts that undoubtedly worked in its favour was the dual role of Johansson. It’s rare that the technical guru of a major boatbuilder is also its head of sales and marketing, yet he combined both jobs with great success for 40 years.

Even now, though officially retired, he still frequently offers a guiding hand in the development of new projects and the current EVP, Henry Hawkins, describes him as ‘an unbelievably useful sounding board and wise head’.

Baltic’s in-house designer Tor Hinders made his mark by changing the way boats are fitted out down below. His stand-out innovation, which was met with hostility when introduced in 1979 on the Baltic 51 but has since been copied by almost every sailing yacht builder in the world, was to put a double-berth cabin under an aft cockpit.

Baltic Yachts

Another key factor in Baltic Yachts’ early success was its partnership with the Canadian naval architects C&C Design, whose chief engineer Rob Ball was among the first in the industry to start using computers. From 1980 he supplied VPP – polar curves and tables of numbers – for the Baltic 39, 51 and 37, with detailed instructions on how to use them. Despite being generated by 2D computing (as 3D models were not yet available), Johansson says those first VPP numbers were accurate and useful.

The yard was quick to develop its own computing expertise. ‘As soon as programmable calculators and then the Epson HX-20 computer became available we saw their potential and started to use them,’ Johansson says. ‘There was no software so we did our own coding.’ By the early 1980s they were already using these tools for displacement, flotation and trim calculations, laminate design and rating optimisation.

A huge quantity of data has been compiled since then and the initially simple programs have evolved into a sophisticated suite of software that enables the technical team to make extremely detailed weight and load calculations for the hull and rig of any new design, study engine power, prop pitch and range for electric and conventional propulsion systems, and much more. The yard has never had any ambition to design its own yachts, but is quite often asked by clients to do preliminary studies before a naval architect is appointed.

Baltic Yachts

The 1980s were the peak of series production but Baltic Yachts but they also began pushing the boundaries of performance with custom builds with more scope for creative technical development.

‘A series production model is always to some degree a compromise,’ Johansson says. ‘On custom projects you can take things much further. For very knowledgeable clients looking for performance we have taken things to the edge.’

The 80ft Midnight Sun was one of the first maxis with full composite construction, launched in 1982. ‘The forward part was a large, empty sail store and we used specially designed longitudinal bulkheads and framework in the upper corner between hull and deck to create the required stiffness,’ Johansson recalls.

The Baltic 43 Bully was the first offshore yacht built entirely in epoxy resin, in 1985. In technical terms this was a spin-off from an earlier R&D project, developing ultra-strong vacuum-infused sandwich laminates for a Soviet deep-sea submarine, which ruffled diplomatic feathers when the Americans found out about it. ‘The main unit was solid steel; we built a streamlined cover around the equipment,’ he says. ‘If you send a normal laminate down to 6,000m it will not be the same afterwards. We learned a few things from that project.’

Baltic Yachts

In 1990, Baltic regained its independence. Finland’s industrial sector was in recession and Hollming needed to focus on its core business. ‘They asked us to arrange a management takeover,’ Johansson explains. ‘The yard was an important workplace for the local community and to shut it would have been very destructive. We were 32 employees who got together, took over and continued the business.’

Marketing manager Lisbeth Staffans stepped up to be managing director and led Baltic Yachts for two decades from a challenging start. ‘With a bad order book and uncertain future there were sleepless nights at the beginning of this new era,’ Johansson says. ‘Lisbeth was a very good person for that job. We couldn’t afford to make any mistakes and she made sure we didn’t. But this period is the one I’m most proud of. We did a good job, moved up in the size of our projects and stayed profitable.’

Innovation continued apace with production manager Christer Lill running a remarkably tight operation as the yachts ramped up rapidly in sophistication and size. In 1996 they launched 67ft Aledoa, the world’s first pre-preg carbon cruiser, and 87ft Anny – their first with a lifting keel, twin rudders and complex hydraulics. She had full push-button sail controls and a tender could be driven straight into the automatic opening-andlowering garage in her stern.

Baltic Yachts

The following year, the Baltic 70 Vittfarne heralded a new style of yacht combining classic appearance and fine traditional craftsmanship with hitech construction, light displacement and modern hydrodynamics. ‘Bill Dixon’s team did a fantastic job on the design and our carpenters performed magic in building it,’ Johansson says.

Another Baltic 70, also launched in 1997, took carbon composite sandwich construction to a new level. The fully fitted interior of Loftfari was built almost entirely in pre-preg carbon/ Nomex honeycomb as well as her hull and deck, saving a large amount of additional weight.

It looked traditional, though, with thin veneers and fillets of teak covering all of the composite surfaces. Most Baltic yachts are now fitted out in a similar way.

The 78ft Super Baltic 5, delivered in 2000, was a major feat of engineering with a canting keel whose entire mechanism was installed in the shallow bilge beneath the saloon sole. She was calculated to be at least 3.5kts faster than an identical yacht with a fixed keel.

Baltic Yachts

At the turn of the millennium Loftfari’s owner came back to Baltic with an impossible design brief, ‘or so it seemed at first,’ Johansson says. ‘To build a yacht in excess of 140ft capable of planing at 30 knots or more.’

The project was an immense challenge, not least because their largest build up to then was a 97- footer. Two years of development work followed before the owner gave the green light for the build to proceed. Remarkably the yacht was delivered six months ahead of schedule and exceeded all expectations.

Packed with unique innovations and with almost literally no expense spared, the Baltic 147 Visione was far ahead of her time and despite being 20 years old she is still quite capable of taking line honours in superyacht regattas today.

In build at the same time, the 141ft Canica challenged the yard in different ways. Performance was key but a lot of equipment and systems were also required to ensure a very high level of comfort on board. ‘That was the first yacht we built with a full floating interior,’ Baltic sales director Kenneth Nyfelt, son of founder Jan- Erik, explains.

Baltic Yachts

‘We installed a highly complex Siemens PLC monitoring and control system, and it was the first project where we used noise and vibration consultants.’ With half the displacement of a typical 140ft cruising yacht, the performance targets were achieved and Canica can now be regarded as the first in a gradually evolving style of high-performance Baltic ‘super cruisers’ that continues to this day. A similar and parallel evolution of successful cruiser-racers began with Nilaya in 2010.

A stand-out project delivered in 2011, at 221ft LOA the Baltic 197 Hetairos is largest carbon composite sailing yacht in the world. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing with an incredible sail area : displacement ratio and a regular winner in superyacht regattas, the 60-metre ketch is classic on deck but thoroughly modern below the waterline with a unique lifting rudder as well as a lifting keel.

Around this time, the people who had staged the 1990 management takeover began to retire so new owners were needed. Two local investors bought shares in 2010; three years later an 80 per cent stake in Baltic Yachts was acquired by the German family-owned company Otto Bock – led by Professor Hans Georg Näder, a longstanding client of Baltic Yachts – and its future was secured. Henry Hawkins, a yacht captain with vast practical experience including many thousands of ocean miles as skipper of Näder’s yachts, joined Baltic, taking on a large part of Johansson’s role.

Baltic Yachts

Näder’s own 175ft Pink Gin VI is one of the most notable recent builds and currently the world’s largest carbon composite sloop with a rig 16m taller than a J Class. Her key features include fold-down platforms in her topsides just above the waterline that are large enough to walk through, one amidships in the main saloon and one forward in the owner’s suite.

While relatively easy to build on a large motor yacht, putting large apertures in highly stressed parts of a sailing yacht hull without reducing its stiffness was a major engineering challenge, solved by mechanically locking the platforms firmly in place to become structural parts of the hull.

Another recent showcase of Baltic’s innovation is the 142ft Canova, which made headlines in 2019 as the world’s first superyacht with a DSS foil to reduce pitching and heeling, plus a host of other advanced features such as an immensely strong coachroof with a featherlight look and an electric drive system that provides enough regeneration capability under sail to cross the Atlantic without using any fossil fuel – with both sailing and hotel systems running.

After four years of cruising, a wide range of what used to be bleeding-edge technologies are now proven to work reliably.

To mark Baltic Yachts’ 50th anniversary, the first Baltic 46 Queen Anne returned to the yard last spring for a refit. Two of the men who built her – Johansson and Jan-Erik Nyfelt, whose grandchildren now work at Baltic – were delighted to find her in excellent condition, which a survey duly confirmed.

‘No structural works are needed, the hull appendages are sound, as is the mast,’ Hawkins says. ‘It’s also interesting that the original propulsion setup was still operational and in good order. The enjoyment at our end was the size of everything compared to today, from fibre technology to deck fittings. There are 18 winches on that boat; a modern 100-footer uses just seven or eight!’ She will be relaunched in June after a cosmetic refit, with a new engine.

What direction is Baltic Yachts likely to take in the future? The 68ft cruiser-racer Pink Gin Verde might hold a few clues with its 50 per cent flax fibre hull and micro-turbine hybrid propulsion system, but as Baltic’s CEO Anders Kurtén puts it, ‘That all depends on where our customers want to take us.’

‘We are fortunate and honoured to build some of the most exciting, groundbreaking custom sailing yachts in the world which means the next major milestone will forever be the next launch, summer 2023 being a perfect example,’ he says. ‘My best guess for the future is ever increasing sustainable practices and yachts with diminishing lifecycle emissions, as well as quantum leaps in terms of pure sailing performance.’

Click here for more information on Baltic Yachts

Future of excellence

From the moment that Latitude Yachts was established, we've been committed to building high-quality yachts.

Our company has come a long way to become what we have all been dreaming of – the place where even the most complex and sophisticated tasks are executed in a well-organized and responsible manner.

Being established in 2007, just four years later Latitude Yachts Quality Management System was officially approved by Bureau Veritas as complying with Quality System Management Standard ISO 9001:2008.

And in 2016 our most known superyacht was launched in the gulf of the Baltic sea. Two actually. They were an ocean-class trimarans of such an uplifting beauty, that they hit covers of the majority of specialized magazines. You've heard of Galaxy of Happiness, right? Yes, we’ve built her. And we are proud of it.

Implementing cutting-edge technologies, and keeping with the highest quality industry standards, Latitude Yachts is the shipyard to rely on. Come over to see it to yourself. It would be great to meet you!

Projects speak louder than words. Check a few of our recent projects below.

Most known completed projects

baltic yachts jobs

Future projects

baltic yachts jobs


Being a relatively small shipyard we practice individual approach, when you do not stand in a long line, and your vessel is taken care of fast and with exquisite quality.


Your wildest dreams and ideas will come to life with us.

While sculptor forms his future masterpiece's shape, our craftsmen work hard to shape and polish every detail to its perfection. With more technologies and new materials added to building your dream yachts, the construction keeps depending on precision of our workers eyes and hands.

Latitude Yachts works for excellence.

We also provide in-house services such as technical engineering, hull construction, designs and other.

In-house Services

baltic yachts jobs


baltic yachts jobs

Galaxy of Happiness became the finalist in the prestigious World Superyacht Awards 2017, organized by Boat International Magazine. The awards recognise the remarkable ingenuity and innovation demanded by the design, engineering and construction of the world's finest luxury yachts. World Superyacht Awards

baltic yachts jobs

And the Most Futuristic Design award is going to... Latitude Yachts! That night all respectful guests at the Cannes Yachting Festival applauded Galaxy of Happiness during an absolutely stunning Yacht Night Parade in the Bay of Cannes, under the spotlight of the Croisette. World Yachts Trophies

baltic yachts jobs

The main material would be steel or aluminum hull and a carbon fiber superstructure. Currently, it's just a design - but Park says he's confident it could become reality. Francesca Street, CNN

baltic yachts jobs

Twin 2,600hp MTU diesel engines give her a range of 2,300 nautical miles at 11.5 knots and two 60kW electric motors located in the outriggers provide silent cruising with zero emissions when desired. Malcolm Maclean, Boat International magazine

baltic yachts jobs

World’s largest trimaran Galaxy of Happiness, splashed at Latitude Yachts in Riga in April 2016, has been spotted in Gibraltar. HelloMonaco.com

baltic yachts jobs

Latvian shipbuilder Latitude has made an audacious entry into the superyacht market with two identical 53m trimarans. The two yachts, developed by Latitude’s in-house team, are far from the ordinary with their futuristic design and are the product of an intensive two and a half year construction process. Georgia Boscawen, Superyacht News

baltic yachts jobs

Built from a from a combination of fiberglass and carbon fibre, this project has been under development for nearly 30 months. YachtHarbour.com

baltic yachts jobs

When Latitude Yachts, a shipyard in Riga, Latvia, took on a contract to build two near-identical super-yachts it knew it would have to use innovative production methods in order to meet the punishing deadline. Lou Reade, Composites in Manufacturing


baltic yachts jobs

Latitude Yachts Takes Center Stage on Boat International's Homepage!

In an exciting development for maritime enthusiasts and luxury yacht aficionados, Latitude Yachts has secured a prominent spot on Boat International's homepage with a series of captivating articles that promise to redefine opulence on the high seas.

baltic yachts jobs

Exploring the Future of Yacht Design: A Look at Latitude Yachts' Masterpieces

In the dynamic world of yacht brokerage, where innovation meets luxury, Latitude Yachts has emerged as a prominent player, pushing the boundaries of design and engineering. A recent video on the Yachts for Sale YouTube channel provides a captivating glimpse into the collaboration between renowned designer Chulan Park and Latitude Yachts, showcasing their extraordinary vessels.

baltic yachts jobs

YOUTUBE : Latitude Yachts' Sensational New Projects!!!

Famous Youtuber and yachtbroker David Seal talks about Latitude yachts.

When I visited Latitude Yachts for the first time in 2012 they had an 88' catamaran for sale. Since then they have established themselves as top class yacht builders by successfully completing...

baltic yachts jobs

The philosophy of Latitude Yachts is based on our genuine drive for fulfilling people's dreams.

Usually, the admiration for sea and yachts starts to develop in person from his very childhood. Our clients live with that feeling for years and years, until one day they understand that the time has come. This is where Latitude Yachts steps in. We transform people's most daring wishes first into projects and drawings, and finally into real, startling yachts.

We are the ones who prove - impossible is nothing. You shouldn't be afraid of your desires - just find the right people to take care of them.

Feel free to contact us to provide some feedback on our projects, or to just say hello!

+ 371 67353544

[email protected] 27 tvaika street, riga, lv- 1005, latitude yachts, 27 tvaika street, riga, lv- 1005.

©2020 Latitude Yachts

Your world of yachts

Yachts from A to Z!

baltic yachts jobs

Yacht Russia at Moscow Dive Show 2020

      Yacht Russia at Moscow Dive Show 2020

The largest water man exhibition in Eastern Europe, the Moscow Dive Show, is held annually in Moscow.

Yacht Russia at Moscow Dive Show 2020

The yachting space of the exhibition expanded every year and today it is not just dedicated stands and the opportunity to offer our products and services, but also a full-fledged four-day forum for the exchange of experience, communication and new useful acquaintances in the world of yachting. This is a great opportunity to talk about yachting to those who would like to learn yachting, but do not know where to start.

The cultural program of Moscow Dive Show 2020 will include a large yacht block with speeches by reputable sailors on a variety of topics – from the first steps in yachting to life hacks and recommendations from experienced yachtsmen. So it won’t be boring!

This year Yacht Russia magazine will present its stand at the exhibition, where you can find out about our plans, projects and, of course, purchase magazines. And of course, we will prepare pleasant surprises for the guests of the exhibition.

In addition, visitors to the exhibition are waiting for:

– decisive discounts on virtually everything – on equipment, travel packages and training courses. You can bargain, compare, choose the best and get first-hand advice.

– A whole pavilion of delicacies – from mussels and crab to shrimp and oysters, from homemade cheeses to smoked lard. Fruit drinks, craft beer and mulled wine so appropriate in February. In the pavilion, you can sit at the table and have a full lunch.

– Children's program. For young visitors a separate day is provided in which they can take part in master classes and competitions. Entrance to the exhibition for children under 12 years old is free.

– Hour of presents! The time when each visitor can get a really valuable prize, just for coming to the Moscow Dive Show 2020. For sailors, a separate prize category is provided so that the gift is really needed.

Tickets are already on sale. The cost of admission until February 5 is 400 rubles. On the opening day of the exhibition, tickets will cost 500 rubles. Buy in advance. You can purchase a ticket through the official website of the exhibition at http://www.diveshow.ru/show/bilety/.

Exhibition Hours: February 6 (Thursday) from 10:00 to 20:00 February 7 (Friday) from 10:00 to 21:00 February 8 (Saturday) from 10:00 to 21:00 February 9 (Sunday) from 10:00 to 18:00

The schedule of performances, the layout of the stands of participants, information on how to get to the exhibition center and how to purchase tickets can be found on the official website of the event at http://www.diveshow.ru/

We are waiting for you from February 6 to 9 in Moscow, at the Sokolniki Exhibition Center (Pavilions 4 and 4.1). Look for our booth next to the small stage in Pavilion 4.1 (on the floor plan, the small stage is indicated by a yacht).

Chief Editor

Yacht Russia at Moscow Dive Show 2020

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    The very first boat: Baltic 46 Diva (now Queen Anne) was launched in 1974. 1974 Baltic 46 Ahead of its time: tank tests, sandwich construction, unidirectional fibres, balanced spade rudder, epoxy bonded teak deck…. 1977 Baltic 39 Most popular model, 74 in six years. From 1980, one of the first yachts to have computer-generated VPP

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    Being established in 2007, just four years later Latitude Yachts Quality Management System was officially approved by Bureau Veritas as complying with Quality System Management Standard ISO 9001:2008. And in 2016 our most known superyacht was launched in the gulf of the Baltic sea. Two actually. They were an ocean-class trimarans of such an ...

  20. Yacht Russia at Moscow Dive Show 2020

    Yacht Russia at Moscow Dive Show 2020. The largest water man exhibition in Eastern Europe, the Moscow Dive Show, is held annually in Moscow. The yachting space of the exhibition expanded every year and today it is not just dedicated stands and the opportunity to offer our products and services, but also a full-fledged four-day forum for the ...