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Can Yacht Travel Around the World? All You Need To Know

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Have you ever dreamed of setting sail on a yacht and traveling around the world? It may seem like a far-fetched dream, but it can actually be done! In this article, we will be covering all you need to know to set off on a voyage around the world on a yacht.

We will discuss the preparation and permits necessary to embark, navigating foreign ports, equipping the yacht for the voyage, planning the voyage, and dealing with unexpected events.

Finally, we will look at the benefits of yacht travel around the world.

So, if youre ready to set sail, lets get started!.

Table of Contents

Short Answer

Yes, yachts can travel around the world.

Many people choose to sail around the world in their own yachts or in chartered yachts.

The journey is often long, taking several months and even up to years, depending on the route and the pace at which the journey is taken.

It is an experience that many people find to be both thrilling and rewarding.

Preparing for Yacht Travel Around the World

Preparing for a voyage around the world in your own yacht requires careful planning and preparation.

Before setting sail, you should ensure that your yacht is in good shape and properly equipped for the voyage.

This includes making sure all of your onboard systems are functioning properly, that all necessary safety equipment is on board and in good condition, and that you have enough supplies for the entire journey.

Additionally, you should make sure that your vessel is properly registered and insured, and that all necessary permits and visas are obtained prior to entering foreign ports.

It is also important to plan your route in advance, as youll need to decide which ports to stop in and where to refuel or restock supplies.

While some ports may offer more services than others, you should research each one in advance to determine its amenities and what you may need to bring with you.

Additionally, you should plan for any potential delays or emergencies and make sure you have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong.

Finally, youll need to make sure that your crew is properly trained and experienced in sailing.

Depending on the length of the voyage, you may need to bring additional crew members onboard, so make sure to check the legal requirements for each country youll be sailing in.

With the right preparation and planning, youll be ready to set sail on an unforgettable voyage around the world.

Obtaining Necessary Permits and Visas

best motor yacht to travel around the world

When planning a journey around the world in a yacht, it is important to obtain the necessary permits and visas for each country you will be visiting.

Most countries require that the yacht be registered, and the captain and crew must be in possession of valid visas and other documentation.

Additionally, you may need to obtain permission from each country to enter their waters, and you may be subject to inspections and fines if you do not comply with their laws.

In some cases, you may need to arrange for a special permit or exemption in order to be allowed entry.

Furthermore, depending on the country you are entering, you may be required to pay taxes and fees related to the voyage.

It is important to research the requirements for each country you will be visiting in order to ensure that you are able to travel legally.

Navigating Foreign Ports

Navigating foreign ports is a crucial part of yacht travel around the world.

Before setting off on a voyage, it is important to obtain the necessary permits and visas for each port along the route.

In addition to this, it is also important to ensure that the yacht is properly equipped for the voyage.

This means having the correct navigational charts, an up-to-date GPS, and other items that may be required for the voyage.

Once the yacht is prepared, it is important to research each port in advance.

It is important to know the local regulations, the navigation rules and regulations, and the necessary paperwork required for entry.

It is also important to familiarize oneself with the local customs and culture in each port.

When navigating a foreign port, it is important to use caution and be aware of any local hazards.

This includes checking the tide and current levels, as well as any underwater obstacles that could cause damage to the yacht.

It is also important to be aware of the local weather conditions, as this can affect the voyage.

Once the yacht arrives in a foreign port, it is important to ensure that the dock is secure and there is no risk of theft or damage.

The crew should also take the necessary security precautions to ensure the safety of the yacht and its crew.

In addition, the crew should be aware of any local laws and regulations that may affect the voyage.

Navigating foreign ports can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and preparation, it is possible to make a successful voyage around the world.

With the right mindset and proper research, a yacht can safely and successfully navigate any foreign port.

Equipping the Yacht for a Voyage Around the World

best motor yacht to travel around the world

When it comes to equipping a yacht for a voyage around the world, there is a lot to consider.

A yacht must be properly outfitted to ensure the safety and comfort of the crew, as well as the ability to navigate the open seas.

First and foremost, the yacht must be in good condition, both structurally and mechanically.

The hull and engine should be inspected regularly to ensure they are in top form and able to withstand the rigors of the voyage.

Additionally, the yacht should be equipped with the necessary safety gear, such as life jackets, flares, and a first-aid kit.

A well-stocked toolkit is also essential, as is a reliable watermaker, generator, and navigation equipment.

The yacht should also be stocked with enough food and supplies to last the entire voyage.

This means stocking up on canned goods and other non-perishables, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is also a good idea to have a backup supply of fuel and water, as well as additional spare parts in case of emergency.

Finally, the yacht should be equipped with the necessary navigation and communication equipment.

This includes a good quality navigation chart, a reliable GPS, a reliable VHF radio, and a satellite phone.

Additionally, a good quality weather station is essential for monitoring weather conditions and potential storms.

Equipping a yacht for a voyage around the world is a big undertaking, but is necessary for a successful and safe voyage.

Careful planning and preparation are key to ensuring the yacht is ready for whatever the voyage has in store.

With the right equipment, crew, and preparation, a voyage around the world in a yacht can be an unforgettable experience.

Planning the Voyage

Planning a voyage around the world in a yacht can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it will require careful preparation.

Before embarking on such a journey, it is important to make sure the yacht is properly equipped and the necessary permits and visas have been obtained.

Additionally, it is important to consider how the voyage will be broken up.

Depending on the size and type of yacht, the voyage could take anywhere from a few months to a year, so it is important to plan for stops in various ports along the way.

When planning the voyage, it is important to consider what route to take and the type of weather conditions the yacht will encounter on its journey.

Researching the prevailing weather patterns and wind conditions in the areas to be sailed can help ensure a safe and enjoyable voyage.

Additionally, sailing only in daylight and avoiding sailing in areas prone to piracy can help reduce the risk of danger.

Another important consideration when planning a voyage around the world in a yacht is safety.

It is important to make sure the yacht is equipped with the necessary safety gear, such as life jackets, flares, and a first aid kit.

Additionally, it is important to make sure the yacht is equipped with a reliable communication system, such as a satellite phone or a VHF radio.

It is also important to make sure the crew is properly trained in basic sailing skills and safety procedures.

Once the voyage is planned and the yacht is properly equipped, it is important to make sure the crew is prepared for the voyage.

The crew should be familiar with the route, the weather conditions, and the safety procedures.

Additionally, the crew should be familiar with the necessary permits and visas required to enter ports along the way.

Finally, it is important to make sure the crew is properly provisioned with food, water, and medical supplies for the voyage.

Planning a voyage around the world in a yacht can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it will require careful preparation and planning.

Making sure the yacht is properly equipped and the crew is prepared can help ensure a safe and successful voyage.

Additionally, researching the weather and wind conditions, obtaining the necessary permits and visas, and planning for unexpected events can help make the voyage around the world an unforgettable experience.

Dealing with Unexpected Events

best motor yacht to travel around the world

When it comes to yacht travel around the world, it is essential to plan for the unexpected.

Weather, engine trouble, or other unexpected events can delay or even derail a voyage around the world, so it is important to be prepared for anything that may come your way.

When planning for a voyage around the world, it is important to research the best routes and prepare for any potential storms or other adverse weather conditions.

Make sure to have a comprehensive plan in place that includes contingencies for potential delays or detours due to weather.

Additionally, it is important to have an emergency plan in place in the event of engine trouble.

Make sure to have the necessary tools and spare parts on board in case of any mechanical issues.

It is also important to plan for other unexpected events that could occur during a voyage around the world.

These could include medical emergencies, maritime security threats, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Make sure to have an emergency contact list with contact information for local authorities, medical professionals, and other relevant personnel that could help in an emergency.

Additionally, make sure to research the local laws and regulations of the ports you will be visiting, and have the necessary visas and permits in place before you embark on your voyage.

By being prepared for the unexpected, you can ensure that your yacht travel around the world is an unforgettable experience.

With the right preparation, you can make sure that your voyage is as safe, smooth, and enjoyable as possible.

The Benefits of Yacht Travel Around the World

Yacht travel around the world is a great adventure for those who are passionate about sailing and exploring.

Whether you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience or a way to escape the everyday grind, travelling the world aboard a yacht can be an incredible experience.

Not only does yacht travel provide an opportunity to explore new places and cultures, but it also offers a unique way of enjoying the scenery, as you get to experience places from the perspective of the sea.

Additionally, travelling around the world in a yacht allows for a much more intimate experience than traditional travel.

As the yacht is your home, you are able to get to know the places you visit much more closely and intimately.

This means that you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the places you visit in a much more personal way.

Finally, yacht travel around the world provides the opportunity to explore new cultures and meet people from all walks of life.

As you sail from port to port, you will be able to interact with people from different countries and backgrounds, giving you a unique and invaluable perspective on the world.

All in all, yacht travel around the world can be an unforgettable experience.

With careful planning and preparation, you can ensure that your voyage is safe and enjoyable, providing you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

Yacht travel around the world is an incredible adventure that requires careful planning and preparation.

From obtaining necessary permits and visas to equipping the yacht for a voyage around the world and planning for unexpected events, the journey is sure to be unforgettable.

However, with the right amount of preparation and planning, it can be a rewarding and incredible experience.

If you’re up for the challenge, why not start planning your very own voyage around the world in a yacht today?.

James Frami

At the age of 15, he and four other friends from his neighborhood constructed their first boat. He has been sailing for almost 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge that he wants to share with others.

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Everything You Need to Sail Around the World (by an expert)

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Wanting to sail around the world is a wonderful plan requires dozens of items and skills. For a clear overview, we have compiled a one-stop-shop article that will push you miles towards your goal. Here are the things necessary to successfully circle the globe on a sailboat - the tangible and the intangible ones.

What do you need to sail around the world? You will need a route, a bluewater sailboat, enough money, time, the necessary paperwork, and equipment (i.e. water maker, electricity generator, satellite phone, power-free autopilot). You'll also need proper safety training, mental and physical preparation, and you will need to be prepared to do plenty of research.

There are many items hidden under each of these categories, so let's have a closer look.

Everything you need to sail around the world:

A well-prepared route, a reliable bluewater sailboat, $500 - $1,000 per month per person, travel documents (passport and visas, boat registration, port clearance), cruising equipment recommended by other cruisers, the proper safety equipment, the appropriate safety training, proper preparation to prevent poor performance, time: between 1-3 years, the right mindset to handle mental demands, research of expected sailing situations.

This list is not detailed to the last windproof jacket and a high SPF cream. Such an article would be fifty times the length. Rather it is a wide, birdseye view of categories you need to think about and research so that you can build your checklist.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

There are more ways to skin a cat, and there are more ways to sail around the world. Since each of those ways requires a different approach in terms of necessary skills, sailboat, equipment, provisions, time, and crew, the first step should be planning your route.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

7 Best-Known Routes for Sailing Around the World (with Maps)

You don't need to be especially detailed, outlining every stop on a precisely defined route. I'm talking about a general idea of what you want from the journey because this will influence the items on the following list.

Are you looking to simply tick circumnavigation off your bucket list, wanting the most straightforward, fastest way? Is this more of a world traveler's dream, and you want to visit beautiful places along the way and don't mind making a few stops on the way, even if that extends the trip duration by months? Or do you perhaps have specific stops in mind?

Either way, you will want to know what your expected journey is. A quick look on a globe will instantly hint to many approaches. Various approaches will differ not only in the overall length, which impacts the time needed but also in the distance between the stops, impacting the provisioning system and how far from the warm equator you will be, which impacts the kind of clothing you will need.

The safest sailing route around the world uses the trade winds You want to stay as close to the equator as possible, but you also want to avoid the following 5 places if you can. We've listed the safest and fastest sailing routes for you. Also read: The Safest Sailing Routes Around the World (Which to Avoid)

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Let's get this out of the way first - you don't need a large boat to circumnavigate the world. Larger boats are comfier and faster, but technically not necessary. The smallest sailboat to circle the globe had around 21 feet. We have written many times about small boats that are great liveaboards, so it is possible. Your comfort level, partially dependent on how many people will go with you, is individual.

If you are in a money-saving mode, it pays off to get a smaller boat, but one in good condition, instead of a larger one requiring more maintenance.

But as mentioned before, since your route's character influences your needs greatly, if speed is what you are looking for, as well as long crossings without stops, requiring more spare parts and provisions, a bigger boat is what you will need.

Either way, it needs to be a boat with offshore capabilities. Not a weekend cruiser.

Many people think sailboats are super expensive We did the research, and it turns out you can get a capable bluewater sailboat for just $3,000 . However, it isn't for everyone. Here's the cheapest bluewater sailboat

The short answer is - prepare to typically pay around $500 - $1,000 per person per month when sailing with the sky being the limit, of course.

Here's a breakdown that will apply to you if you are a cost-efficient person:

Breakdown of cruising costs per month:

Roughly 25 percent of your budget will be for food . Eating out is not included.

Around 20 percent will be spent on maintenance (though this varies depending on the state you got your boat in). This means sail and rigging maintenance, yearly haul out and antifouling, electrical and winch malfunctions, engine spares, water filters, and so on.

Approximately 15 percent will be spent on insurance - unless you are against that whole concept.

About 7 percent will be spent on cruising fees , such as permits, visas, and check-in fees. Panama canal costs north of $1,000, and so does entering Ecuador. New Zealand, on the other hand, will set you back merely tens of dollars.

Around 6 percent will be needed for mooring fees , though only if you anchor whenever possible.

A similar amount will be needed for a basic satellite phone plan for communication and weather reports and various sim cards to connect to the internet, when possible.

Fuel varies, but 5 percent is not an unreasonable amount to expect to spend on it.

The rest will be spent on a range of expenses - various clothing, eating out, flashlight batteries, sunglasses you keep drowning, and all that jazz.

The percentages will vary from person to person, but they are not the most important part of the above breakdown - rather, it is the expense list since these are the things and items you will have to pay for, and thus you should know about them beforehand.

Just as before, the kind of trip you have in mind will determine many of the costs. Antifouling might not be needed if you are going at it non stop and are done within months. That $1,000 for the Panama canal won't be necessary if you venture around South America and the infamous Cape Horn. And venturing through Suez, Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden will require extra security expenses.

And of course, if you are paying $1,000 monthly, the overall expenses will differ whether this is a three-year travel journey or you are doing a Vendée Globe style circumnavigation.

Sailboats are cheaper than you might think We've compared thousands of sailboat listing prices for four different budgets. There are a lot of costs involved with owning a sailboat. Learn everything there is to know about ownership costs with our comprehensive overview. Read all about sailboat ownership costs

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Boring? Yes. Necessary? Also yes. Except for those of you who will make the trip non-stop without visiting any country, you may need your passport and sometimes valid visas.

Then there is your boat registration and port clearance. Boat insurance policy is a must in some places, where they won't let you in without third party liability or personal liability.

Sometimes you will need your MMSI number and proof you have AIS capability. Having a few copies of passport-sized photos of the crew helps too - as well as plenty of photocopies of all documents. You will save yourself some running around, trying to find a copy machine.

Here are the licenses you'll need for sailing the world You'll need lots of documents for some places, and none for others. William sailed the world for 8 years and made an overview of all documents you'll need and the documents you can leave at home. Read all about international sailing licenses

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Your actual checklist will be a mile long, but here are several things worthy of extra mentioning. These items came from quite extensive research where numbers of circumnavigators, both racers, and cruisers, were asked to name items they found the most useful. Safe to say, they all named more or less the same set of things.

Now, unless you plan on staying so close to the shore most of the time that you might as well make the trip in a car, you will need plenty of water. Full tanks probably won't cut it. You will need to make your own, probably from seawater.

Electricity generator

The same applies to electricity. Whether you will choose a hydro generator, solar panels, or a wind turbine, you will quite probably need a way to generate some power.

Satellite Phone

Whether it is about safety concerns, or wanting to be able to stay in touch, this is a must. You shouldn't set sail without a reliable weather report. There are many options,, including satellite internet, thanks to which you will be able to be online wherever you are. If you are unsure where to start researching a solution for you, Iridium GO! is among popular choices.

And if Elon Musk's Starlink kicks off as promised, global satellite internet will be an affordable thing for anyone.

Good Bimini

If you are a holiday cruiser kind of person or if you usually sail in areas without much strong sunshine, this might not come to mind when compiling your checklist. But the ability to be in the shade while being on deck will prove crucial.

So make sure your bimini is solid, has a few good years ahead of it, and covers what it needs to, without the need for makeshift solutions consisting of hanging towels and clothes around you to protect you from the low, afternoon sun.

Downwind Sails

The value of good downwind sails that will propel you forward even in light winds is undeniable, though not always do they find themselves on a sailor's checklist. If you plan a long journey, you will appreciate them since conditions won't always be favorable.

Power-free Autopilot

Autopilots will save you lots of headaches when on long stretches, especially if you do things short-handed. But the classical ones use a lot of power. So look into solutions like Hydrovane, which will take a lot of work off your hands.

AIS Transponder

Not only is this a good thing to have for obvious reasons, but it is also mandatory in some areas and will save you money on certain insurance plans.

There are many sailboat cruising essentials There's lots more you'll need, and plenty you hadn't thought of if you're a first-time cruiser. We've listed them all for you. Read all about cruising essentials

best motor yacht to travel around the world

A liferaft, enough lifejackets, and harnesses. As for the liferaft, preferably one that isn't out of date - yes, that is a mishap way more common than you'd think. As for the lifejackets, preferably ones with a crotch strap and a sprayhood, as well as a light, reflective element, and a whistle. And as for the harnesses, preferably a three-point one. A grab bag with an EPIRB, basic survival items, and some provisions should be at the ready as well.

A well-stocked medical kit is a good idea too. Even something as simple as a plaster goes a long way when there is no place to buy it for thousands of miles around.

If you are unsure about what belongs in a solid safety kit checklist, consult, for instance, the ARC's safety equipment requirements - this event is meant for cruisers, not super experienced racers, so it lists everything you might need without supposing you will MacGyver your way out of any tricky engineering situation.

U.S. Coast Guart recommends this safety equipment We've created a full of the safety equipment required by the U.S. Coast Guard, which is a great starting point for beginning cruisers. Read all about safety equipment

If there is a screw on the boat, have the tool to unscrew it, no matter the shape. A power drill, spares, wires, lines, patches, glue, pliers, a knife, a hammer… go wild. These items aren't particularly costly, so make sure there is a toolbox on the boat with anything you can dream of putting in it.

Get a head-start by using our recommended tools You just need a couple of basic tools to be properly prepared. Over the years, we've recommended products that are well-priced but reliable. Check out our favorite tools

Offshore Sail Repair Kit

This should be in the above category, I suppose, but let that one belong to the boat, while this one tends to the sails. Of course, you should have some spare sails, but incremental wear and tear is an inevitable part of long term sailing, so be prepared to mend here and there.

Fishing Gear

For obvious reasons. I'm not saying you will find yourself stranded in the middle of the Pacific, with no food left, reliant only on what you fish out of the ocean, but if you want to save on food, have it as fresh as it comes and have a backup plan just in case, a good bit of line with some hooks and baits will come in handy.

To leave the tangible category, here's something many overlook and never need. But if it all hits the fan, you will wish you wouldn't have. In other words, it pays off to rehearse various emergency situations, using the equipment you would, including fully inflating your liferaft.

It may sound a bit boring, and yes, perhaps you won't need it (let's hope), but much is at stake when you do.

You can learn most for free from home There are lots of free or cheap online courses that will teach you the fundamentals. Check out our course recommendations

If there is a time when you want to take advantage of the ultra-organized, obsessive part of your brain, it is before you depart.

In other words, have a detailed preparation plan. Have a detailed journey plan with all the distances and entry prices and necessary documents in it. This should be done to such details as general grocery prices in various areas. Many sailors, after crossing the Atlantic, arrived in the Caribbean, cursing themselves for not stocking up on groceries back in the Azores because food in the Caribbean is so bloody expensive.

Make no mistake; this isn't really about money. If you don't mind paying extra, that's fine. But this is mostly about the mindset of a person that prepares well for all the little eventualities and has two back up plans for if XYZ happens.

The kind of a mindset that will have spare parts for everything, two copies of maps on paper, and the will to power through the logistics of it all.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

The Vendée globe racers do it in under three months, the world cruisers who are in a hurry in a bit over a year, but most take two years and up, to take advantage of good seasons and to get the most out of every location they visit.

You can sail the world in around 3.5 years How long it will take you depends on your goals. We've compared three sailing speeds to see how long it will take you . Find out how long it will take you

I'm not a fan of articles telling you how sailing is tough and why it probably isn't for you since only those belonging to the big boys club can enter. If circling the world on a sailboat is what you want, then circling the world on a sailboat is what you will get.

Nor do I like articles that speak of all the miseries you will have to endure, articles whose authors low key boast about how they don't have any issues enduring said agonies. They make sailing seem like something unattainable for the everyday man, an exclusive activity for those with warrior blood in their veins, which is just unnecessarily elitist.

That being said, know what you are getting into. Know what it means to sleep on a boat for months, know the limits (and perks) regarding comfort, using the bathroom, showering, preparing and eating food…

Also, know the physical and mental demands of operating a sailboat for months and know of its dangers.

Be aware of how you feel about spending lots and lots of time either alone or in the company of whomever you want to sail with.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

How to get there? A regatta in 50 degrees Fahrenheit, high winds, and bad weather is a great start. Getting aboard a sailboat as a crew member, ideally not an island hopper, but one aiming for longer stretches, is a great continuation. Reading blogs and watching vlogs from various sailors helps too, as it virtually introduces you to situations and ideas you might not have thought of.

If I was to decide on a single way to get into the mindset you need, it would be joining an ARC fleet for an Atlantic crossing. Not just for the sailing experience, but because their events are fantastically structured, and you will understand what a long journey means logistically.

It is very much possible to go around the world in a sailboat. Yes, it takes preparation and an adventurous mind, but in the end, it is nothing but a set of specific tangible and intangible parts that, if you have under control, you will likely succeed.

And since there are not many greater adventures available on Earth, what better thing to spend time on preparing for than this?

Fair winds.

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Knowing the sailing seasons around the world help you to plan your trip well. I've made a list of sailing conditions around the world, so you know where to go when.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

The Cheapest, Smallest Boat to Sail Around the World

best motor yacht to travel around the world

How Big Should a Sailboat Be to Sail Around the World?

Sailboat in Tropical shallow water

How Long Does it Take to Sail Around the World?

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Do You Need a License to Sail Around the World?

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Navigating the World: Choosing the Right Size Boat for Your Round-the-World Sailing Adventure

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Circumnavigating the globe is not a goal for the faint of heart, and it takes a lot of planning. One of the earliest decisions to make is the boat to choose, and how big it should be. “Navigating the World: Choosing the Right Size Boat for Your Round-the-World Sailing Adventure”

There are a lot of factors that go into the decision, everything from budget to how many people will live on board. And while there’s no right answer to the question for everyone, thirty-five to forty-five feet is the most common size range , for many good reasons which we will explore. And can certainly sail around the world in something larger or smaller.

General Considerations for Boat Size

best motor yacht to travel around the world

It’s not just how many people you sail with that dictate the space you need, but also how you plan to circumnavigate. If you’re planning to spend five or ten years meandering around the world, then speed isn’t a problem. But if you’re joining an around the world rally with a circumnavigation in twelve to eighteen months, you’d be hard pressed to do it on a slower boat.

And how you get there is important, too. Island hopping across the Pacific is slow and comfortable, and a pretty gentle route. But heading down the coast of South America to do a high latitude crossing in cold weather means you need a lot more boat.

Finally, the slower you go, the more time you’ll spend not sailing. And boat size has a tremendous impact on comfort at anchor. A tiny boat may work fine for slow, solo-sailing meander around the world, but a larger group will need some elbow room for those months of exploration when you’re stopped.

Read also: Top 3 Yachts For A Memorable Mediterranean Yacht Charter Experience

Sailing around the world: Monohull or Catamaran?

best motor yacht to travel around the world

The choice of a monohull versus a catamaran is a topic of its own, and there are many advantages and drawbacks to either type of boat. Issues of safety, comfort, reliability, price, and personal preferences all go into the discussion.

More monohulls have sailed around the world

While catamarans aren’t a new concept, the blue water cruising catamaran is a more recent development. Because monohulls have been circling the globe for over a century, more of them have completed the journey. That doesn’t mean they are inherently superior, but that there is more data available about their suitability to the task.

Catamarans are comfortable (except when they’re not)

At anchor, it’s tough to compete with a catamaran for comfort and stability. The huge bridge deck area and cockpit make for spacious living quarters, and the broad platform doesn’t rock and roll. And while sailing, a catamaran does not heel much, so sailing on more upwind angles is more comfortable without all the tipping.

But in terrible conditions, catamarans can be miserable. Steep, choppy waves are uncomfortable for any boat, but a catamaran may pound those waves with a low bridge deck. Cats with lower bridge decks are more prone to this, but it can happen to any catamaran if the waves are big enough. Constant pounding for hours or days is miserable.

Monohulls are usually cheaper

Building a single hull is much easier than building two hulls and joining them with a bridge deck that won’t flex and twist under all the loads at sea. And material costs are higher for two hulls, as there is so much more volume. And many marinas charge extra for multihulls because of their high beam, sometimes they may charge you for two slips!

Safety Comparisons

If a monohull capsizes, it has a keel to right it, and most monohulls will roll back from it, eventually. Catamarans will not. This is often touted as a major safety difference, and it is a fact to be considered. But consider also that with two hulls and no heavy keel, catamarans are very difficult to sink.

Cruising catamarans are not sailed in a way likely to flip them. The catamarans most likely to capsize are high performance racing catamarans, not cruisers laden with gear and stores and sailed for comfort, not speed.

A full analysis is beyond this article, but both types of boats have safety risks, be it capsizing or losing a keel, with the worst-case scenario of either being quite rare. It’s important to come in with your eyes open to make a realistic determination of the risks you accept.

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Monohull sizes to sail around the world

best motor yacht to travel around the world

These are rough guidelines only, and you will have to look more closely at individual boats for living space and performance requirements.

Under Twenty-five Feet

While boats under twenty-five feet have sailed around the world, those who did it were on very specialized adventures. The sort of trips that establish your name in the Guinness Book of World Records or the sailing hall of fame. These are cramped trips on very small boats by one person. You can do it, but it’s more of a stunt than a lifestyle.

Twenty-five to thirty-five feet: for cost conscious adventurers

If you are sailing around the world on a boat under thirty feet, more power to you. It’s possible, but it will be slow and possibly cramped. Thirty to thirty-give feet gets to more reasonable ground for a cruising couple, but too small limits room for gear and stores. But it is a very affordable way to get out and sailing. You’re unlikely to have hot water, and refrigeration is limited.

Thirty-five to forty-five feet: the sweet spot

This size range is the sweet spot for many cruisers. Cruising couples, small families, and other groups do well in this size without costs escalating. The longer boats can get some faster passages and give more range and stores. These boats can have water heaters, more refrigeration and instruments, and even freezers.

Over fifty feet: comfortable, capable, and costly

A couple can comfortably sail larger monohulls with the right sail handling equipment, and they are also good for larger families. With more room for comfort systems, a fully equipped boat over fifty feet will lack for little. Costs are higher, but passage times are a lot faster.

Catamaran recommended sizes to sail around the world

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Catamarans have more volume for the equal length in monohulls, but their performance drops off dramatically if overloaded.

Under thirty feet: few and far between

Tiny catamarans rarely have the stores and carrying capacity for crossing oceans, there have been very few built. Most catamarans this small are more suited to coastal cruising.

Thirty to forty feet: Relative comfort and speed

Starting in the low thirty-foot range, there are some solid catamarans capable of blue water sailing, and they offer a good balance between comfort and budget. They aren’t always the fastest, but you’ll have no lack of living space, even if cargo capacity is light.

Forty to fifty feet: the catamaran sweet spot

Manufacturers have focused on the mid-forties in catamaran length, and there are so many options in a broad range of price, style, and configuration. You can find lighter, faster cruising boats or heavier boats with more carrying capacity and interior volume.

Over fifty feet: sail the world in speed and comfort

Larger catamarans are redefining the terms “performance cruising” and “comfort.” When you get towards fifty feet and beyond, the interior volume of these boats is amazing. Some builders have focused on plush comfort, while others focus more on sailing performance. In this range, the boats can get quite expensive, but you’ll have a sailing experience like no other.

The best boats models to sail around the world

best motor yacht to travel around the world

We’ve selected a few solid boats to look at for sailing around the world. It’s not an exhaustive list, it’s a place to look for boats that match your requirements for space, speed, and budget. Every boat listed is one model from a quality brand of boats, so explore the entire range of models for options.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Westsail 32 – a small, sturdy, comfortable boat that will take you where you want to go. Although Westsail went out of business years ago, this model and others are available on the used market, and the Westsail 42 is another popular option.

Valiant 40 – Another classic, older cruiser, the Robert Perry designed Valiant 40 broke a lot of rules about what was supposed to be on a small, ocean-going sailboat. The result was one of the fastest forty-footers for its time, and still an excellent performing, sea-worthy boat.

Hallberg-Rassy 40C – one of the latest offerings from this Swedish builder, it features a modern design built to Hallberg-Rassy’s exacting standards. The entire range of Hallberg Rassy yachts, old and new, are solid, capable blue water sailboats that can handle anything.

Hylas 46 – A good medium displacement cruiser, it has plenty of space for a couple or small family. It sails well, and doesn’t break the bank.

Amel 54 – Cruising ketches from French builder Amel have a fanatic loyal owner base, because of the well thought out and practical designs coupled with solid, high-quality construction.

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best motor yacht to travel around the world

Gemini 105M – At 10.5 meters (34′) this is one of the smallest and most successful ocean-going production catamarans. The Gemini Legacy 35 is an updated version which is also still an excellent option in the small cat market.

Atlantic 42 – The Chris White designed Atlantic catamarans are known for their speed under sail and interior comfort. This is the smallest of the Atlantic catamarans, but it will not disappoint you if you’re looking for a little more performance.

Leopard 44 – Built in South Africa by Robertson & Caine, Leopards are great for on the water comfort and easy handling. The 44 is available in an “owner’s” version, but is also a very popular boat in the charter fleets. Plenty of space for a family.

Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 – The French-built Fontaine Bahia is an earlier example of one of their many good sailing, comfortable cruising catamarans.

Outremer 51 – while we know Outremer best for screaming performance, their boats are also comfortable, well built, and spacious. If you’re going large and speed is your thing, you won’t go wrong with any of their boats.

The right size for YOU

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Yes, there are “sweet spots” and “ideal ranges” for boats we can talk about, but no one can dictate the best boat for you and your plans. Remember, when you are looking at boats and considering size, that it needs to work for your plan, your budget, and your skill level. Buying too much boat can be as much of a mistake as going too small for your needs. If you can’t handle the boat or the finances cause you stress, it won’t be fun.

So remember when you look and read all these recommendations, they’re just to give you a baseline in your search for the perfect sized boat for you .

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Greece yacht charter prices: what can you expect, 5 destinations to sail to for valentine’s day, sailing distance calculator.

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The Best Yacht Charters You Can Book Around the World

Whether you’re looking for seven decks of entertainment, a family-friendly trip, or a diving-focused Caribbean voyage, you’ll find it here.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

There are few experiences as luxurious and awe-inspiring as a yacht charter . You can explore the world at your leisure, spend quality time with friends and family in an intimate setting, and the service is second to none. We've rounded up the most exceptional new yacht charters to book around the world. They're sure to inspire your next voyage, whether you want to relax along the Amalfi Coast or explore remote corners of the globe.

In the yachting world, Loon is known for an exceptional array of water toys — perhaps the best in her class. There's a FunAir inflatable slide that goes from the third deck straight into the ocean, an in-water pool, and a luxurious 43-foot Everglades tender. You can hop on paddleboards, sea kayaks, Waverunners, or a Seabob to explore nearby islands and coves.

The adventurous can try kite surfing or Lift e-Foil surfboards, which seems effortless when you watch the crew fly past, but is actually quite challenging. Loon is also a scuba diver's dream. The crew has several master divers and dive instructors who can take you out each morning, and they have all of the equipment you need onboard. They can also certify new divers during the trip.

The 180-foot yacht has a staggering 1,100 gross tons of living space, elegant design, and an amiable and attentive crew. Loon has two master staterooms, including a unique one on the upper deck. It has wraparound windows that offer unparalleled views of the surroundings. There are two salons, including one with recliners and a projector for movie night, plenty of spaces for dining alfresco, and an oversized infinity-edge Jacuzzi with a wet bar nearby. Fancy a workout? Loon has a treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine, and free weights in the beach club. You'll be hard-pressed to find better workout views than this.

The crew is absolutely lovely and specializes in setting up unique experiences. You might have a pizza night on board, a barbecue on a private beach, or sundowners at the Instagram-famous Loon Bar. The crew will even take you to a picture-perfect sandbar and serve you drinks as you loll in the warm water.

Loon is available for charter from IYC in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Bermuda during the winter months and in the Mediterranean in the summer months. Rates begin at $325,000 a week plus expenses.

Nansen Explorer

For the ultimate Antarctica adventure, you can't beat a voyage aboard Nansen Explorer . This former research vessel has all of the technical features needed to safely explore one of the world's most remote and dramatic landscapes and, thanks to a retrofit in 2021, an ultra-luxe interior design that wouldn't look out of place in St. Tropez. For exploration, Nansen Explorer has an Ice-1A classed 236-foot hull and an ice-experienced captain and bridge team, which means she can go deeper into the ice than other polar-classed superyachts. There's a heli-deck with onboard fueling capabilities, so you can see the vast landscape from the sky, or even go heli-skiing. There are plenty of toys that allow you to get up close and personal with wildlife and nature, including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, dive equipment, and Zodiacs.

The interiors are so stylish, modern, and well-appointed that you'll forget you're in the middle of Antarctica rather than at a swanky hotel. The ship originally accommodated 60 passengers, but now it holds just 12 guests in seven cabins, including an owner's suite and a VIP suite. Each cabin has large windows that showcase the stunning vistas outside the ship. The sumptuous Scandanavian-inspired decor features shades of grey and white, which reflect the surrounding environment. There's a cozy lounge with a bar and a fireplace, perfect for warming up after an excursion to see penguins or whales.

Nansen Explorer is available for charter from Plan South America in Antarctica. Rates begin at $340,000 a week and are all-inclusive.

Yachting in French Polynesia is always a blissful experience, but Dardanella takes relaxation to the next level with bespoke, wellness-focused charters planned by onboard wellbeing facilitator Ayumi Gallagher. The wellness experience is all-encompassing, including fresh, detoxifying food, mindfulness workshops, yoga sessions, Pilates, meditation, and massages alongside traditional yacht activities, like diving, surfing, and tender safaris exploring the pristine waters and nature of French Polynesia. The captain is also a qualified marine biologist and ecologist, so he's the perfect person to show you this unique environment. There are two dive instructors, 12 sets of dive gear, a Nitrox dive compressor, and underwater photography equipment, so you can capture the beauty underwater, too. As an expedition yacht, Dardanella is well-suited for exploring remote destinations. The 121-foot yacht was refit in 2018 and has five luxurious cabins.

Dardanella is available for charter from 37south in French Polynesia. Rates begin at $100,000 a week plus expenses.

With seven decks, there's something for everyone aboard Wheels . This massive yet elegant yacht measures 249 feet, weighs almost 2,000 gross tons, and has lots of standout amenities including a spacious cinema for eight guests, a huge aquarium, massage room with a dedicated onboard masseuse, air-conditioned gym, and the main salon converts to a disco complete with lights and a smoke machine for those late-night dance parties. The split-level master suite has panoramic views, a study, and plenty of space, and there are four spacious guest suites on the main deck. Outside, there are plenty of relaxation areas, including sunpads, a hot tub, several dining areas and bars, and an enviable water sports area with two Jet Skis, four wave runners, three seabobs, a luxurious tender, and plenty more toys. The crew is very active and can teach you to wakeboard, kitesurf, sail the new Hobie cat catamaran, or scuba dive. They can also lead yoga and fitness classes.

Wheels is available for charter from Fraser Yachts in the Caribbean. Rates begin at $680,000 a week plus expenses.

It's not uncommon for yacht charterers to "upgrade" their yachts year after year, chasing newer and bigger boats, which is makes Big Sky 's number of repeat bookings even more impressive. The 157-foot yacht has been a charter favorite since 2010, and she recently underwent a refit leaving her in immaculate condition. Big Sky can accommodate 10 guests in five staterooms, including a full-beam master that spans the width of the yacht, and there's plenty of room onboard to relax, including the main salon with large windows and a state-of-the-art TV system. The sky lounge is perfect for entertaining — it has an onyx bar and sliding windows that make you feel as if you are outside. Of course, if you do want to relax outdoors, there are three teak decks with space for dining and a large sundeck with a Jacuzzi, sun pads, couches, and a bar.

Big Sky is available for charter from Northrop & Johnson in the Bahamas. Rates begin at $180,000 a week plus expenses.

This glamorous new superyacht caused quite a stir when she debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2021. It's rare for a brand-new superyacht of this size to be available immediately for charter, so book your trip on Tatiana early. This 263-foot yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests, who are guaranteed impeccable service from the 20 crew members. She has a great selection of water accoutrements and a stunning design with a large amount of interior space, including a deck dedicated to the owner's suite. There are also two VIP staterooms, four double cabins, and a twin cabin. While away any rainy days in the movie room or shooting some pool. Tatiana also has a fabulous beach club with a large bathing platform, bar, and outdoor lounge.

Tatiana is available for charter from IYC in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Bermuda during the winter months and in the Mediterranean in the summer months. Rates begin at €775,000 a week plus expenses.

Nour El Nil Meroe

Step back in time aboard Nour El Nil Meroe , a traditionally inspired Egyptian yacht full of modern amenities and luxurious design. Meroe is available for charter through Black Tomato, a top luxury travel company known for its expertly curated trips with exclusive experiences and a focus on local culture. Meroe is styled like a classic dahabiya boat, with authentic decor featuring whitewashed walls and linens alongside Parisian decor details. The VIP cabins have floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the Nile — we can't think of a more fabulous way to have breakfast in bed — while the other cabins have large windows. The shaded roof terrace has plenty of spots for lounging and dining alfresco, and there's a cheery indoor salon with red-and-white striped decor and cozy couches. On your charter, you'll slowly sail down the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan. You can charter just the yacht voyage or book the Ultimate Egypt trip , which includes adventures on land as well as the yacht charter (think: private tours of the pyramids, exploring temples, or taking a jeep safari around Siwa).

El Nil and the Ultimate Egypt trip can be booked through Black Tomato . Rates begin at $5,800 a person.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

One of 2022's most anticipated travel launches is the new The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection . While this is technically a small-ship cruise, every element has been designed to make you feel as if you are aboard a superyacht. The fleet will ultimately have three custom-built yachts, each with 149 suites. However, in 2022, the collection will launch with their first luxury vessel: Evrima . The suites all have private terraces, which isn't something you can expect aboard even the largest superyacht. And of course, the amenities are incredible. It has a beautiful spa, stunning marina terrace (set up like a yacht beach club), an infinity-edge pool, a large gym, and plenty of entertainment. The dining options are seemingly endless, including the main restaurant, the Evrima Room, S.E.A., which features a menu by acclaimed chef Sven Elverfeld of Aqua, Talaat Nam, a Southeast Asian spot, and several casual options.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection's inaugural voyage is set for May 2022 and pricing is dependent on the itinerary. Learn more about the trips here .

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best motor yacht to travel around the world

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The best charter yachts for out of this world cruising in 2023

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By Steph Loseby   17 February 2023

For those wanting to bring extra excitement and adventure to their luxury yacht vacation this year, there are many charter yachts cruising some pretty sensational destinations across the globe, from the magnificently unspoiled Antarctica to the paradisiacal isles of French Polynesia .

Looking to avoid the usual yachting hotspots of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean this year? Get inspired as you take a look at some of the best charter yachts heading to unique cruising grounds in 2023.

77m (253 ft) yacht LEGEND

Cruising ground: Antarctica

Perfectly primed for any adventure one could possibly imagine, superyacht LEGEND allows adventure-hungry charter guests to experience the breathtaking vistas and wonderful activities that Antarctica offers in complete private luxury.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Accommodating up to 22 guests, the expedition yacht provides opulence on a grand scale and caters for epic adventures across the magical white continent. Guests can spend their days exploring Antarctica’s mountains, trekking blue-tinged glaciers and whale watching til their heart's content before climbing back on board to a welcoming interior and the option to use the yacht’s elaborate Balinese spa, cigar room, whisky bar, and the 14-seat cinema.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

90m (295 ft) superyacht DAR

Cruising ground: Indian Ocean

From Seychelles to Sri Lanka , superyacht DAR is guaranteed to provide guests with the most impeccable yacht rental experience. Transporting you to idyllic and tranquil islands that are renowned for their natural beauty, picturesque coves and soft white sandy beaches, guests can soak up their surroundings in style aboard this lavish motor yacht .

luxury charter yacht dar cruising through the water

The Oceanco yacht is custom-built for world-class yachting, offering a wealth of spacious living areas and an abundance of top amenities that will take your charter experience to the next level. From the sweeping sundeck to the extensive health and beauty center, this yacht is the perfect platform for entertaining, socializing and, of course, relaxing. 

best motor yacht to travel around the world

75m (246 ft) yacht CLOUDBREAK

Cruising ground: South East Asia

For adventures off the beaten path, expedition yacht CLOUDBREAK is the charter yacht for you. Designed to offer a sublime combination of luxury and comfort for an owner with a passion for the great outdoors, the yacht is the perfect launchpad for adrenaline-fuelled adventures around the likes of Thailand , Indonesia and Malaysia . 

helicopter on luxury charter yacht cloudbreak

The Abeking & Rasmussen yacht comes equipped with an extensive selection of the latest water toys and tenders so that you and your charter party can explore the beauty of the surrounding islands above and below the water line. Not only this, the yacht has an outdoor cinema set up that can also be used as a nightclub, a well-equipped gym featuring a water-level balcony and a huge beach club and sundeck used for soaking up the sunshine in style on a daily basis.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

54m (177 ft) motor yacht MISCHIEF

Cruising grounds: French Polynesia 

Scenic, charming and sunkissed, the islands of French Polynesia are the epitome of heaven on earth. Encompassing the likes of Tahiti and Bora Bora , a yacht charter itinerary around these tropical hotspots is set to be an unforgettable vacation and what better way to see the islands than onboard the super yacht charter MISCHIEF .

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Primed for comfortable cruising and luxury living, the Baglietto yacht boasts a highly modern interior design and a superbly-equipped exterior. Guests will adore her large Jacuzzi which frames the expansive sundeck and also boasts an alfresco dining section. What’s more, there’s a retractable swim platform that can be extended off the aft to allow guests to relax by the water during their private yacht charter.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

91m (300 ft) super yacht TRANQUILITY

Cruising grounds: Northern Europe

Available for summer cruising around Northern Europe, the multi-award-winning yacht TRANQUILITY is perfectly suited to her name and offers guests the ultimate blend of luxury living and indulgent relaxation. Home to an enormous spa and wellness zone as well as a movie theater, beach club and fully-equipped gym, there is an abundance of space onboard where guests can kick back and relax before exploring all that Northern Europe has to offer. 

superyacht tranquility

From the magnificent fjords of Norway and the mirror-like lakes of Finland to the picturesque emerald green forests of Denmark , Scandinavia’s cruising grounds are one of a kind, with sweeping seascapes and vast tracts of untouched nature providing the perfect backdrop to an action-packed superyacht charter. Guests can witness some of the most spectacular views during their vacation and may even catch a glimpse of the enchanting Northern lights as they dance across the sky.

best motor yacht to travel around the world

Need more information?

Unsure where to start? Have a read through our in-depth destination articles that are guaranteed to offer further inspiration.

If you are interested in renting any of the yachts featured in this article, please contact a recommended yacht charter broker who will be happy to help you create your dream yacht charter vacation.


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Join luxury yacht charter ABOVE & BEYOND on an immersive Greece yacht charter

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8 April 2024

Superyacht charter KING BENJI prepares for global debut at 2024 MYBA Genoa Charter Show

5 April 2024

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O'PARI Yacht Review

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Featured Luxury Yachts for Charter

This is a small selection of the global luxury yacht charter fleet, with 3581 motor yachts, sail yachts, explorer yachts and catamarans to choose from including superyachts and megayachts, the world is your oyster. Why search for your ideal yacht charter vacation anywhere else?

Flying Fox yacht charter

136m | Lurssen

from $4,339,000 p/week ♦︎

Ahpo yacht charter

115m | Lurssen

from $2,820,000 p/week ♦︎

O'Ptasia yacht charter

85m | Golden Yachts

from $975,000 p/week ♦︎

Project X yacht charter

88m | Golden Yachts

from $1,193,000 p/week ♦︎

Savannah yacht charter

84m | Feadship

from $1,085,000 p/week ♦︎

Lady S yacht charter

93m | Feadship

from $1,519,000 p/week ♦︎

Maltese Falcon yacht charter

Maltese Falcon

88m | Perini Navi

from $490,000 p/week

Kismet yacht charter

122m | Lurssen

from $3,000,000 p/week

As Featured In

The YachtCharterFleet Difference

YachtCharterFleet makes it easy to find the yacht charter vacation that is right for you. We combine thousands of yacht listings with local destination information, sample itineraries and experiences to deliver the world's most comprehensive yacht charter website.

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Best Yachts – Top 15 Picks for 2024

Carver 52 Command Bridge

Carver 52 Command Bridge

Hatteras M75 Panacera

Hatteras M75 Panacera

Sabre 58 Salon Express

Sabre 58 Salon Express

Chris Riley

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a yacht? Probably those huge luxury cruisers reserved for the high society folks, right? Well, that’s true, but those are a special group of ships referred to as luxury yachts.

The questions you need to be asking are – What is a yacht? At what point is a yacht regarded as a ship? And, what exactly makes a yacht a yacht? Here’s a little boating lesson for you.

A yacht is any fast cruising watercraft used for pleasure or sport. Yachts can be classified into cruisers, superyachts, and mega yachts. The difference between them all boils down to their respective sizes.

Luxury vessels that are less than 12 meters long fall in the class of cabin cruiser yachts – or simply, cruisers. Those that measure more than 24 meters are classified as superyachts. Anything that’s 50+ meters long is a mega yacht. Anything larger than a mega yacht is generally referred to as a ship and generally describes a working vessel as opposed to something recreational.

So, as you can see, you don’t necessarily have to be swimming in a ton of money to become a yacht owner. The only difference will be in the size of the craft you get. Clear enough?

Without further ado, here are the 15 best yachts, as well as a few useful tips on how to choose the best one.

Top on our list of best yachts is the Carver 52 Command Bridge. Its unique design, spacious salon, expansive foredeck seating area, and well-thought-out amenities make this one the best yachts bar-none.

It comes with a master head, a spacious stall shower, and a full-beam master stateroom that even has its own private entrance. It doesn’t get any better than that.

 Carver  →

● Designed for long-range cruising ● Ample living space ● Comes with loads of convenience amenities

● Not ideal for use in icy waters

The Hatteras M75 Panacera yacht is the perfect embodiment of superior craftsmanship and timeless elegance. One look at it, and you can tell that it was built with impeccable attention to detail.

Everything from the galley layout and the open-concept deckhouse salon to the 360-degree panoramic windows and state-of-the-art amenities adds a completely new dimension to luxury yachting.

 Hatteras  →

● Ample space ● Exquisite interiors and exteriors ● Fully-customizable

● High maintenance

Yachts don’t exactly come cheap. So, the term “budget” yacht might be a bit of a stretch when referring to the price. Nonetheless, if you’re shopping for a watercraft that delivers excellent value for money, the Sabre 58 Salon Express is a great option to consider.

It has an open yacht design that seamlessly merges the interior with the exterior and has large windows that flood the interior spaces with lots of natural light. The Sabre also has three en-suite cabins, abundant storage, and several other great features that make it stand out from other boats in its class.

 Sabre Yachts  →

● Great value for money ● Spacious interior ● Ample storage

● Not ideal for use in the high seas

Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe

Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe

The Tiara Yachts 53 Coupe is the perfect family watercraft. It is designed for indoor and outdoor living. The bridge deck space and salon offer breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the ocean. It also has comfortable living quarters below deck that are guaranteed to give the entire family an exceptional cruising experience.

 Tiara  →

● Great for making memories ● Comfortable living quarters ● Offers panoramic views all round

● High maintenance costs

60 Cantius

The 60 Cantius from Cruiser was built for long-distance passages. It has spacious living quarters both above and below deck, as well as lots of comfort and convenience amenities that allow you to spend extended periods out on the water.

You’ll particularly enjoy the retractable sunroof that allows you to bask in the sun while enjoying breathtaking panoramic ocean views as you cruise along.

 Cruisers Yachts  →

● Ideal for long-distance passages ● Beautiful, elegant design ● Spacious living areas above and below deck

● Pricier than other boats in its class

93 Motor Yacht

93 Motor Yacht

If you’re looking for a watercraft that can go the distance, it doesn’t get any better than the 93 Motor Yacht from Viking Yachts. First impressions: It is gorgeous.

Its beauty isn’t skin-deep either. The 93MY was built to navigate the rough, choppy waters of the high seas, making it the perfect vessel for anyone who wants to go on an ocean-crossing adventure of a lifetime.

 Viking Yachts  →

● Stunning exterior and interior design ● Built to navigate rough water conditions ● It is pretty massive

● Requires a small crew to operate it

Jeanneau NC 37

Jeanneau NC 37

The Jeanneau NC 37 is an excellent beginner boat. Its fluid layout and ergonomic design make movement in this yacht a breeze. It comes with large panoramic windows with an open sunroof that bathe the living space in lots of natural light.

There’s an owner’s cabin, as well as a guest cabin that both offer ample standing headroom. Its well-proportioned interior alongside the multitude of comfort and convenience amenities it comes with makes it one of the best beginner yachts in the market today.

 Jeanneau  →

● Ample living space and storage ● Great value for money ● Open ergonomic layout

● Not ideal for ocean crossing

Regal 36 XO

Regal 36 XO

If you’re looking for a yacht that combines both comfort and functionality, the Regal 36 XO delivers on both fronts. This beauty is powered by two outboard engines and offers multi-bow seating that also doubles up as casting decks.

It has a spacious cabin, open-air salon, seamless galley that integrates the aft seating area with the roomy saloon, and a windshield walk-through that provides easy access to the bow.

 Regal  →

● Versatile ● Spacious interiors and exteriors ● Fully-customizable

Back Cove 390

Back Cove 390

If you thought yachts were reserved for ocean-use only, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are several models specially designed for lakes. The Back Cove 390 yacht is the perfect example.

Its smaller size makes it ideal for lake cruising. It has a fully-enclosed helm, as well as an owner and guest cabin below-deck, making it perfect for overnight stay.

 Back Cove Yachts  →

● Perfect size for lakes ● Ideal for entertaining ● Delivers optimal handling and maneuverability

● May not be ideal for a long extended stay

Formula 45 Yacht

Formula 45 Yacht

The Formula 45 Yacht is the perfect liveaboard watercraft. It has all the comfort and convenience amenities you would expect to find in any standard land-based home. It is spacious with a well-thought-out practical layout that makes movement on the yacht easy. It has enough room to comfortably accommodate a small family of four.

 Formula  →

● Best yacht for the money ● Spacious interior ● Comes with lots of convenience amenities

Ocean Alexander 36L

Ocean Alexander 36L

If you’re thinking of venturing out into the rough seas, you’re going to need a yacht that can hold its own in the sloppiest of weather conditions. The Ocean Alexander 36L is built to do just that.

Beyond its stunning exterior and interiors, this yacht’s overall rugged construction is focused on giving passengers the smoothest ride possible regardless of the water conditions outside. Its deep V-hull design and its 324,500 lbs. displacement capacity are largely responsible for the exceptional stability it displays when cruising through the high seas.

 Ocean Alexander  →

● Exceptionally stable ● Packed with loads of comfort and convenience amenities ● Expansive interior and exterior

● Needs a crew to run it

Westport 112 Motor Yacht

Westport 112 Motor Yacht

As far as luxury yachts go, the Westport 112 Motor Yacht is in a class of its own. This 111 ft. 8 in. long watercraft is built to deliver extraordinary performance inside and out.

It has four en-suite staterooms that sleep eight individuals and can accommodate up to five crew members, including the captain. The interior oozes luxury, sophistication, and a timeless elegance that’s hard to come by these days.

 Westport Yachts  →

● Spacious indoor and outdoor living areas ● Exquisite interiors ● Suitable for cruising the high seas

● Expensive

Beneteau Oceanis 60

Beneteau Oceanis 60

The Beneteau Oceanis 60 is by far the best sailing yacht we’ve come across. It is built on a hull that guarantees safety and unmatched performance at every turn.

This luxury sailing yacht has a unique deck plan that allows for single-handed maneuvering across the water. The glossy woodwork, cozy upholstery, and the spacious living quarters below-deck make it the perfect sailing yacht for your ocean getaway.

 Beneteau  →

● Exceptional fuel economy ● Spacious living areas ● Ideal for single-handed sailing

● May not be as fast as other non-sailboat yachts

Antares 9

Having a crew is great and all, but it’s also nice to have a yacht that you can operate on your own for that measure of added privacy when you need it. The Antares 9 is the perfect owner operator yacht.

It is modern, stylish, and compact, allowing you to run it on your own and discreetly slip away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life anytime you need to.

● Elegant design ● Can be operated solo ● Comfortable and safe navigation

● Not ideal for the rough, choppy waters of the high seas

Prestige 690

Prestige 690

Let’s get to what yachts are best known for – hosting memorable parties. The Prestige 690 has everything you need to keep the party going all day and all night.

Its open design layout and its expansive deck make it the perfect yacht for entertaining. The elegant, timeless design of its exterior, alongside the breathtaking finishing, are just a few of the 690’s attributes that add to its appeal.

 Prestige  →

● Massive open deck ● Comes with lots of comfort and convenience features ● Sleeps up to 10 people

How to Choose the Best Yachts – Buyer’s Guide

A yacht is a pretty big purchase. So, you need to know what to look for when choosing the right one for your needs. Here are a couple of pointers that might come in handy.

Type of Yacht

The type of yacht you buy depends in large part on your intended use for it. Most yachts tend to fall into one of three categories – For water sports like wakeboarding , fishing motor yachts, or the overnight cruising variety. Once you know what kind of recreational activities you plan on engaging in, that should help narrow down your choices.

Next, you need to consider what size of yacht you should get. Do you have a young family that you intend to expand in the coming years? Do you plan to use the vessel for day cruising, or do you intend to spend a couple of nights on board from time to time?

Will the yacht be just for you and your significant other, or do you plan to frequently entertain several guests on board? This will advise whether you should buy a cabin cruiser yacht, a superyacht, or a mega yacht.

In a perfect world, you would have all the money you need to buy any kind of watercraft you want. Sadly, that’s not the reality we live in. Keep in mind that yachts don’t exactly come cheap. So, even if you’re planning to purchase a small yacht, you’ll still need to spend quite a bit of cash to get it.

The best thing to do would be to set a budget and compare the different models on offer from different manufacturers . Aside from the boat’s purchase price, you also need to think about the costs associated with owning a yacht. These include insurance, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and the vessel’s general servicing.

Figure out what kind of comfort and convenience features are a must-have for you. How many cabins should it have? Do you need it to have a summer grill up top? Or will the one in the mini kitchen below-deck suffice? Ensure that the yacht you get has all the amenities you need.

Last but not least, before you sign any purchase contract, ensure that you schedule a sea trial with the dealer. That way, you get a true feel for the boat before you buy it.

Look Before You Leap

If you’re in the market for a shiny new yacht, any of the 15 vessels we’ve detailed in this guide will make an excellent choice. Do your homework beforehand, and make sure your desired craft has all the features and amenities you seek.

Use the tips we’ve outlined in this guide to help you choose the best yachts from all the different options that are hot on the market right now. Happy yachting!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for the best aluminum fishing boat , we’ve got you covered. Check out our review for our top picks.

' src=

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Outdoors, I’m in my element, especially in the water. I know the importance of being geared up for anything. I do the deep digital dive, researching gear, boats and knowhow and love keeping my readership at the helm of their passions.

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best motor yacht to travel around the world

17 Best Catamarans for Sailing Around the World

best motor yacht to travel around the world

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

Catamarans are quickly outstripping single-hull boats for long-distance journeys. They are more stable and comfortable , and some can travel more than 200 miles in a day. In today’s article, I have put together a complete (well almost) list of some of the best catamarans for circumnavigating the planet; the question is, which one is best for you?

The best catamarans for sailing around the world include: 

  • The Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58

These cats focus on speed, safety, and comfort for longer journeys. 

This article will show you the seventeen best catamarans for long journeys, and why they’re the best. You’ll also learn some great tips on what to look for in a Catamaran and how to save money by buying a used catamaran. Let this list be a jumping-off point for your future research!

Pro-tip; here are the actual costs of maintaining a cat and here are considerations on how to circumnavigate .

Table of Contents

The Best Catamarans for Sailing Around the World 

A catamaran is a double-hulled boat with a deck or cabin area in between (bluewater cat definition in this article ). The double hull design means that the boat rocks less, sits higher on the water, uses less fuel to sail, and can be sailed in shallower waters than a single-hulled boat without worrying about grounding. 

Catamarans come in a variety of sizes and can be sail-powered or motor-powered and range from single-person sailing boats to family-sized yachts. Every catamaran design is different, and the twin-hull shape offers many ways to customize the layout of a ship. 

Each boat on this list is a larger catamaran (+40ft, more on size here ), so if you’re going to sail around the world, you want lots of space for provisions and rest.

Of course, there are tons of technical specs for each of these boats, but I’m going to focus on the overall features of each of these catamarans, what makes them stand out, and why they would each be an excellent choice for a transatlantic journey. 

Antares 44i 

The Antares 44i is an excellent option for sailing around the world and was explicitly designed for long-distance cruising. It performs well in any weather conditions, can be sailed easily by two people, and you’ll be able to sail long distances and live in comfort. 

Although it can be easily sailed by a crew of two I believe that a true bluewater cat should be set up for single-handed sailing, more on that in another article .

This catamaran features a stateroom on each hull and a forward cabin with plenty of storage space. The living and entertainment features include a flatscreen tv and a high-end deck speaker system. 

With this model, Antares dedicates itself to high-quality boats with optimal rigging and engine configurations. 

Atlantic 42

Atlantic is no longer building this catamaran, but there are usually a few pre-owned boats on the market. You can also get it made custom if you love the design, but be prepared to spend more money on a custom boat (custom boat also gets custom problems ;)). 

The Atlantic 42 is slightly smaller than some of the other catamarans on this list but is a seaworthy vessel. 42 ft is what most sailors I interview ( in this article ) said was the smallest cat to safely cross big oceans. It is also a decent size to counter the risk of capsizing (more on that here ).

It has a forward cockpit and pilothouse, which gives the owner a better use of space and makes the boat easier to navigate. With single-handed capability, one person can sail it easily and let the rest of the crew relax. 

One of the best-praised aspects of the Atlantic 42 is its galley, more extensive than most 42-footers (12.8-meter) can offer. 

One of the few 50 footers (15.24 meters) that can be sailed by just one person (many would of course disagree on this).

The Catana 50 is a catamaran worthy of an overseas journey. Its size adds to its stability on the open waters and its ability to sail straight through the choppy ocean and windy conditions. 

The Catana is also incredibly spacious on the inside, with substantial cabins and showers. The biggest downside to the Catana 50 is its price, as it’s much more expensive than most of its competitors. 

Catana also holds up well against some of the fastest cruising cats out there, here’s a list of the fastest cruisers if you are interested in that.

However, if you can find a gently-used Catana 50, you can rest assured that this boat will last! 

The Dolphin 42 is unique because of the use of daggerboards instead of fixed keels. This upgrade means that the boat has some pretty decent upwind performance while at the same time being faster downwind.

Centerboards and daggerboards offer some interesting downsides compared to mini keels. This is an interesting discussion and I suggest you read another one of my articles if you want to deepen your knowledge a little.

These catamarans are some of the lightest on the market. Not many Dolphins were made, so they are relatively hard to find. However, if you want a small, lightweight boat capable of going great distances, the Dolphin 42 is an excellent choice. 

Fountaine Pajot Belize 43

The Fountaine Pajot Belize is another well-built cruising yacht. Its core is made of foam instead of balsa, which reduces the risk of structural damage due to a rotten core in case of water intrusion. 

The design of Belize offers many options for customizability, with large open spaces and a combined saloon, navigation, and dinette area. 

There are two styles of Belize catamarans for sleeping quarters. You can either purchase a boat with an entire primary suite on one hull or one with two cabins in each hull. The first option is great if you are sailing the world alone and not expecting many guests, as it increases the storage capacity. 

Understanding what factors to consider when getting a cat can be hard, there are just so many of them (such as the daggerboard discussion above), I have tried to compile some of the most important in this article .

The boat also has wraparound windows to increase the sense of space in the galley. 

Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40

Fountaine Pajot is one of the best sailboat manufacturers existing today, as their boats are well made and highly versatile. The Lucia 40 is no exception – it’s a smaller boat but has a lot of room for moving around and on-board living. 

The living area is remarkably spacious on this catamaran for its size. 

The galley and lounge easily accommodate 6+people. The Lucia 40 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sailing either, as the narrow hulls slice through choppy waters with ease. 

Most catamarans today are built to withstand rough weather but that doesn’t matter as much if the crew isn’t up for the task, I firmly believe that the most important thing a boat should consist of, is knowledge. Therefore taking online courses ( two free here ) or reading books ( my favorites here ) is imperative.

Gemini 105M

Gemini’s boats have been on the market for years and are solidly built for cruising. This boat is one of the most popular ever made, I personally would consider something different for offshore cruising, but since it has such a good reputation, I felt I had to add it to the list.

If you want to understand why I am hesitant to take this boat around the world, I recommend you read my article: What are trampolines on a catamaran?

The Gunboat 62 is a great catamaran and set the standards for the rest of the impressive Gunboat lineup. It’s sleek and spacious while being robust and capable of transatlantic journeys. You can easily travel the world in a Gunboat 62 with several people and not feel cramped. 

The yacht was made for speed and power and remains one of the fastest catamarans on the market, even rivaling the newer Gunboat models.  GABO

Although the earlier models of the Gunboat 62 weren’t designed for a lot of cargo, you can still find space for everything you need without compromise. 

Lagoon catamarans are known for their reliability and ease of use. If you are considering a catamaran for the first time and are unsure about the technicalities of sailing, a Lagoon boat is a great option. 

The Lagoon 380 is probably the smallest cruiser on this list, which makes it better suited for solo or couple sailing.  

When I go looking to buy something, whether it be a boat, campervan, or whatever, I create a checklist and classify all the things I want either by NEED or NICE to have.

I believe the Lagoon 380 to be sub-optimal for my NEEDS, even though it does check a lot of NICE boxes, there’s a step-by-step article on the NEED and NICE method here .

There are several cabin options available on the Lagoon 380, but if you’re sailing by yourself, you can settle for three cabins and a larger galley and living space. With a smaller cockpit and broader side decks, the Lagoon 380 packs a lot of practicality and ease of sailing into a more compact catamaran. 

If you like the idea of a Lagoon boat but want a little more space, the Lagoon 42 is the upgraded version of the Lagoon 380. With all of the same benefits, it comes with more space for cabins or storage, making it one of the best-selling Lagoons of all time. 

The Lagoon 42 is also a faster cruiser built for strength. While it’s not the fastest on the market, it works well in choppy waters and windy conditions, making it great for the beginning sailor to go on a more extended trip. 

Many people have completed an around-the-world sail with this ship.

Although there is a flybridge version, I would recommend the “open” version due to several factors, some including increased windage and a higher boom. More on flybridges pros and cons here .

For stability, safety, and durability, you can’t beat the Lagoon 42. 

The Leopard 45 performs better with less storage weight because of the relatively low bridge deck clearance. If the boat is fully loaded, you could experience some wave pounding. However, the cockpit is open and airy, with devices that block the sun and provide maximum comfort while sailing. 

The Leopard 45 is an incredibly beautiful boat,   and has a strong reputation for excellent build quality!

Leopard catamarans are one of my personal favorites, as such I have written an entire article about the brand, so if you want to understand its pros and cons then here is the link . Gabo

Designed in South Africa, it features a high rear arch for extra support and very smoothly connected decks. The galley is large and open, and most Leopards offer a four-cabin plan. If you are traveling with another person, this boat is an excellent option for you! 

The Manta 42 is another classic catamaran that you can buy used (at a decent price), as it is an incredibly seaworthy vessel. While still in production, the Manta was one of the most popular catamarans on the market. 

It is still in high demand amongst circumnavigators. Buying a used Manta 42 usually means that you inherit some of the previous owner’s boat upgrades! 

The Manta 42 also made it to my list of the 9 safest catamarans on the market ( link ).

This blue water cat can be sailed by one or two people, making it ideal for liveaboard couples or long-distance shorthanded sailing. The galley is in the saloon ( instead of in one of the hulls ), making the cabins below more spacious and better equipped. 

Overall, the Manta is well equipped for sailing around the world. 

Nautitech 44

Nautitech is an excellent brand of the catamaran, with several different designs per boat. The Nautitech 44 has a unique feature, you can have it with two options for steering: twin wheels or a single wheel.

The Nautitech 44 also features a cockpit on the same level as the saloon. The door between the two is more convenient than a hatch and dramatically reduces the risk of water damage during rain pour. 

This is also the same boat that aeroyacht president Gregor owns, he has offered some great insights into Nautitech in the book Catamarans (amazon link )

Outremer 45

Outremer is famous for being one of the fastest brands of catamarans on the market. If you need speed, the Outremer 45 might be the perfect choice for you. It has a top speed of 16 knots, which is higher than almost every other catamaran of its class. 

While the Outremer 45 is known for speed, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of living. 

You can settle into life on this boat with complete peace of mind. Even as a beginning sailor, the steering is simple and easy to use, and the autopilot is top of the line, so you’ll be able to sail across the ocean in an Outremer without issue. 

Privilege Serie 5

A French-designed catamaran, the Privilege Serie 5 is one of the most comfortable 50-foot (15 m) yachts available. The unique cabin layout includes the master cabin in the boat’s center instead of in one of the hulls. 

The Privilege Serie 5 is also incredibly easy to sail, despite its larger size. 

The sails and controls lead to the helm, where the raised deck makes it easy to see all around the deck. If you want to cross the ocean with a full crew then the Privilege Serie 5 might be perfect for you! 

Seawind 1000

The Seawind 1000 is the smallest boat on this list, measuring 33 feet (10 meters) long altogether. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not livable. If you are sailing on your own or with a partner, there is more than enough space to live in the Seawind 1000, which includes the option of a centered cabin or two hull cabins. 

Because it’s small, the Seawind 1000 is easy to handle. The mast and sails are all manufactured for extra stability and ease of use. 

Overall, the Seawind 1000 is an excellent example of a simple, safe, and seaworthy catamaran. 

Note: since this is a small catamaran it will also be more sensitive to heavy weather so trip-planning becomes even more important.

The Voyage 44 is one of the oldest cats on this list, having had its hay-day in the mid-1990s. However, this also means that a used Voyage 44 will be cheaper than a newer boat. If you can find a Voyage with previous responsible owners, you will inherit any upgrades and fixes that they’ve made on top of a very seaworthy boat. 

The Voyage 44 has more storage and space than most cruisers of its size and is known for behaving very well in choppy waters. 

This catamaran does its job well while providing adequate space for cooking, sleeping, and living aboard. 

What To Look For in a Long-Distance Cruising Catamaran

If you are planning to sail around the world, you need to be very careful about which kind of catamaran you decide to use. Many of the things you want in a boat really comes down to personal preference, so be sure you know what design preferences you want before you start shopping! 

Size and Payload

The most important thing to consider when buying a catamaran is how much space and cargo you need because the larger the boats are, the bigger the payload it can handle. Decide how long you want the ship to be and how much you’re taking with you. 

It’s vital not to overload a catamaran, this will reduce performance and increase risk of unwanted behavior in heavy seas.

Cabin Placement  

Most catamarans have options for a “Maestro” cabin placement, where one entire hull is the master suite, and the other cabins are located on the opposite hull.

Cockpit and Protection From The Weather

Is the cockpit on the boat you’re looking at covered or open? This can make a difference on the high seas, especially during rainy weather. 

The size of the ship also can affect how many people you need as a crew. If you’re traveling by yourself or with one other person, you don’t want to buy a boat that needs a larger crew. 

Buying Used? 

If you don’t want to spend the money on a brand new catamaran, I don’t blame you. Several of the ships on this list are out of production and can only be found used. However, for circumnavigation, you do want a boat of high quality to keep you safe and dry until you make it to your destination.  

When buying a suitably used catamaran, it’s essential to look at the refit history of the boat more than the year it was made. Catamarans are sturdy, and the general design has been the same for at least the past decade. 

If you find a newer, larger, cheaper boat, you should look into its history. 

Your best bet to save money while buying a catamaran will be to buy an older, probably smaller boat with an excellent refit history and no serious issues. It will still be an investment, and a sturdy used catamaran will serve you well. 

Final Thoughts

No matter which catamaran you decide to buy for your journey, you’ll be able to sail safely and comfortably. Catamarans are great yachts for long-distance sailing, and the ships on this list are the best of the best. These brands are time-tested and ready to accompany you on an adventure around the world! 

Here are Some of My Favorite Catamaran Cruising Resources

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful as you hopefully start your sailing adventures. Here are some resources that I use as a sailor that I hope you’ll also find helpful. These are affiliate links, so if you do decide to use any of them, I’ll earn a commission. But in all honesty, these are the exact things that I use and recommend to everyone, even my own family. Sailboats: If you’re looking for the best boat to suit your needs, I would recommend a catamaran. If you’re interested, I can show you the differences between catamarans and other types of sailboats .

Books:  For getting started, I really like  Cruising catamarans made easy . It is actually a textbook from the American sailing association; it is used to get a cruising catamaran certification. There are some other great books, and I have compiled a list of books about cruising catamarans that you will find useful.

Communication:  Being out on adventures, whether it be sailing or climbing mountains, good communications are essential to being safe. I recommend two things Google fi (incredibly simple cellular data all over the world) and Garmin inreach mini (for text and voice in remote areas without cell coverage)

Sailing courses: Online sailing courses are great for beginners starting out their sailing career; it’s an efficient way of learning the basics of navigation, throttle controls, and maritime safety. I suggest starting with two free courses from NauticEd .

To see all my most up-to-date recommendations,  check out this resource  that I made for you!

  • Wikipedia: Catamaran
  • Cruising World: A-Z Best Cruising Catamarans 
  • Dreamy Yacht Sales: Four Best Catamarans for New Buyers
  • Atlantic Cruising: Good Cat/Bad Cat
  • Yachting World: Catamaran Sailing Across the Atlantic
  • Boat Affair: What is a Catamaran? 
  • Nautilus Sailing: Catamaran Sailing

Owner of A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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Best boats to sail around the world

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Best boats to sail around the world

Sailing around the world is regarded as one of the safest ways to travel, according to recent statistics. The only way for it to become a little bit worrisome is if you are not careful. That said, having a good boat to sail worldwide will also increase your chance of being safer and enjoying your trip better.

Therefore, sailing around the world boats do possess some optimal characteristics and features that make them better suited for such long voyages. These features would be durable hulls, lightweight structures, cutting edge technology as well as large volume and length to ensure comfort. Some of the most popular world cruising boat brands include:

  • Hallberg-Rassy

The World Cruising Club has been featuring boats and comparing them throughout their rallies. Based on their choices, here is a list of the 8 most popular cruising boats to sail around the world:

  • The Hylas 54 is commonly seen in the Caribbean. This is one of the most popular world cruisers due to its strong hull and ergonomic deck layout. In addition, it includes a raised saloon, a wide interior, and elegant finishes. Hylas 54 achieves a good balance between a chic design and good engineering.
  • Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS is an interesting and eye-catching boat. It was introduced to the marine world in 2003 and has been a sight for sore eyes ever since. This is a powerful and strong structure including a deep-draft keel and an in-mast furling mainsail. ts exterior seems quite futuristic and cannot go unnoticed.
  • The Amel Super Maramu is a boat intended to be sailed by a couple. It features electric furling gears and high-tech sail handling systems. There are only 500 of this model made.
  • Oyster 56 is a very popular boat for Britain. It is quite interesting as this boat is so small it can be  operated by just two people, but it is durable and strong enough to cross oceans. In addition, despite its size, it is regarded as a very comfortable vessel. Most importantly, the Oyster 56 is quite fast and has won several rallies and done very well in regattas.
  • The Hallberg-Rassy 42 is a Swedish boat designed by German naval architects. It features tough center-cockpits, an ingenious interior layout, great materials, impeccable building quality, and last but not least, luxurious finishes.
  • Bavaria 42 is a mass-production boat that can easily be compared to luxurious yachts when it comes to crossing oceans. This is an affordable boat with a long waterline length and a couple of sleeping cabins. What distinguishes it from the rest is its straightforward interior and its high quality.
  • The Amel 54 was introduced to the naval world in 2006. It is an utterly comfortable boat featuring a contemporary design, durable materials, and luxurious amenities.
  • Beneteau 57 is an ingenious masterpiece that features a very fast hull with an interesting and attractive shape. The finishes inside the boat scream luxury, while the center-cockpit is quite flexible and practical.

The most common routes for the best boats to sail around the world include the Canary Islands to St Lucia, Virginia to Tortola, and Tortola to Portugal. You can catch a glimpse of these boats in those routes as part of the WCC rallies. Explore more boats and other interesting facts in TheBoatAPP blog.

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How Big Of A Boat Do You Need To Sail Around The World?

sailing around the world

This is a popular question in boating circles, especially for new sailors dreaming of heading over the horizon. Lacking experience, it is difficult to know fact from fiction when walking the docks.

The truth to this simple question is a lot less intimidating than one might expect. Small boats routinely go sailing offshore. Beyond stunts to grab the title of smallest ever, a lot of legitimate sailors have enjoyed cruising on small boats. (There is an interesting book for those wanting to know more about the smallest ocean crossing sailboats : A Speck on the Sea , by William Longyard.)

I knew an architect in Seattle who told me when she was younger, she and her boyfriend decided to sail his Piver 25 trimaran to Bermuda from Charleston. They had limited resources, and with minimal accommodations and storage, they intended to exist on bags of popcorn. Unfortunately, the winds were not favorable, they soon ran out of water, so they turned around.

However, Arthur Piver, one of the pioneers of trimaran design, built a 21-foot boat named Nugget that he sailed down the California coast in the late 1950s. That same boat later cruised down to Mexico. Subsequent homemade boats in the early 1960s were sailed across the Atlantic as well as to New Zealand.

So, the question about how big your boat needs to be to sail around the world has more to do with design and construction than just overall length. Indeed, there are many cruising boats that most would find too small, but are strongly built and well made, such as the pocket-sized sailboats from Pacific Seacraft. The 20-foot Flicka is by no means the mainstream image of a bluewater boat, yet many have crossed oceans. The 400+ Flickas out there are rugged, much loved, and bluewater capable.

(Seen below: An example of a 20-foot Flicka sailboat.)

flicka sailboat

The same can be said for the slightly larger Pacific Seacraft 24-foot Dana, designed by Bill Crealock. Only slightly longer than the Flicka, the Dana took small boat sailing to another level, as the increased volume and interior allow a couple to comfortably live aboard while cruising, which include making ocean passages.

The adventures of Tania Aebi , who circumnavigated the world in her Taylor 26 (the Canadian version of the Contessa 26) captured the imagination of many sailors. The Contessa is a small but seaworthy little boat with sitting headroom, similar to the legendary Folkboat. Yet its capability is well established. Her slightly larger sister, the Contessa 32, was the only small boat to finish the stormy 1979 Fastnet Race, where 24 boats were abandoned, and 15 lives were lost.

(Seen below: An overview of Tania Aebi's travels by sailboat.)

I once asked Canadian naval architect, Ted Clemens, what he thought the minimum size boat one should consider for going offshore. He smiled and said that it is difficult to say. He then told me about Ben Carlin, an Australian who was the first (and likely only) person to circumnavigate in an amphibious vehicle. After World War II, Carlin bought a surplus Ford GPA (an 18-foot version of the well-known, Army DUKW) and added a cabin and towable fuel “barge” to increase its suitability for crossing an ocean. He named it Half-Safe. (Interestingly, Rod Stephens Jr of Sparkman & Stephens worked on the design of both the GPA and DUKW.)

Carlin successfully crossed the Atlantic with his wife in 1951. Over the next ten years they continued around the world. At the completion of his world travels, Carlin had driven Half-Safe 11,000 miles across oceans and 37,000 miles across continents. Half-Safe is now on display at the Guildford Grammar School in Perth.

To frame the other side of the same question, I once had an absorbing conversation with Ed Monk, Jr in Ft Lauderdale  . I asked him what he felt was the ideal size boat to sail across oceans with a high degree of confidence. He told me it was a favorite subject he shared with his father, who was fascinated by rogue waves. The Monk father and son duo spent a lot of time researching available data. They finally concluded that a vessel of 83 feet overall was the ideal smallest and safest yacht to survive all things at sea, including rogue waves.

I’ve since concluded that boat size is perhaps a trifle less important than the quality of its design, construction, and outfitting. Even the small yachts I mention from Pacific Seacraft are nice sailing boats and can sail along smartly in general ocean conditions.

But to say these small boats are ideal for sailing and cruising across large bodies of water would be silly, even if one does bring along enough popcorn. A small boat does not have the storage, the tankage, or the living space that is required for successful cruising.

Having said that, YouTube channels are full of young couples sailing and living the dream in boats that are small, old, minimalist, and cheap. Sailing and living aboard a boat that is 50 years old is not something I look forward to. The Allied Seawind, original Valiant 40, and Alberg 30 are all classic boats that have a long history of successful cruising and offshore sailing. Ditto larger popular boats like the Stevens 47, Passports, and Peterson 44. Yet boats of that vintage are in constant need of rebuilding, refit, and fixing things in exotic places.

I bought a new Baba 30 in 1985. It was a super boat and cozy home for a single guy. I just loved being aboard and sailing this small jewel of a yacht. Yet, a couple of years ago a friend sent me pictures of my former boat, now for sale in Aruba. I shudder to think of the work it now represents. The Yanmar 30GM30F must be tired, the fittings, hoses, and every piece of moving gear needs to be changed, and the rigging surely needs to be carefully inspected and most of it replaced.

To bring her back to my standards would be a costly challenge.

( Seen below: A Baba 30 sailboat. )

baba 30 sailboat

So, let’s consider what is involved with buying a used sailboat to go offshore, at least as far as traveling to the islands or Mexico. A boat capable of sailing offshore but not necessarily around the world.

Unless it is new or nearly so, once you buy a boat, you will need to make some upgrades and refit some of the systems. And down the road you will also need to maintain and repair it as necessary. So, when looking at any vintage sailboat, a potential buyer must be alert to the possibility of fiberglass delamination, rot in plywood bulkheads, moisture or blisters in the hull, and leaking hardware and hatches. They are common issues but also why the price may be right.

It might take a year or more to resolve all the issues, and one can spend up tp 100 percent of the purchase price to complete the repairs. Maybe a new engine, sails, mast and rigging, water and fuel tanks, pumps, hoses, fittings, electrical and electronic updating… the list can be long.

And it doesn’t stop there. What is required to get the boat ready and safe for sailing offshore? Consider another 40 to 50 percent of the purchase price for things like a liferaft, heavier ground tackle and windlass, redundant autopilot, wind vane steering, and the necessary spare parts and extras one should have aboard just in case.

And if it is a larger boat, one might want to install air conditioning, upgrade the boat’s refrigeration, perhaps add a bow thruster, a generator, solar panels, and other equipment for comfortable living aboard. Comfort is a good thing, as one can expect to spend 90 percent of the time at anchor, mooring, or dock…not under way. Did I mention a new dinghy and outboard?

For all the above reasons, I am of the school that thinks it is best to buy a new or newer boat, even if it must be in the smaller end of the size range being considered. A five-year old 38-foot sailboat will have far fewer issues than a roomy 45-footer that is 40+ years old for the same general price range. It is just the way it is.

Looking to do more than simply go offshore occasionally? How about crossing an ocean to do the Atlantic Loop between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, or Hawaii from the West Coast?

Most cruising experts agree that a boat between 35 and 45 feet is the most common and works well for couples. The people who run the ARC , the annual event that attracts over 200 boats and 1,200 people to cross the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to St Lucia, keep great records of the fleets from year to year. Couples and families cross the ocean as part of this event and then spend a year or more in the Caribbean and perhaps up to the Bahamas and U.S. before heading back across to the Mediterranean. It is a well-traveled and well documented itinerary and a wonderful experience for all.

( Seen below: An ARC event where dozens of sailboats head for St. Lucia. )

An ARC sailing event

According to the organizers, these days the most popular boats are standard production boats, and the most popular in recent ARCs are Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot sailing catamarans , and Beneteau and Jeanneau monohulls. These and the other European production boats from Hanse Yachts , X-Yachts, Bavaria, Dufour, and Dehler make this trip safely. They are comfortable, easy to sail, and are a good choice without costing a fortune.

An ARC representative said the average water tank size in recent Transatlantic crossings is 500 liters, or 132 gallons. That is fine for general cruising and to do this Atlantic crossing (with a bit of water management), but that would not be the choice for someone planning a three-to-five-year circumnavigation.

Keep in mind that production sailboat builders build boats for the way most of their owners use their boats. And most have no intention of crossing an ocean. So, while these boats may be designed and built for CE certification rating of Class A, the boats are not finished to the level necessary to take on a circumnavigation. And it would be foolhardy for any of these builders to significantly raise the price of their boats to cover the additional and unnecessary effort and expense in hopes of satisfying the desires of only a handful of potential buyers.

Take Beneteau, for example, the largest boat builder in the world. They know their customers very well and how they use their boats. Why would Beneteau intentionally install large fuel tanks when they know the diesel fuel needs of their owners are basically minimal. Most sailors motor in and out of their marina, and maybe motor for a time on vacation when the wind dies. But over the course of a season, they don’t use much diesel fuel. Unused diesel that sits in a large tank over a long time can easily become a major problem, especially if water gets into the tank.

Experienced sailors, on the flip side, know that for long distance cruising, it is a good idea to carry enough fuel to be able to travel under power for 700-1,000nm. That is not a rule, but it is nice to have long legs. It also means one does not have to scrounge around for diesel fuel once they arrive in remote island chains. Owners can wait until they reach a major destination to refuel. Hand pumping diesel fuel out of 55-gallon drums after a long passage into five-gallon Jerry cans to ferry out in the dinghy is not much fun.

The same can be said for water tanks. Even with 80 gallons of water on a boat, if it is not used and turned over, it can develop a nasty taste and smell. Seasonal sailors use water on weekends and on their summer vacations, but it is usually readily replenished when they are cruising. The idea of carrying around a large supply of water is ridiculous to most recreational sailors. Yet it is important to world cruisers.

That is why the boats that participate in the ARC but then continue around the world are built to a different mission statement. They are generally beefier in construction, use heavier and more robust fittings, systems, and hardware, have bigger tanks, and are better equipped for long distance sailing. These boats will be the Oyster, Hallberg-Rassy, Najad, Swan, Malo, Garcia, Amel, and Garcia, to name a few. They are the choice for a circumnavigation.

Having larger fuel and water tanks requires more volume in a boat, which means a bigger boat. On one hand, we might choose a larger boat because it is faster and can cover more miles per day while providing more comfortable living accommodations at anchor. But it will also carry more water and fuel, as well as other storage for provisions, and room for spares. A bigger boat wins in all aspects except cost and perhaps ease of handling.

On the issue of ease of handling, I’ve been particularly interested in the boat choices for older sailors who want to go offshore, but who are not as agile, flexible, or as immortal as someone in their 30s or 40s. For the cruising senior, it is probably best to think smaller, perhaps around 35 feet or so. This will make sailing easier without needing complex gear to run the boat. In my experience it is easier to sail a big boat than a small one, but only with a healthy and athletic crew. Beyond a certain age, I think it reverses itself. A big boat has momentum and is comfortable in a seaway, but a smaller boat is more easily handled (and less stressful) for aging sailors who just don’t have the strength and flexibility they once enjoyed.

( Seen below: The Hanse 348 has a self-tacking jib system so all lines go to the helm for easily sailing. )

Hanse 348

I am a member of the Ocean Cruising Club , a UK-based organization of cruising sailors who embody the world cruising community. Its international membership can be found in every corner of the world, including the northern and southern latitudes, experiencing the life many of us dream of. Whenever I am in the company of OCC members, whether manning their booth at a boat show, or at one of their cruising events, I enjoy hearing their stories and conversations between members, such as the best place to buy fuel in Panama, going ashore at St Helena Island, navigating ice fields in Greenland, or which part of New Zealand they enjoyed the most. It is also nice to hear how much they enjoy cruising the Chesapeake Bay.

The annual OCC Members’ Handbook lists the current member roster and what boat they own. I found it interesting while thinking about this article because these people are out there cruising the world and most of the members I’ve met already circumnavigated, or nearly so. So, perusing the handbook about the size and brand of their sailboat, seemed to fit the dialogue perfectly. Very few are production boats.

Randomly opening the handbook to boat names listed alphabetically under “M,” I see Tayana 48, Mason 44, Malo 39, Vancouver 27, Moody 346, Fisher 37, Bristol Channel Cutter 53, Valiant 42, Baltic 48, Bowman 40, Amel Maramu 48, Hylas 49, Sundeer 56, Lagoon 421, Leopard 47, Sceptre 41, Saga 43, Tartan 40, Oyster 55, Hanse 371, Rustler 36, Outremer 45, Catana 42S, Alden 44, and others. These are mostly in the range of boats we are talking about, although given the experience of some of these members, some have gradually stepped in size for a more comfortable home afloat.

Several experienced experts feel that one should look for a boat with a displacement/length ratio under 360, which is a moderate displacement relative to a boat’s waterline length. It is a nice compromise between the ability to carry weight, have a comfortable motion, and sail fast. Heavier boats are slow and harder to maneuver, while boats with numbers under 200 will be limited in what they can carry and won’t be as comfortable when the weather goes south. There are websites that list D/L ratios for most boats out there, and it is just one tool to develop an understanding of how a boat will be out in the ocean.

It is quite possible to enjoy the offshore experience on any size sailboat, but just not on one where the deck flexes under foot, or the size of fittings in the rigging are best suited for lake sailing. With some experience, it becomes easy to pick out the real deal among the less competent boats built to a price point. As a fan of small boat sailing, I am always intrigued by a designer’s ability to fit it all into a smaller package yet robust enough to take on the sea.

Even so, I also understand why so many seasoned cruisers today want a big boat with the ability to make 200 miles a day, which makes for fast passages and being able to sail away from weather systems. That is a valid point as well.

When you decide you are up to the challenge, go out and look at as many boats as you can, and connect with an experienced broker who understands all these factors. And, unless you are intent on making a living publishing your cruising adventures on your YouTube channel, focus on the fun of it.

Making landfall is exciting no matter what size boat you sail. Just hope the rogue waves are elsewhere.

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10 Best Sailboats for Solo Sailing (One Person)

10 Best Sailboats for Solo Sailing | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

December 27, 2023

The idea of single-handed sailing or solo sailing appeals to racers and cruisers alike. But what are the best sailboats for solo sailing? Well, let's find out.

Whether you've been thinking of going for a day's sail without assistance or dreaming of a solo passage to Bermuda, the desire and the magic of venturing out alone at the sea is something that any sailor can experience. It doesn't matter if you're cruising or racing, solo sailing, of course, requires you to change your thinking as you'll be solely responsible for the entire operation of the boat. More importantly, choosing a well-founded boat is critical to solo sailing.

When sailing with a crew, things may seem a little easy because you share the responsibilities among the crew and support each other in case of anything. But what happens when you decide to venture out alone or sail single-handedly? Whatever motivates you to go out sailing solo, you should choose a good boat that you can perfectly operate single-handedly.

In this article, we'll highlight 10 best sailboats for solo sailing, their prices, their best rigs, and everything else that you might need to sail them comfortably and safely.

Table of contents

General Features of Best Sailboats for Solo Sailing

Here are the general features to look for when choosing the best sailboat for solo sailing.

The Availability of Automation Systems

The forces that you sometimes have to deal with when out sailing can be extreme, to say the least. It doesn't matter whether you're sailing solo or with a crew, it's always very important not to underestimate the power of the wind and tide. While you can do a lot on your own, having some automation systems in place is an important feature if you're planning to sail single-handedly. In other words, a good sailboat for solo sailing should have various automation systems to make your work a lot simpler.

So if you're planning to go solo sailing, it would be great to consider a boat with the following systems:

  • ‍ Autopilot for steering
  • Lines running aft (running to the cockpit)
  • Roller furling
  • Electric windlass
  • Hydraulic bow/stern thrusters with remote

Stability and Ease of Use

Again, the best sailboats for solo sailing are generally not known for their speeds. This is because they typically have wide beams and short waterlines, which are vital in providing stability thereby limiting their speeds. In short, the best sailboats for solo sailing usually sacrifice speed and additional performance for ease of use and stability.

Boat Features

When it comes to the structure of the boat itself, it's important to go for a boat that is close to the water, relatively small when compared to the wave height, and has lighter ballast, especially when compared to the displacement ratio. The idea here is that these features can combine to increase the boat's performance when you're sailing solo.

Additionally, a good solo sailing boat should be designed with a flat profiled aft bottom section. This is to ensure that the boat can come up on a plane when the wind conditions are breezy or marginal.

When it comes to the best sails for solo sailing, you can go for the unique sail design that combines both a Bermuda sail and a gaff sail. This can be essential in giving you a more sail area on a shorter mast than is possible when using either a gaff sail or a Bermuda sail. More importantly, the combination of a gaff sail and a Bermuda sail not only gives you a greater sail area on a shorter and easy to control mast but can also reduce the heeling force that's common in boats with taller and narrower sails.

Still on sails, it makes a lot of sense to choose easily operated sail controls. You certainly want a sail that one person can tuck a reef in quickly and be able to easily adjust the sheets. You should, therefore, prioritize the reefing and sail handling systems.

In terms of rigs, the gaff rig is arguably the best when solo sailing. Although the Bermuda rig is the most common, especially in modern sailboats, you can lose some windward abilities because of its lower aspects. As such, you can choose to use the gaff rig thanks to its ease of use and superior downwind performance.

10 Best Sailboats for Solo Sailing

There are numerous sailboats out there that can be easily and properly handled by a skilled and experienced sailor. To make it a lot easier for you, the following boats are great choices when solo sailing. Whether you're just looking to experience how it feels to solo sail or short-handed, they all offer easy, comfortable, and safe sailing.

Jeanneau Sunfast 3200


From the outset, it's easy to see that the Jeanneau Sunfast 3200 is designed with offshore short-handed sailing in mind. In addition to being a purist's sailing boat, this boat is a small and light boat that can be easily handled. Even better, it has the stability and strength to handle long passages and that's exactly why it was initially designed with the Trans-Atlantic race in mind.

With this boat, you can easily attain double figures in terms of speed even if you're sailing downwind. In essence, the Sunfast 3200 is designed with some of the latest technology to afford you the best strength-to-weight ratios. It has all the necessary features to allow you to easily adapt it to perform perfectly either as a cruising or racing sailboat. Some of its greatest features include the two double cabins, the chart table, a galley, and a head compartment.

This boat is particularly impressive when sailing off the wind and it's designed to ensure that it's functional and reliable even when solo sailing. This is perhaps because it's designed and set up for racing, so it can be great for you especially if you're looking for a coastal cruiser that can be easily handled.

Using the sloop Marconi can be the best way to go given that this vessel has a keel-stepped mast. Its maximum beam begins at 60% aft of the stem before extending to the transom, which can result in the sled hull being driven by a mainsail-heavy rig. This can then fly the masthead asymmetrical off a short sprit.

Given that the Jeanneau Sunfast 3200 is a very modern boat that's equipped with some of the latest boating technology; it comes with a base price of about $160,000. This is a vessel that's built by one of the world's premier builders and offers an intriguing blend of technology, reliability, functionality, practicality, and performance.

Having been the European Yacht of the Year for 2008, the Sunfast 3200 may just be the godsend boat for your solo sailing dreams.


If you're looking for a slippery cruiser-racer that's always ready to sail single-handedly, you might perhaps want to take a serious look at the Hanse 371. Introduced in 2003, the Hanse 371 is a mid-sized boat that was designed in a true blend of old and new boating technology. Thanks to its furling and self- tacking jib, the Hanse 371 becomes an instant single-handed sailing vessel that takes much of the strain out of your solo sailing adventures. That's not all; this boat is more popular as a result of its autopilot system. Press a few buttons and you'll be ready to go.

Although it's a little bigger and not one of the smallest boats out there, it can be a great option if you're planning to sail solo but on a vessel that offers a tremendous amount of space. Whether you love a boat with a shallow or deep center of gravity, the Hanse 371 has a commendable large galley and a spacious cabin layout.

Everything about rigging this boat is designed to be easy. Again, the jib on a roller furler is self-tacking. In essence, everything is standard and easy to use, which makes this boat a dream when sailing single-handed.

Already a classic that's known for its stylish interior, timeless look, and ultimate performance, the Hanse 371 is a coveted vessel that may cost you around $60,000.

Hunter Channel 31


Launched in 2001, the Hunter Channel 31 is structured with a hull and keel design that makes it easy to sail single-handed. This is a British-made vessel that has steadily moved from the racing scene to become a well-respected cruiser, especially among the solo sailing community. Thanks to its faultless handling and impressive turn of speed, the Hunter Channel 31 provides near uncomplicated sailing without losing its impeccable handling features.

Its well-balanced hull shape can either be structured with a low or deep center of gravity. It also has an efficient twin keel to give it more stability, which is perfect for solo sailing. This is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons why Hunter Channel 31 has proved popular among solo sailors trying to sail across narrow channels.

The Hunter Channel 31 is also designed with a great standard deck layout, as well as a non-compulsory self-tacking jib that comes with a single line mainsail reefing. That's not all; the tiller steering is also efficient if you're sailing single-handed as you can steer it with your legs while trimming sails.

It should, therefore, not come as a surprise that owners of the Hunter Channel 31 keep them for a long time, so finding them on the market will be a long shot. But if you're lucky enough to find one, you'll be getting a great vessel that will never let you down if you want to sail solo.

Like many Hunter designs, the Hunter 31 can be fractionally rigged given that it has a relatively large mainsail to give it a more sail area in light winds and a small headsail with a lower sheet load. In other words, you can efficiently and easily reef from the cockpit.

At about $35,000, the Hunter Channel 31 is quite affordable and is a great bargain in its category.


The J/109 is unquestionably one of the best single-handed or double-handed sailboats that money can buy. Whether you're looking for a coastal cruiser or a long-distance single-handed vessel, the J/109 will rarely disappoint. That's essentially why its single-handed offshore capabilities remain popular with sailors looking to make North Atlantic crossings.

Even though it is widely categorized as a planing sailboat, this vessel is too heavy for simple planing. Instead, this is a superb boat that offers an all-round performance. It doesn't matter whether you're solo sailing or sailing with a crew, its performance is always top-notch.

Thanks to its asymmetric spinnaker, you can easily jib it from the cockpit, especially in light wind. But when the wind is on the north of 20 knots, you can pole out the jib to give you a quick downwind speed. No matter which type of rig you choose to use, the J/109 offers a fair degree of control.

In terms of price, the J/109 is one of the relatively expensive sailboats out there, though this is compensated with the high standard equipment and outstanding quality of construction. For about $58,000, you can get a great boat that offers excellent solo sailing adventures.

West Wight Potter 19


Designed for safety and easy handling, the West Wight Potter 19 is a great sailboat for solo sailing. Although its name might not be one of the catchiest in the sailing scene, it's been around for over three decades and is steadily becoming a popular pocket cruiser. The original design draws inspiration from the U.K. but is currently built by the International Marine in California.

Over the years, this boat has seen several improvements even though its original look and features still attract a large and dedicated group of followers. This is not only a tough little boat but its hard-chine hull offers incredible stability. This makes it a very easy and ultimately forgiving sailboat. Whether you're looking to sail from California to Hawaii or across the Atlantic, the Potter 19 is outstanding for solo sailing.

This is a Bermuda-rigged sloop. Its sail plan is huge enough to propel the sailboat in various conditions. This makes it a perfect single-handed boat as you can easily set it up or take it down with no special equipment.

This is a remarkably affordable boat. At around $5,000 you can get a superb solo sailing sailboat. But if you want a new Potter 19 with additional features, you could pay about $25,000.

Beneteau 31


As a small cruiser keelboat, this French-designed boat is primarily built of fiberglass and is perfect if you want a vessel that's great for solo sailing while still offering maximum space for comfort. Its galley is equipped with superb stowage and counter space and even a sit-down navigation station with a small table.

Maneuvering this boat under power is quite easy and is well worth it for any solo sailor who is in the market for a coastal cruiser.

It has a fractional sloop rig, which makes in-mast furling a great option. This makes it easy to handle but also powerful in light winds. If you're sailing the boat off the wind, bow pulpit and an optional asymmetric cruising chute can keep things lively.

The new 31 can cost around $115,000, which is quite expensive but certainly worth it if you want to cruise the world in this French masterpiece.

Catalina 315


This is a nifty pocket cruiser that raises the quality bar for solo sailors with extreme comfort and performance. With just a 9.45 meter hull, the Catalina 315 has more internal room than most classics and remains superb for solo sailing.

Although it's a much bigger boat, it has little but significant features that make all the difference. For instance, the split backstays are great for balance and functionality. This is one of the main reasons why it won the Cruising World's 2013 Boat of the Year Best Inshore Cruiser award.

With a masthead sloop, rigging the Catalina 315 is a lot easier as it is equipped with both an in-mast roller furling mainsail and a roller furling genoa.

Even though the Catalina 315 will exceed your expectations when sailing solo, it's a high-end sailboat that will cost you north of $175,000. But if that seems expensive, you can look for a used model, which will cost you slightly lower.


A boat that has become a staple in the Olympics Games, the Laser may be simple and small but a real-go to boat if you want a vessel that will rarely let you down for your solo sailing escapades. As one of the world's most popular single-handed sailboats, its main feature is its sheer simplicity. This might not be the best boat for you if you love those fussy, big boats. But if you're looking for an amazing boat with a two-part free-standing mast and a sleeved sail, the Laser should be on top of your list.

The fact that it has a lightweight hull and is easy to rig makes it one of the most popular racing sailboats in the world with over 200,000 boats in over 140 countries. This is undoubtedly a perfect boat that's specifically designed for solo sailing.

This boat can be rigged using various rigs, so you should go with whatever works for you. We, however, prefer cat rigging the boat since it has no headsail and only has one mainsail. This is a boat that is designed for speed, particularly in high winds. It's also easy to set up, which makes it a marvelous option for solo sailing.

For around $7,000, this is probably one of the most affordable solo sailing sailboats you could ever get your hands on. You should, however, keep in mind that its price may widely vary depending on their availability in your area.


A real classically-styled sailboat, the Rhodes 19 is an ideal family daysailer that can be perfect for you if you're a spirited solo sailor. Whether you're planning to sail in heavy weather or fast, the Rhodes 19 is designed with a forgiving hull and is an accomplished heavy-weather performer. For over 5 decades, and with more than 3,500 boats built, this sailboat has proven time and time again that it has the characters for both beginners and experienced sailors.

With a low center of gravity, this boat remains a classic beauty that's very fast, easy to trailer, and will get many compliments whenever you're solo sailing. No wonder it is still actively raced throughout the United States.

A simple sprit rig can work greatly on this boat but you can also consider Bermuda-Rigged sloop, which is efficient in propelling the boat in various wind conditions.

Its price may vary depending on your location but something around $20,000 will get you a sailboat that's still in tip-top condition.


If like most Americans, you have a soft spot for finely engineered German automobiles, the Dehler 29 can be a great option for your solo sailing escapades. Even though the Dehler 29 hasn't attracted a huge following in the American shores, it remains an excellently-structured German sailboat, especially for sailors looking for a stable, agile, adaptable, and comfortable sailboat.

Whether you enjoy a smooth and solo cruise on a breezy afternoon or is energized by speed, the Dehler 29 is one of the most adaptable sailboats. This is certainly why it has received numerous accolades in the boating scene including the 1998 Cruising World Magazine Boat of the Year, as well as Sailing World Boat of the Year award.

Given that it's a single-handed sailboat, you can tiller steer it and cat rig it with ease to give you easy maneuverability, confidence, and absolute versatility.

With powerful dynamics and maximum safety, the Dehler 29 is one of the best German-produced sailboats that will set you back around $55,000.

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best motor yacht to travel around the world

The Best Yacht Destinations Around the World

E mbarking on a yacht journey offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. You can explore some of the world's most beautiful destinations from the comfort of your own vessel. Whether you daydream of a luxury charter while watching Below Deck or are able to make it a reality, here are some of the top yacht destinations, each offering its charm and attractions.

Yachting Destinations

St. barts – the caribbean.

Nestled in the Caribbean, St. Barts, or Saint Barthélemy, is a picturesque island known for its stunning beaches and laid-back luxury. The island's clear turquoise waters and pleasant climate make it a favorite among yacht enthusiasts. With its quaint boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and lively nightlife, Gustavia Harbor is a perfect spot to anchor your yacht. St. Barts is not just about luxury; it's also a place to connect with nature. Explore the marine life with snorkeling or diving, and enjoy the island's natural beauty.

Amalfi Coast – Italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a breathtaking stretch of coastline renowned for its colorful cliffside villages, lemon groves, and rich cultural heritage. Cruising along the coast offers stunning views and a taste of la dolce vita. Anchor in Positano or Amalfi to wander through charming streets, savor authentic Italian cuisine , and explore historical sites. The Amalfi Coast is a feast for the eyes and a region steeped in history, offering a blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences.

Côte d'Azur – French Riviera

The French Riviera, or Côte d'Azur, is synonymous with chic coastal living. From the glamour of Monaco to the relaxed vibe of Saint-Tropez, this region offers a variety of experiences. Monte Carlo's marina is a hub of luxury, while Cannes and Antibes offer a mix of film festivals and private beaches. The French Riviera is not just about glitz and glamour; it's also a place to enjoy stunning landscapes, with the Alps as a backdrop and the Mediterranean Sea at your feet.

Seychelles – Indian Ocean

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, is a paradise of white-sand beaches, lush jungles, and crystal-clear waters. Yachting in Seychelles offers a unique opportunity to explore secluded islands and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Anchor off La Digue or Praslin to experience otherworldly landscapes with granite boulders and vibrant coral reefs. The Seychelles is a sanctuary for rare wildlife, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a blend of luxury and untouched natural beauty.

These luxury yacht destinations offer a diverse range of experiences, from the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean to the serene beauty of the Indian Ocean. Each destination has unique attractions, from historical sites to natural wonders, making them ideal for those looking to explore the world from the comfort of their yacht. As you set sail, these destinations await, offering a blend of adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.

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Gustavia, St. Barths (photo: Sean Pavone)


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    Everything you need to sail around the world: A Well-Prepared Route. A Reliable Bluewater Sailboat. $500 - $1,000 per Month per Person. Travel Documents (passport and visas, boat registration, port clearance) Cruising Equipment Recommended by Other Cruisers. The Proper Safety Equipment. The Appropriate Safety Training.

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    Arcona 435. X-Yachts X4.9. Figaro Beneteau 3. Hylas 48. X-Yachts Xp55. Lagoon 50. These sailboats provide comfort, performance, and dependability, all important features for your journey. Read on to learn more about the best sailing around the world boats, including their dimensions and key features.

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    77m (253 ft) yacht LEGEND. Cruising ground: Antarctica. Perfectly primed for any adventure one could possibly imagine, superyacht LEGEND allows adventure-hungry charter guests to experience the breathtaking vistas and wonderful activities that Antarctica offers in complete private luxury. Accommodating up to 22 guests, the expedition yacht ...

  18. Best Yachts

    As far as luxury yachts go, the Westport 112 Motor Yacht is in a class of its own. This 111 ft. 8 in. long watercraft is built to deliver extraordinary performance inside and out. It has four en-suite staterooms that sleep eight individuals and can accommodate up to five crew members, including the captain.

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    The best catamarans for sailing around the world include: Lagoon 42. The Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58. Manta 42. Catana 50. Dolphin 42. Gunboat 62. These cats focus on speed, safety, and comfort for longer journeys. This article will show you the seventeen best catamarans for long journeys, and why they're the best.

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    Catalina. Amel. Hylas. Tayana. Hallberg-Rassy. The World Cruising Club has been featuring boats and comparing them throughout their rallies. Based on their choices, here is a list of the 8 most popular cruising boats to sail around the world: The Hylas 54 is commonly seen in the Caribbean. This is one of the most popular world cruisers due to ...

  21. How Big Of A Boat Do You Need To Sail Around The World?

    Most cruising experts agree that a boat between 35 and 45 feet is the most common and works well for couples. The people who run the ARC, the annual event that attracts over 200 boats and 1,200 people to cross the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to St Lucia, keep great records of the fleets from year to year.

  22. 10 Best Sailboats for Solo Sailing (One Person)

    Rhodes 19. yotisailing. A real classically-styled sailboat, the Rhodes 19 is an ideal family daysailer that can be perfect for you if you're a spirited solo sailor. Whether you're planning to sail in heavy weather or fast, the Rhodes 19 is designed with a forgiving hull and is an accomplished heavy-weather performer.

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    Picking out a great vessel is imperative to enjoying a great sailing experience. We have selected the creme de la creme of sailboats suitable for a range of budgets and needs. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380. Beneteau First 44. Fountaine Pajot Isla 40. Hylas 57. Leopard 42.

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