27 Boat Interior Design Ideas

Boat Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to creating the wow factor for your boat, the interior is just as important as the exterior. And if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re going to look at 27 boat interior ideas to create comfort and visual impact in any kind of space.  And there are loads of tips and tricks you’ll be able to use in your own design scheme.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some fabulous boat interiors …

Boat Interior Ideas

1. elegant teak.

Elegant Teak

In this elegant interior, the beauty of the natural teak flooring and cabinetry takes center stage. The powder blue upholstery and cream counter add subtle color, whilst keeping the design scheme serene and low key.

The curved sofa makes efficient use of the bow to create a convivial area for rest and chat. And the curved edges of the small kitchen make the best of the compact space.

2. Old-School Luxury

Old-School Luxury

This luxurious yacht interior harks back to olden times, with its dark wood panelling and chrome portholes. The glossy finish to the wood and the pale blue upholstery add light and ensure it’s cosy, rather than oppressive.

The angled edges of the desk and kitchen counter create a comfortable space to move around. And sweet pictures of sea-life add interest to the walls.

Each area is clearly zoned for cooking, eating, lounging, and sleeping.

3. Cosy Charm

Cosy Charm

This beautiful narrowboat interior shows how to create all the charm of a country cottage on the water. Beautiful unfinished timber floorboards, a cast iron wood burner and rustic cabinetry work together for a coherent look.

Every detail here has been carefully chosen – note, for example, the old-fashioned whistling kettle and rag rug. The result is the perfect space to relax and unwind.

4. Classic Cream

Classic Cream

Below deck spaces can be dark, but that’s not the case with this beautiful interior. Although the area is quite small, the use of cream counters and soft furnishings creates a light, airy space.

The polished furniture also helps reflect the light. And curved edges ensure there’s nothing to injure passengers as they move around the cabin.

Clean surfaces and minimalist door furniture add to the sense of space. And we love the clever way a room divider doubles as extra workspace for the kitchen.

5. Comfortable Curves

Comfortable Curves

Curves can be particularly striking in boat interiors , working well with the lower ceiling heights. Here, a table is surrounded by a sofa that, together with a separate bench, almost forms a circle.

This is another case where powder blue has been chosen for the upholstery. Blue is a favorite for maritime interiors, and the pale shade works beautifully in darker spaces.

6. Social Space

Social Space

We love the sociable feel that’s been created inside this elegant sailboat. Two curving sofas with tables provide a comfortable space for people to get together over food and drinks.

Here a white ceiling and pale floor help bounce the light around. That’s allowed a darker shade of blue velvet to be used on the sofas, creating a luxurious feel. Subtle detailing like the chevron woodgrain on the wall panels adds to the upscale finish.

7. Compact and Comfy

Compact and Comfy

This sweet interior shows how some bright accessories can add charm to the smallest of spaces. White upholstery provides a blank canvas against which multicolored cushions really pop. And the colors in the fabrics are echoed in the retro prints on the walls.

Other details add to the nautical charm – a porthole mirror, fishing net curtains and glass floats all work brilliantly.

8. Kitchen With a View

Kitchen With a View

This stylish modern kitchen is configured to make the most of the views from the interior of this catamaran. The high gloss cabinets and white worktops keep the space bright. And the large glass windows tempt the eye to the horizon beyond.

The space isn’t huge, but there’s nevertheless a four-ring hob, oven and separate microwave. And there’s a double sink and generous island. The clever design fits everything in without feeling cramped.

9. Sophisticated Neutrals

Sophisticated Neutrals

This super-elegant interior shows how a neutral color scheme effortlessly creates a feeling of sophistication. The gray and cream cushions work beautifully with the honey-toned cabinetry and flooring. Details like the gray rug tie everything together.

We love the wall-mounted wood-burning stove too. It’s a great way to create a cosy atmosphere without taking up valuable floor space.

10. Spotlight on Luxury

Spotlight on Luxury

Lighting can add a whole new dimension to your boat interior . In this stylish cabin, an array of spotlights on the ceiling highlight sparkling accents like the chrome pedestals. The contrast with the matte upholstery creates a feeling of high-end glamor.

And this is another interior where opposing seating creates a sociable space. This would be the perfect spot to get together for evening drinks.

11. Glamorous Cruising

Glamorous Cruising

The curved lines and quality finish in this glamorous cruiser interior make the best of every inch of space. And a combination of recessed spotlights and downlighters creates a snug and cosy atmosphere.

Adding plants can be a very effective way to add softness to what might otherwise be a masculine space. Here a small potted ivy brings a touch of shore-life below deck.

12. Dramatic Contrasts

Dramatic Contrasts

We love the way this cruiser interior uses strong colors for a dramatic look. There’s no sign of the usual marine blue here. Instead, black wall cabinets and sofa backs contrast with cream upholstery and white walls.

The look works because the dark shades don’t overpower the space. The lower cabinets are finished in natural wood, and the countertops are white. And there are plenty of spotlights at both floor and ceiling height to maintain the light levels.

13. Dual Levels

Dual Levels

This luxurious yacht interior shows how using different levels can get the best from a small space. An upper platform provides a comfortable lounging spot, whilst the kitchen and dining area are below. And whilst they’re right next to each other, the varied heights provide an illusion of space.

The caramel upholstery, polished wooden cabinetry and white walls work beautifully together. The result is a calm and relaxing cabin.

14. Maritime Chic

Maritime Chic

This interior is open to the elements. That means everything here has to be weatherproof – as well as smart enough to impress passers-by!

The navy and white pinstriped upholstery looks super-smart, as well as hiding any stains. And the contrast with the white walls and polished wood creates a luxurious and unmistakeably nautical look.

15. Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

This stylish contemporary kitchen shows you don’t need a large space to include showstopping design elements. We love the contrast between the walnut cabinetry and white walls. And adding spotlights around the top of the cupboards turns the whole kitchen into a focal point.

Clever touches make the most of the available space. Mounting the microwave on the wall frees up counter space. And the basin cover provides extra room for food preparation.

16. Luxury Facilities

Luxury Facilities

Few things spell out luxury on your boat quite as well as a stylish head! And this boat interior has it in spade s.

The staircase separates a commode and basin from a wet room, all with matching fixtures. A large mirror helps create a feeling of space in the WC. And spotlights in the ceiling provide bright light without impeding headroom.

Plants work particularly well in bathrooms – on water as well as on land. Here a small plant in a rattan container adds to the spa-like feel.

17. Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition

Pale wood can create a stunning interior, as in this attractive cabin. The blonde tones don’t absorb the light, and they look great punctuated with contrasting dark doors.

The small kitchen nevertheless manages to fit in a good-sized fridge and freezer. Its stainless steel doors work perfectly with the metal surrounds and frosted glass of the wall cupboards.

18. Superior Lounging

Superior Lounging

We love the way the generous interior space here has been given over to luxury. The two modular low-level sofas follow the lines of the boat, leading the eye out onto the deck. Mounting the TV at an angle allows it to be viewed by those in any seating position.

The central table is hinged to provide an extra-long surface, but it’s narrow enough not to obstruct walkways. And we love its decorative compass motif.

19. Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic

This cleverly styled interior showcases how effective lighting can be at creating zones within your space.

The downlighting in the kitchen area provides a bright space that’s perfect for cooking and washing up. But in the lounge area, the lighting is more subdued, creating a tranquil and relaxing ambience.

20. Stylish and Elegant

Stylish and Elegant

This fabulous boat interior has all the elegance and comfort of a high-end hotel.

The look is achieved by keeping the color scheme simple and consistent. Walls, carpet and upholstery are all the same shade of cream. Cabinetry and beams are all finished in the same honey-colored teak.

An entertainment center and cabinets act as functional yet beautiful room dividers. And generous sofas invite you to kick off your shoes and relax.

21. Silver Accents

Silver Accents

This unusual interior shows that bold choices can work brilliantly. Galvanized metal trunks make striking coffee tables, while aluminum panels on the armchairs add to the space age look.

The silver tones are replicated in the rug, and even in the outdoor seating on deck. The result is both unique and stylish.

22. Captain’s Table

Captain’s Table

In this boat interior, the captain’s seat is integrated with the on-board living area. Matching cream upholstery on both the captain’s chair and adjacent sofa keeps the space feeling coherent.

Spotlights cast a warm glow over the space, making it feel snug and cosy. And cabinets along the side walls provide plenty of discreet storage.

23. Smooth Transitions

Smooth Transitions

We love the way this elegant interior transitions smoothly onto the deck , creating a feeling of space. Smart chrome accents add sparkle – whether from the stylish table legs, the kitchen faucet, or the cabinet handles.

The cream cabinets have a smart gloss finish to bounce around the light. The contrast with the matte cream upholstery makes the sofas seem even more inviting.

24. Glossy Finish

Glossy Finish

This interior highlights the way that combining matte and gloss finishes can create a feeling of luxury. The woodwork here has a deep lacquer – almost a mirror finish. It could appear gaudy, but against the matte cream sofas it instead looks incredibly classy.

A couple of cushions add a pop of color to the design scheme. And a white ceiling with multiple spotlights adds a sense of height.

25. Cool Blue

Cool Blue

In this interior, blue accents are paired with white leather upholstery to create a classic nautical palette. The blue here appears in the accessories – everything from a sweet ceramic vase to elegant rugs, cushions and throws. The result is a crisp, fresh look.

A glass-topped coffee table is both useful and beautiful. Chrome legs mirror the guardrail beyond the windows. And because the light travels right through the glass, it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the space.

26. Ultra High End

Ultra High End

The interior of this luxury yacht shows what can be achieved if money is no object. All the items of furniture here are one-off creations. We adore the unusual bar and matching coffee table, their curves reminiscent of a beehive.

Cream leather upholstery tones perfectly with the blonde wood. And large vases of orchids enhance the glamorous look.

27. Space for Entertaining

Space for Entertaining

This spacious interior includes several features we’ve seen in other schemes. Luxurious cream leather upholstery? Check. Highly varnished surfaces? Check. And a glass topped coffee table to avoid the space looking cluttered. Check, check, check.

But there are quirkier touches too. We love the metallic upholstery on the 1920s shaped armchairs. And the spectacular chandelier above the dining table is a pleasing addition to the more usual spotlights.

This interior shows that you can mix different design ideas to create a unique and spectacular result.

Feeling Inspired?

That brings us to the end of our look at 27 boat interior ideas . From glamorous yachts to charming narrowboats, there are designs here for every taste and budget.

Whether you’re planning your own project, or are just keen to see what’s possible, we hope you’ve enjoyed our tour. And who knows – perhaps soon you’ll be applying some of the ideas to your own boat.

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yacht interior makeover

Sailing 101: Affordable DIY Designs and Projects for Boat Interior

yacht interior makeover

Ahoy Sailors, we discussed the importance of changing your boat's oils and filters last week. This week we are getting creative so that we can spruce up your boat’s interior for an affordable price. Next week we will be getting festive as we break down how to decorate your boat for the holidays and what should be on your decorating checklist.

As personal styles and trends change, you might want to spruce up your boat’s interior— or maybe the time has played its role, and it’s necessary. Here are some tips to give your boat’s interior an affordable makeover.

Start by Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is the cheapest way to brighten your interior radically. Dirty boat upholstery, mildewed cabin liners, and salt-encrusted hatches make a boat feel old and dirty. Deep cleaning is a great start that will drastically improve the boat cabin’s appearance and give you a better idea of where your focus should be on your boat’s interior. You can also:

  • Professionally launder your upholstery
  • Wipe down the cabin liners with vinegar to prevent mildew and mold
  • Wash hatches to increase natural light
  • Clean under all the cabin soles and the edges of any rotting boards
  • Wash the walls and treat any wood with the proper wax, oil, or varnish
  • Scrub out the bilge to prevent any stale smells.

Install Interior Boat Lights

Living on a sailboat can be like living in a basement because of the lack of natural lighting. LED strip lights are a great and affordable way to brighten your cabin. LED strip lights look nice under cupboards or overhangs, and the light strip will be hidden, adding an elegant ambiance. They also make great courtesy lights. Tuck the strips on either side of walkways or at the base of any bench seating to help your guests navigate in the dark. Your boat will look classy, like a theater. Lastly, hide LED lights between panels or around hatches .  LED strip lights don’t look good mounted in the middle of the wall. It looks much tidier if you tuck them around a natural border like a panel or hatch.

Fresh Bedding and Accents

Your boat’s interior will look great with decorative accents. This could be either a mason jar filled with fairy lights and seashells or firm and tidy throw pillows and blankets. Also, purchase nice bedding to make the cabin look fresh and clean. Bathrooms look nice with wall-mounted soap dispensers and hand towels that add a splash of color. Whatever your personal style is, you can implement it into your accent pieces.

Glam Up the Galley

Clean up your galley by replacing rusted or dull faucets with shiny new ones. Add colorful dish towels to add some life and make the change to non-breakable dishes and glassware. There is no reason your galley can’t look as cute as your home’s kitchen. Next, create extra space on your countertops by adding a chopping board stove cover. Then you can bring in other fun pieces like spice racks or a kitchen utensil holder.

Interior Upholstery Alternatives

Reupholstering a boat is a costly part of a sailboat interior revamp, but it makes a huge difference. Suppose you want to spend less than the thousands of dollars it costs to hire someone to do it; there are a few tricks to avoid a complete upholstery overhaul.

– If your upholstery is in poor condition, you may want to sew elasticated cushion coverlets that go over the top side of the cushion—it’s also an excellent way to protect new upholstery from boat projects that bring dirt, grease, and sweat stains.

– Packed-out seat cushions can be fixed by   inserting a layer of high-density foam and batting it on top of the existing foam.

Accent Rugs Cover Worn Out Cabin Soles

Depending on the state of your cabin sole, it may be possible to refinish it, but it’s a big job, and results are not guaranteed. A sensible solution is to cover worn cabin soles with boat-friendly rugs, preventing further wear and tear. In addition, add slip-proof matting underneath to ensure your rugs are secure.

Bring Your Walls to Life

Securely fasten art, photos, and souvenirs to your walls. In addition, mirrors are great for creating the illusion of space. Privacy curtains are also an excellent way to add a splash of color and are easy to make yourself if you choose.

Whiten Your Interior

Nautical colors are traditionally bright white with a solid contrasting navy blue. However, painting panels a light color can brighten and modernize a boat cabin and set off teak trim.

A fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to make your interior look fresh and new.

Tasteful Storage Bins

Boats are notoriously short on storage space, but a few decorative baskets and storage containers can improve the space’s look while giving you more room to tuck things away.

Personalized and Functional Window Coverings

The interior of a boat is usually function-first – you can’t go sailing if you have trinkets and souvenirs cluttering your surfaces. However, window coverings are a great way to personalize your space and comprise your color scheme. Choose a material that gives you privacy and keeps out the sun but be creative and reflect your style. If you have a sewing machine and know how to use it, a small amount of research will give you some great examples.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed about revamping your sailboat interior or aren’t confident in your creative DIY skills, you can still consider hiring professional help. Plenty of interior designers would welcome the challenge of working on a boat but look for someone with experience designing small spaces.

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Boat Interior Restoration: How to Create a Dazzling Boat Interior?

1st may 2023 by samantha wilson.

Rightboat logo

If you’re thinking about Buying a Project Boat , then no doubt you will have started daydreaming about the beautiful interior you will be able to create for your boat. To transform a space from something mediocre and unloved into a beautiful, serene place where you can relax and enjoy your time on the sea is a true joy.

So where do you start when it comes to planning a full interior restoration?

Get Inspired

You might have a clear image of the colour scheme and décor you want in your new interior, but for those that need some inspirations take the time to plan what you want to do before you get started. There is an abundance of information and images out there and you could peruse some boat and sailing magazines, get hold of some books about decorating boat interiors or, most accessibly, look through images online on sites such as Pinterest or boating websites and see what jumps out at you. You could also visit local boat shows and see some boat interiors in real life. Once you have a clear picture of which design style speaks to you, keep a file and then make a plan about which items you will need to source.

Remember, the outside of boats tends to look very similar, but the interior is where you will be able to let your personality and style show, so don’t be afraid to be creative – this is where you will be spending a lot of your precious leisure time and you should love it.

Boat Interior Decorating Basics

While it might be tempting to treat your boat interior in the same way as you would your home, it’s vital to remember that practicality needs to remain the number one priority. Filling an interior space with trinkets and accessories might look appealing, but they will be nothing short of annoying the moment you get under way, and they start falling all over the place.

When sourcing your materials for your brand-new interior, there is a fine line that you need to follow. On the one hand, accessories intended specifically for boats can be eye-wateringly expensive and non- nautical products can be an excellent budget alternative. Storage boxes, galley items and accessories bought from high street shops can all be a way to save money. On the other hand, everything from upholstery to electronics, curtains and flooring needs to be suitable for marine use, and you will need to source and buy marine grade products. Even a boat’s interior will be subjected to water spray, and salt water is particularly corrosive and destructive to materials and equipment. While it might be tempting to buy cheaper, non-marine grade products it will be false economy when you need to replace them in a few years.

The last key rule to consider when decorating the interior of your boat is not buy breakable or fragile items for obvious reasons. It’s easy to forget, while bobbing gently in the marina, how much movement occurs on a boat on the open water, and anything that can fall over most likely will at some point. Avoid glass where possible so consider replacing picture frame glass with plastic, and having plastic drinking cups.

Boat Interior Restoration

With all this in mind it’s now time to take a look at what you can change which will have the biggest impact on your new restoration project;

Update your boat furnishings:

Nothing makes more of an impact on your boat’s interior than the soft furnishings. The seat covers, biminis and cushions will add a real bolt of colour, whether you opt for bold shades or more subtle hues. You could consider a leather interior too, or patterned fabrics. Think long and hard before committing to a colour because it will be the biggest statement you make. Many new boats will leave the shipyard with neutral tones to suit all tastes. It’s your boat though, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through – add bright splashes of colour for a fun and vibrant vibe, or choose a sleek black and grey colour scheme for a luxurious feel. Keep in mind the size of the space you’re restoring and don’t overcrowd small interiors with busy patterns or dark colours.

Be Creative with your Yacht’s Storage:

Storage space on most boats is at a premium, and you will need to design your interior carefully to make the most of every square inch. Clutter all over the place will make your boat feel smaller and more crowded, so aim for a minimalist style with everything you need neatly stowed away. It is not only a more pleasant environment but is practical for when you’re cruising too. Putting pull drawers in the steps adds a lot of useful small item storage, while the space under any berths is a valuable storage area too for items such as towels, bedding and clothes. You might even want to consider raising the beds to make the most of an otherwise wasted space. Invest in pretty storage boxes which fit with your colour scheme and integrate them into the overall design.

Revamp the Flooring:

Another big change you can make in your new interior is the flooring, and you’ll be amazed at the outcome. Marine vinyl flooring is a popular choice thanks to its durability and waterproofness, and it is also easy to clean. Marine vinyl comes in a dazzling array of colours and styles, so get creative and pull it into your overall design image. Again, avoid anything too busy or highly patterned in a small space or it can be overwhelming. If you prefer something softer underfoot (this is especially popular in colder climates) then marine grade carpets are up to the job and are available in a myriad of colours.

Don’t Forget about Window Coverings:

We’ve looked at soft furnishings, which would include curtains, but you have a whole host of options to choose from when it comes to window coverings. Blinds in various shades or wood tones can be an elegant addition to an interior, or you could opt for blackout curtains in the cabins for a better night’s sleep. If budget allows then motorized shades can be activated at the flick of a button and can be customised to your décor style.

Make it Yours:

Whether you’re planning to live on your boat , sail around the world , or spend weekends cruising inland waterways then you want the interior space to feel like home. Family photos, wall paintings or bedding can be brought from home to give a cosy and familiar feel. Accessories will help bring the whole design together and it’s where you can add your personal touch. Choose some decorative pillows to complement your upholstery (either matching or in contrasting colours) for evenings snuggled on the sofa, add some throw blankets – perhaps engraved with your boat’s name for added pizzazz – and don’t forget about lighting. Stark white lights are functional but not very atmospheric. Coloured LED lights (long-lasting and efficient) can be used to mark stairways or access ways, while softer lighting in the form of wall uplights or lamps in the cabins and saloon create a sophisticated and calming vibe.

Taking on an unloved boat and restoring it to its former glory can be enormously satisfying and give you a huge sense of achievement. Rightboat.com lists hundreds of boats for sale   all around the world to fit all budgets. So whether you want a true fixer upper, or are simply looking to revamp the interior of a boat to make it your own, then start your search here on rightboat.com. We’re always on hand to offer guidance and advice so your boat-buying journey is smooth sailing.

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Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.


More from: Samantha Wilson

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Painting a Fiberglass Boat: A Detailed Guide

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Bergman Design Eden Yacht

8 Interior Design Firms Making a Splash in the Yacht World

From patricia urquiola to ken fulk, these high-profile designers are nixing traditional yacht interiors for free flowing designs with luxe furnishings., by andrew sessa.

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Celebrated architects and decorators known for shore-side projects are increasingly taking to the water, where they’re proving they’re anything but “at sea.” Armed with high-profile yacht commissions, these designers are throwing the cookie-cutter layouts and tired aesthetic tropes of typical marine interiors overboard. Instead, they’re employing floorplans that flow more gracefully, luxe furnishings and blue-chip art that would feel at home in the most sophisticated urban pied-à-terre.

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The force of this shift could be felt at September’s Monaco Boat Show, where new designers brought an outsider’s eye to the industry. One especially envelope-pushing case in point: Oceanco recently began an initiative to reimagine the super yacht from top to bottom, tapping forward-thinking Dutch interiors studio Tank as well as former Rolls-Royce design lead Giles Taylor to make it happen. While we wait to see, and sail on, what they’ll create, we’ve gathered an elite crew of star decorators, many brand-new to the life aquatic, whose genre-changing work is on the water right now.

Bergman Design House

Bergman Design House Saloon

A rendering of the saloon aboard Bergman Design House’s Eden yacht.  Courtesy of Bergman Design House

This studio launched its superyacht arm, Njord , in 2020 to meet the needs of residential clients spending more time on the water during the pandemic. “They loved their yachts for a week or two, but the boats didn’t feel like home when you lived on them for months,” says cofounder and creative director Marie Soliman-Berglund, whose team set out to give the vessels that special ambience. Apart from adding decadent details such as decks from French flooring purveyor Oscar Ono and cutting-edge air-filtration technology, Njord created taller rooms, or the illusion thereof. The main saloon on the 249-foot Eden features a metallic fabric overhead and an opening to the floor above. Combined, the interventions give the space a “sense of height and elegance” that’s tricky to achieve in a ship’s tight quarters.

Patricia Urquiola

SD96 yacht deck

The deck on SD96, designed by Patricia Urquiola.  Courtesy of Patricia Urquiola

Italian yard Sanlorenzo recently built upon its award-winning aesthetic credentials by enlisting Spanish-born Urquiola for an ongoing collaboration. Featuring a travertine-encased central staircase of bronzed steel and oak and pieces from Urquiola’s own furniture collections, SD96 puts a refreshing focus on flowing spaces and open views. “I like working on projects where the client asks you to do something you’ve never done before,” says Urquiola, who notes that being “a beginner in the industry helped me propose my personal way of experiencing the boat, making sure that the usual comfort of a home is replicated in a smaller space.”

Bryan O’Sullivan Studio

Icon yacht living room

The living room aboard Icon , designed by Bryan O’Sullivan Studio.  Courtesy of Bryan O’Sullivan

Lauded for his recent work with Maybourne Hotels —including London’s Connaught , Berkeley and Claridge’s —the Irish-born O’Sullivan crafts superyacht interiors that incorporate his signature mix of custom pieces, midcentury furniture, curated artworks, rich textures and colorful accents. His 164-foot Mosaique and 221-foot Icon impress with such atypical nautical furnishings as a one-ton serpeggiante -marble soaking tub, a Vladimir Kagan glass-topped coffee table and curving sofa, Pierre Chareau lighting and custom pieces from Apparatus. Currently he’s at work on the full refit of a 230-foot yacht and annual updates to Icon .

Peter Mikic

Mikic , a former fashion designer, actually made his interiors debut at sea, crafting elements for London property developers the Candy brothers’ yacht in 2006, which led Elisabeth Murdoch to commission Mikic to decorate her entire 159-foot Elisabeth F. two years later. “I designed it in a way that was like an apartment,” he recalls of the vessel, which won awards at both the Monaco and Antigua boat shows. “I had almost no built-in furniture, which is crazy.” Today he continues to buck marine norms. Combining classic elegance with playful colors, patterns and textures, he gave a 109.5-foot yacht a bachelor-pad feel, and he’s now putting sheepskin-clad Fritz Hansen chairs and tufted boucle sofas on a 195-foot sailing yacht alongside contemporary British artworks by the likes of Bridget Riley.

 MCY 105 owner's suite by 212box

A recent refit by 212box of Monte Carlo Yachts ’ 105-foot MCY 105 that includes custom furniture in the owner’s suite.  Nick Rochowski Photography

Yale School of Architecture grads Eric Clough and Eun Sun Chun—whose projects include a 6,000-square-foot Houston penthouse and more than 150 Christian Louboutin boutiques— recently completed their first marine commission, a refit of Monte Carlo Yachts’ 105-foot MCY 105 for a client in Hong Kong. Chun and Clough selected surprisingly seaworthy fabrics from Loro Piana and Hermès , furniture by Blackman Cruz and Carl Hansen and lighting from the Urban Electric Co. One particularly homelike vignette finds classic Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs surrounding a French-walnut dining table under an abstract painting by Laurent Hours.

Foley & Cox

Foley & Cox deck aboard yacht

The deck aboard a vessel by Foley & Cox.  Xavier Lamadrid

Founding principal Michael Cox and design director Zunilda Madera bring an acute appreciation of luxe details to yacht interiors (thanks in no small part to the decade Cox spent with Ralph Lauren ’s home brands). For the 152.5-foot vessel of a client whose homes in Monaco and Austria they decorated, the duo combined custom furniture from DeAngelis —including plush upholstered sofas with a depth and a softness that defy at-sea expectations—with finds from the Paris Flea Market . These idiosyncratic pieces, they say, bring a collected, eclectic patina to the yacht, reflecting the client’s personality.

Ken Fulk Halekai Deck

The deck aboard Halekai by Ken Fulk.  Courtesy of Ken Fulk

A consummate showman, Fulk just completed his first yacht interior, a wooden sailing vessel for longtime clients. It combines historic inspiration with whimsical contemporary twists. The ship’s name, Halekai, means “home on the sea” in Hawaiian, which points to the state of mind of both clients and design team. With Honolulu’s Iolani Palace as a jumping-off point, Fulk combined the European and the indigenous, creating such evocative details as carved teak doors and custom marquetry in teak and koa wood and embroidered headboards based on a royal Hawaiian wedding quilt.

Tara Bernerd

Known for designing hotels and restaurants from Chicago to Osaka, Bernerd first brought her signature industrial élan and masculine edge to the sea nearly a decade ago. “Yacht interiors so often veer towards the traditional,” she says. “We’ve sought to bring a fresh, contemporary, sporty feel with pale washed woods and beautiful linens mixed with textured fabrics.” On a just-completed 102-foot Sanlorenzo yacht, marble insets adorn built-in cupboards while panels of green onyx clad a bathroom’s walls and the front of the glam below-deck bar.

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84 Luxury Yacht Interiors: Bedroom, Galley and Salon Pictures

Posted on Published: April 13, 2022  - Last updated: June 13, 2022

Azimut Atlantis 50 foot yacht interior design

A yacht is really just a luxury floating home . When you’re talking 70 feet and larger, they’re a lot nicer than my house. As you’ll see in the luxury yacht interiors below, the quality and aesthetics are simply gorgeous. And we merely feature a small handful of such boats. There are thousands and thousands of these worldwide.

Our epic yacht interiors article is split into 5 galleries:  staterooms, guest bedrooms , salons and dinettes, kitchens and bathrooms. The point of this article is to merely give you a glimpse inside these ultra expensive boats… expensive to buy, run and maintain. Be sure to also check out our yacht decks galleries .

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Yacht Primary Bedrooms (Staterooms)

We kick off our yacht interiors gallery with the stateroom. When it comes to the primary bedroom on these boats, no expense is spared. They are large, comfortable and stunning in design. These bedrooms are bigger than our primary bedroom.

Tecnomar Velvet 83 foot luxury yacht - primary bedroom


Yacht Guest Bedrooms (2 Beds)

Many guest bedrooms on a yacht have two beds so that it can accommodate more people. However, they are, as you’ll see below, still very, very luxurious. These are certainly cozy sleeping quarters.

Abacus 70 foot - bedroom 2 beds

Salon and Dinette Photos

My favorite room on the boat is the salon and/or dinette area. In many cases, the dinette doubles as the living room. Mega yachts have dedicated salons and dining areas. I love these superb lounge designs below in the cabin as well as the upper lounge areas.

Large yacht salon interior

I must admit that kitchens on these super yachts are fairly small. I guess the cooking is done by the staff and yacht owners prefer to have more space for bedrooms, deck space and lounge space. That makes sense given there really is limited space. Nevertheless, these kitchens are gorgeous and the yacht designers certainly didn’t skimp with respect to quality.

yacht kitchen interior design

Most boats dedicate very little space to bathrooms. Not these. The primary bathrooms below are incredible. The smaller bathrooms are guest bathrooms. These luxury yachts are so large and spacious that even the bathrooms are both beautiful and comfortable to use.

luxury yacht bathroom

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Luxury Superyacht Interior Design Ideas

Luxury Superyacht Interior Design Ideas

Jonathan Holmes

Home decoration doesn’t have to be restrained to dry land abodes. For those who count a luxury boat as a second home, or have their sights set on being able to say so someday, superyacht interior inspiration becomes a hot topic. There are design principles that remain relevant whatever the shape, size and style of the property, such as harnessing natural light, but beyond that, superyacht interior design requires its own, shipshape decorating agenda.

Luxury Superyacht Interior Design Ideas - Bedroom Yacht Interior - LuxDeco.com

Incorporating the structural elements

Boat interior design typically faces a few physical barriers that affect the aesthetic. Often, some of the necessary structural facets of the build are exposed, such as steel supporting girders in the centre of a room, or technical obligations like marked security exits and emergency lighting that need to be visible, but will detract from the room’s style.

The key is to turn these challenges into opportunities. In the case of the supporting columns, they can be transformed into elegant pillars with additional, dummy columns added to make a statement with strong symmetry.

Luxury Superyacht Interior Design Ideas - Bedroom Yacht Interior - LuxDeco.com

Channelling natural light

Just as with houses on the shore, a luxury yacht interior is always going to be benefit from natural light pouring in. Many contemporary yachts are purposefully being designed to echo what you see in contemporary buildings – ceiling to floor sheets of glass. Or as close to that as they can.

Not only does this direct a greater degree of natural light into the yacht’s living spaces, but it challenges the traditional window design you’d see at sea, making them appear less stereotypically nautical.

Maximise the amount of light by using high-gloss, polished surfaces that will reflect the sun’s rays as well as oversized mirrors if the wall space allows. If the yacht’s windows are more traditional in their dimensions, avoid heavy window treatments like fully-lined, voluminous curtains that, even when pulled back, will block some of the natural light from entering.

Luxury Superyacht Interior Design Ideas - Bathroom Yacht Interior - LuxDeco.com Style Guide

Working with oddly shaped rooms

Many vessels have a matrix of unusually shaped rooms that can make living quarters feel cramped. One way to work around this to use glass instead so that there’s still the required support in place, but the walls become transparent, opening up the environment.

This takes a lot of planning with the shipyard and means creating a channel that holds the glass within the boat’s structure – it should be installed even before the flooring so that the wall flows smoothly through the floor. But if this degree of build isn’t passable or if you’re only concerned with decoration rather than the boat’s architecture, remember to stick to just a few colours and materials in your boat’s scheme.

By having walls, ceiling and designer furniture all in the same colour, they fuse together and make unusually shaped rooms appear less cumbersome. In the Martin Kemp Design interior, you see a focus on white and the same tone of wood used from room to room, which result in any awkward angles being smoothed out.

Luxury Superyacht Interior Design Ideas - Bedroom Yacht Interior - LuxDeco.com

Make the most of the minimal square footage

Even on the grandest of super yachts (have a read of our Q&A with superyacht firm Bannenberg and Rowell for seriously grand boat design talk), space is always the biggest constraint. Practicality doesn’t have to overrule good looks, but the two do need to balance to achieve a harmonious interior. Nothing is more frustrating than when there’s not enough room to store belongings, so by ensuring there’s a considerable amount of clever, integrated storage, the less there is to line the corridors and litter any surfaces.

Other key design tips to not over-occupy minimal square footage include ensuring any electrical wiring and speakers for technology like music or entertainment systems is concealed in the boat’s walls with a flush finish if possible. With lighting , concentrate less on floor lamps and more on wall lights , ceiling lights and pendant lights . Look closer at the Martin Kemp Design yacht bedroom and you’ll notice there are bedside wall lights and shelves rather than lamps and tables, as well as lots of LED strip lighting that take up no room.

Luxury Superyacht Interior Design Ideas - Living Room Yacht Interior - LuxDeco.com Style Guide

Build in seamless storage

Attention to detail is always pivotal in interior design, because the smallest of touches can have a huge effect. In terms of a boat’s design, a strong example is making sure any storage is handleless.

Push-to-open mechanisms or cutout handles really do make a room feel far sleeker. The handle-free option combined with integrated storage that’s flush to the wall allows for significant fluidity. This doesn’t mean to say that every piece of storage has to be fitted. But try to bring in any freestanding items of storage in line with the architecture of the room. Follow any places where the walls come out and let them be your guide.

Looking back at the Martin Kemp Design bedroom, the chest of drawers doesn’t protrude past the wall on the left-hand side of the room, and in the twin bedroom, the bedside tables are at the same level as the bed frame which creates a seamless line.

Luxury Superyacht Interior Design Ideas - Twin Bedroom Cabin Yacht Interior - LuxDeco.com Style Guide

Working with low ceilings

Superyacht design almost always should seek to combat the notorious low ceiling environment. Boat ceilings can be as low as seven feet, so employ design trickery techniques that can give the illusion that they’re on the taller side.

Reflective materials used well will add lift and can even create a feeling of infinity when they’re used in a detail-oriented way. For example, in the Martin Kemp Design bedroom pictured, where there’s a combination of gloss paintwork and reflective panels laid in a chevron formation which draws the eye up and along.

Equally, dark colours used overhead with a reflective finish adds depth to the ceiling that’s hard to calculate – there’s no telling where it ends, and so the ceiling height feels lifted, like it might go on and on and on.

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Making a Boat a Home: The Art of Decorating A Boat

  • By Brittany Meyers
  • Updated: August 23, 2013

yacht interior makeover

Windtraveler- boat interior

Many of you write us asking what the inside of our boat looks like. I’ve got some older pictures posted on our “ Boat ” page, but – as I mentioned back in the British Virgin Islands - we have been doing some redecorating, so things look a little different.

Let me start by saying that I am the type of person who revels in her surroundings. I need to live in a nice space. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy or perfectly coordinated, but a clean, cosy and organized living space is a must for me. Some might call it a a trait of the “fairer sex”, but believe me when I say I’ve met several women who could care less about their boat’s interiors. To each his own. But for me? It’s gotta look nice and it’s gotta be comfortable. To me, comfort is synonymous with happy cruising. Call it OCD, call it ‘being anal’ call it what you will – but clutter and chaos make me edgy, antsy and all out of sorts. Luckily, we bought a boat with so much storage we still have a load of empty spaces, so being clutter-free is not a problem for us. Point for the bigger boat…

Even still, when living on a boat function must always take precedence over form, so the phrase “interior decorating” is laughable. While there are plenty of ways to personalize and get creative, when it comes to a boat’s insides, for the most part, what you see is what you get. There’s no moving things around or rearranging furniture and your affinity for feng shui will have to fly out the porthole. You must be very mindful of anything frivolous and non-essential that you mount, place or hang, lest they become projectiles on a rough passage. That said, the inside of a boat and how “pretty” it looks should be the least of your concerns when boat shopping, but still – gorgeous interiors have sold more of their fair share of shoddy boats so it goes to show that not everyone is all function out here.

I like to think of us as a little of both (form and function); sure Scott could care less about our new throw pillows or the colors of our bedspread, but he also knows these things make me happy and so he let’s me go about my meager decorating attempts with little resistance. I tend to veer away from the “nautical” theme that so many seem to favor out here…after all, we do live on a boat, I don’t think we need lighthouse pillows and seashell wall accents to punctuate it – but that’s us. To personalize our space, we added some cheap non-skid floor mats, some professionally framed posters that have special meaning to us (we are from Chicago, we met and married in St. Joe). We also added some nice, colorful throw pillows, some custom baskets and storage containers and a few special knick-knacks we’ve collected here and there throughout the islands. Everything is mounted either with industrial strength velcro or museum putty (I love the stuff!!!) and we have been in pretty rough seas with nary a casualty. “A place for everything and everything in its place” as they say…

So with no further ado, here are some pics and a little tour of how we made our boat our home…

Our navigation station with all of Isla’s toys underneath. We plan on converting this to a forward facing nav station with a seat…to be continued…

This is looking aft at the expanded view of our walk-through – TONS of storage here. Full engine access is to the right.

Aft cabin. Again, tons of storage, king sized bed and we each have a built in “night stand” of sorts (not pictured)

Another view of the aft head – we have old fashioned rum labels mounted on wood on the starboard side – you can only see one but there are four. Very cool and brighten up the bathroom.

Our galley. As much as I despise cooking, I love this galley. Huge refrigerator with top and bottom door access as well as a HUGE locker for pots, pans and all the other kitchen equipment I hardly ever use.

Isla’s room. The one place where clutter reigns. She loves her little area and we are firm believers that while you CAN have too many toys, you can never have too many books!

When two people, with the same life long dream of sailing around the world find each other, there’s only one thing to do… make it happen! Scott and Brittany departed in 2010 with big plans to “see the world” from the deck of their sailboat. After sailing from Chicago to Trinidad via the “thorny path”, they are now back at it with their first baby and second boat. Check out all the juice at .

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Sail On, Sally

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Yacht Interiors Of Annapolis


For more than 30 years, we have provided custom design services, upholstery, carpentry, carpeting, custom bedding, window treatments and many other interior finishes to a wide range of yachts, sail boats & marine applications.


We service the entire Chesapeake Bay Area Boating Community as well as the entire East Coast. We are well known for two things. Our quality of work and customer service!


No matter the size of the space or boat, our experienced design team can maximize your budget and meet your custom design needs.

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When it comes to your boat’s interior, we can do it all!  From full custom interior makeovers to custom upholstery, furniture, bedding, carpeting, window treatments and more.

yacht interior makeover

Blinds, Draperies & More

yacht interior makeover

Upholstery & Furniture

We customized our entire interior, with everything from carpet and bedding to new storage and re-upholstery. Still looks brand new after 6 years! 5 STARS!!!

Christine, We are so excited to be working with you again! The Fleming interior is going to be so beautiful!

Absolutely the best interior company on the east coast. They handle everything and their pricing is very competitive. Thanks for maximizing our storage!

Christine… just a note to say “Thank you” for helping us obtain some fabric for our little improvement. And to let you know how blessed we continue to be with the work you did for us in 2008. It has all held up beautifully and we continue to cruise extensively, happy in our abode! If we buy another boat you will hear from us!


Yacht Interiors Of Annapolis Featured In The Washington Post

Featured: The Washington Post: High design below decks on local yachts

Glamorous reputation aside, motor yachts are at once confining and liberating. Liberating because, of course, boat owners can charge off to just about anywhere there is water: Maine in summer, the Bahamas in winter… Continue reading

Annapolis Home Magazine Features Annapolis Yacht Interiors

Featured: Annapolis Home Magazine

Working closely with interior designer Christine Roney, owner of Yacht Interiors of Annapolis, and project manager Michael Schoelkopf of Edgewater, Maryland-based Burr Yacht Sales, the owner and his wife have created a floating home that could win a few trophies itself… Continue reading

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5 Star Rated By Customers

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Any Boat. Any Size.

If you think your boat is too big, or perhaps, too small, don’t fret, we have you covered!  We cater to all boats, types and sizes.  From 10ft row boats, to 100ft custom luxury yachts, we’ve done it all… Continue reading


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Inside track: The yacht interior design brands to know this season

Dkt artworks.

If you're looking for custom artwork, sculptural furniture or a show-stopping centrepiece for your superyacht then London-based design firm DKT is the one to call. Priding itself on a site-specific approach, DKT's skilled craftsmen can turn their expert hand to almost any form of decorative work, including mosaic, sculpture and bas-relief in metal, glass and stone, trompe l'oeil, gilding, paint finishes and mirrored artworks, and have undertaken commissions for no fewer than 62 superyachts. Recent projects include custom designs for Ulysses , Joy , Dilbar and Plvs Vltra .

Visit dkt.co.uk .

Suzanne Lovell

A degree in architecture and a passion for fine art were the foundations of Chicago-based Suzanne Lovell Inc, which comprises a 20-strong team, and has been listed in Architectural Digest’s top-100 interior designers and architects. For more than 30 years, the company has built up an impressive portfolio of luxury residential projects, from superyachts to sprawling penthouses, Manhattan pied-à-terres and whimsical California beach houses.

Using a client’s personal taste as a launch pad, each project is undertaken via what Lovell calls the “Three-Dimensional Experience” — an all-round approach encompassing architecture, interior design and fine art, with an understanding that this trio are integral to the process. It’s an approach that echoes the practices of Ferrari and his contemporaries Charles and Ray Eames, Alvar Aalto and Giò Ponti . These giants of design were creative polymaths, often experimenting with art, furniture design, textiles, ceramics and glassware.

Craft is undeniably at the heart of Lovell’s hugely successful business. By collaborating with an array of niche design talent from her extensive network she ensures each finished project is a unique masterpiece. Art also takes a central role, with antiques and auction-sourcing an integral part of the process. “Sir John Soane inspired the creation of what he referred to as the ‘poetry of architecture’, where art can happen,” Lovell explains of her inspiration. “His words are telling: ‘Think and feel as a poet, combine and embellish as a painter and execute as a sculptor’. I believe this is what we do every day at Suzanne Lovell Inc.”

Visit suzannelovellinc.com

Christian Liaigre

“Offshore is an inhospitable world of wind, waves, rain and ultraviolet light,” designer Guillaume Rolland once said, “so the belly of a boat must be a nest — a place where one escapes all that.” Rolland heads the yacht division of the eponymous company founded by fellow Frenchman Christian Liaigre in 1987. He has been working with Liaigre since 2001, initially involved in all projects within the company, which is known for subtly luxurious furniture and interiors that make an elegant, understated use of natural materials, such as raw linens and woods weathered by the sea.

As the yacht interiors side of the business took off, Rolland, a lifelong sailor who regularly competes in regattas around the world, took charge of the company’s yacht design studio. Projects he has undertaken include Vertigo , a 67 metre sailing yacht that was awarded Sailing Yacht of the Year at the 2012 World Superyacht Awards . With Vertigo , the design studio worked closely with the boat builders from the start, so that the interior was created along with the yacht, rather than just made to fit into it. The design includes glass panels and doors in the cockpit areas that can be made transparent or opaque at the flick of a switch. So escaping the elements — or even your fellow guests — is simple.

Visit christian-liaigre.fr


Architect, industrial designer, artist and publisher, Gio Ponti was a giant of 20th century Italian design. During his long and fruitful career, Ponti developed an all-encompassing approach to his work, creating not just the structure of a building but also conceiving its entire interior scheme, from furnishings to lighting fixtures. His finest achievements include the Pirelli Tower — Milan’s first modern skyscraper — and the distinctive, castle-like Denver Art Museum.

One of Ponti’s most enduringly popular designs, however, is something altogether closer to home. The 1957 Via Dezza chair is an angular, upholstered armchair built on a linear metal frame. It was created by Ponti along with the entire furnishings of his self-designed Milan home (pictured) from which it takes its name.

For those coveting a slice of Ponti’s creative genius, the armchair and select Via Dezza gems have been reissued in an exclusive collection by Molteni&C. One of Italy’s most renowned furniture manufacturers, Molteni is a natural platform to preserve and present Ponti’s talent. The company works with some of the world’s best designers on a variety of high-end real estate and marine projects. The Via Dezza chair adaptation, Armchair D.153.1, stays true to the original, is available in two Ponti-designed fabrics and is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the waves.

Visit molteni.itv

Summit Furniture

As one might guess from a furniture company with a name that evokes adventure, Summit’s speciality is extremely high-quality furniture specifically made for the outdoors. Crafted in sustainable, plantation-grown teak, which is water-resistant and strong, its chairs, tables and loungers are as ideal for the deck of a superyacht as for a domestic garden.

The Californian firm collaborates with leading designers like Linley, with which it created a clean-lined, curved collection (lounge chair, above, €5,487), inspired by the interiors of the top classic yachts . It is made to be stacked or stowed — perfect for sailing purposes.

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Designer Giorgio Armani will shortly open a four-storey Armani/Casa flagship boutique in Milan — the new home of his interiors collection, which launched in 2000. This season, as previously, he has once more looked to the natural world for inspiration. As well as the 50-piece numbered and signed limited-edition bar cabinet, “Club”, which features on its doors a hand-lacquered ocean motif inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai’s The Great Wave , there is a screen featuring a Japanese-style landscape print. The same image adorns an upholstered chaise longue, and there are blankets decorated with images of lions and leopards, leopard stone marquetry, and a crystal-encrusted flower to elevate a table setting.

“All my designs for the home collection are intended to promote an atmosphere of calm relaxation,” says Armani. “One way to do this is to reference Mother Nature, as the natural world is nurturing and beautiful.” Those who enjoy life at sea will certainly appreciate that sentiment.

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Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci’s Luxury Yacht Division designs bespoke interiors for some of the most sophisticated vessels in the world. Catering to an elite clientele, its projects are characterised by an elegant finish and sumptuous details, and include the likes of glazed cabinets, handwoven textiles and intricate ornaments with calligraphic patterns. Ricci’s furniture is traditional and ornate, and it’s not immediately obvious that it has been developed for a yacht environment. A recent collaboration with Florence-based designer Luca Dini saw the interior of a mammoth 70 metre superyacht refitted to an almost palatial standard. Utilising the best materials, as is the company’s signature, the interior was furnished in Californian briarwood and Tuscan marble.

Its renowned Home line is similarly plush, represents the finest Italian craftsmanship and has a 100 per cent Made in Italy brief. Nowhere is this clearer than in its recently updated porcelain lines, which blur the boundaries between art and utility. The Lapis Lazuli line gives a contemporary twist to porcelain, featuring deep blue hues and playing up the opulence historically associated with blue by coupling it with 24ct gold detailing.

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Bohemian crystal has been revered for centuries for its high quality and ground-breaking designs. Founded in 2007 to build on this tradition, Lasvit combines artisanal skill with cutting-edge technology to create modern light-sculptures and art installations.

One of its new bespoke creations, Cassia (above) by Petra Krausová offers a flexible approach to interior design. Intended to resemble flowers gently swaying in the wind, its low-hanging, hand-blown glass pendants can either be suspended as a single entity or dispersed individually around a room, to equally striking effect.

Lasvit’s 2016 line also includes the aptly named Candy Collection — a range of table lamps and chandeliers resplendent in playful rainbow stripes – that were designed in collaboration with brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana.

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Baldi, founded in Florence in 1867, is dedicated to continuing the rich artistic heritage and tradition of craft that has long been integral to the city. The one-of-a-kind creations of its interior-design arm, Casa Baldi, are imbued with classic Italian style and hand-crafted using the very latest techniques. Its first foray into nautical design saw superyacht Alexander Again transformed into a spectacular floating palace.

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Dudgeon Sofas

Dudgeon creates bespoke sofas for the luxury residential market. Its relationship with the luxury boat industry was forged in 1992, when a yacht interior designer called into the Knightsbridge showroom on the hunt for Chesterfield sofas. Since then, its team of skilled British craftspeople has gone on to make upholstered sofas and chairs for 86 superyachts, including award-winners such as the 63 metre Benetti 11.11 .

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These are the Yacht Interior Designers to Know

Designing a superyacht is a personal experience and involves making an overwhelming amount of choices.

By Sophie Killip

yacht interior makeover

For those seasoned individuals who have experience chartering yachts , visiting friends’ yachts, sailing the high seas, or maybe even purchasing their first pre-designed yacht, the next thrill might come from building their own vessel. Although designing your own superyacht is a truly personal experience, it also involves making an overwhelming amount of choices. This is why the first step to building a new superyacht should always be to choose a designer to work with – and there are several yacht interior designers you can choose from.

Whether it’s considering how the internal spaces of your yacht will work, what furniture or materials are used, or even working out the external design for your new vessel, collaborating with a designer will make the process of creating your dream superyacht as stress-free and easy as possible. To help, Elite Traveler has created a list of yacht interior (and exterior, in some cases) designers that should be on your radar – and if you’re also on the lookout for a new yacht builder, why not discover our list of the best luxury yacht builders in the world ?

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Winch Design

Our list of the best yacht interior designers kicks off with  Winch Design. Originally founded by Andrew Winch and his wife Jane in 1986, at the time it was known as Andrew Winch Designs. It was rebranded as Winch Designs in 2015 but has been one of the UK’s leading superyacht and private jet design studios for over thirty years. Winch Design’s yacht studio is now led by Jim Dixon and the team has created a multitude of extraordinary projects, all of which are highly bespoke and tailored to each client’s specific requests.

One of Winch Design’s most recent yacht projects was the 260 ft M/Y Excellence , which shipbuilder Abeking & Rasmussen say was its “most challenging project to date”. Its owner worked closely with the design studio to create a yacht with interiors inspired by the “Floridian East Cost Deco” style and that felt both personal to him and welcoming to any guest on board. “ Excellence was a very exciting project to be involved with and [she] tested the team to their creative limits,” says senior partner, Ignacio Oliva-Vele.

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nero yacht aerial view

How to Charter a Superyacht

mirarri yacht

Mirarri Announces First Yacht Concept

Lürssen Kismet

German Shipbuilder Lürssen Delivers 400-ft Yacht Kismet

Terence disdale design.

Based in the UK, Terence Disdale Design is one of the yachting industry’s most respected design studios. The team works on both the interior and exterior design of some of the world’s most incredible yachts, with previous projects including M/Y Eclipse , one of the biggest superyachts in the world. The studio was founded by Terence Disdale, who – despite having no formal training – is one of the most sought-after designers in the industry.

Disdale set up his eponymous studio in 1972 after working for famous designer Jon Bannenberg (Bannenberg’s studio was also where Andrew Winch and Tim Heywood learned their craft). Across his extraordinary 40-year career Disdale and his studio have designed over 100 yachts, including more than 50 superyachts. His wide-ranging design style often follows the mantra of ‘beach house, not penthouse’, with concepts often finding inspiration from the ocean.

Sorgiovanni Designs

Australian yacht designer Sam Sorgiovanni’s career began after he studied Industrial Design and found his first position working for shipbuilder Oceanfast. It was thanks to the experience he gained at this renowned shipbuilder that Sorgiovanni decided to set up his own studio, launching Sorgiovanni Designs in 1997 in Fremantle, Western Australia. The studio has also recently opened an office in Monaco in order to expand its design services to Europe.

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Sorgiovanni believes it’s important to “keep one eye on the past” when designing projects, “in order to avoid making the same mistakes” as before. Previous yacht designs that he has worked on include the 390 ft Amana in collaboration with Oceanco, and the exteriors of the 270 ft Secret. When Sorgiovanni is not working on a particular project, he is also traveling the world to consult on yacht designs for clients, working with a variety of suppliers and shipbuilders.

Zaniz Studio

Yacht interior designer Zaniz Studio exterior of Luminosity

Next up on our list of the best yacht interior designers is Zaniz Studio. The company was founded in New York City by English-American designer Zaniz Jakubowski – who up until recently, had rarely been able to discuss her astounding portfolio of projects due to the NDAs that came with the commissions. The studio has an international reputation for creating iconic and innovative projects, which always have strong attention to detail. As well as designing for both private and commercial yachts, Zaniz Studio works across other industries, including creating theatre sets and residential and commercial interiors.

One of Zaniz Studio’s latest projects – and one it was able to share – was the 350 ft superyacht Luminosity , which went on the market last year for over $266 million. The studio was responsible for both the interior and exterior of Luminosity, which was built by Italian shipyard Benetti. What is most interesting is that the team abandoned the typical format of designing the exterior first, followed by the interior; instead, the superyacht has been designed from the inside out.

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Nuvolari Lenard

Well known for its timeless design style, Nuvolari Lenard is one of the largest – and most active – luxury yacht design studios in the world, founded in 1992 by naval architect and mechanical engineer Carlo Nuvolari and stylist Dan Lenard. The studio is based in Italy’s island city, Venice, and draws heavy influence from the city for its classic yacht designs, combining strong architectural lines with a deep passion and understanding for the sea. One of its latest projects was the 465 ft Nord (previously called Project Opus).

Not only is Nuvolari Lenard based in Venice, but it also has a renowned Design Center on the outskirts of the city that hosts architects and designers working on a range of tasks. Inside the Design Center is a scale yacht model workshop that gives designers the opportunity to visualize their concepts and research shapes before confirming a final design. The interior design section of the studio’s Design Center also features a showroom where clients and designers can discuss fabrics and materials.

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Patrick Knowles Designs

yacht interior makeover

With decades of experience in the marine industry under his belt, Patrick Knowles is one of America’s top yacht designers. His studio, Patrick Knowles Designs , specializes in custom megayacht and superyacht interiors, as well as designing for private aircraft. The team at Patrick Knowles Design prides themselves on their creativity and a strong commitment to making sure projects are finished on time, while also exceeding expectations.

One of Patrick Knowles Designs’ award-winning projects was a Key West-inspired 206 ft ISA displacement superyacht. The owners requested an interior that felt like a five-star tropical resort; through a design that incorporated vibrant murals of plants and aquatic life, lush fabrics and furnishings, and the use of environmentally friendly, natural materials including bamboo, palm wood and coconut shells, Patrick Knowles delivered. The onboard showcase piece is a 30-foot-tall light fixture constructed from Murano glass that sits within the spiral staircase, joining all three levels.

Tillberg Design of Sweden

Tillberg Design of Sweden yacht interior designer superyacht Somnio

Our list of the most exclusive yacht interior designers would not be complete without mentioning Tillberg Design of Sweden. Founded in 1964 in Höganäs, the practice has been designing timeless Scandinavian-inspired interiors on board some of the world’s most luxurious vessels for over five decades.

Known for its meticulous craftsmanship, use of quality materials and expert lighting, when it comes to creating beautiful spaces you’re in safe hands with Tillberg Design of Sweden. Perhaps most impressive is the studio’s latest project designing the interiors onboard the gigantic 728-foot superyacht Somnio .

The recently released renderings reveal stunning dream-like rooms expertly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. Future owners that are lucky enough to live on the world’s first residential yacht liner will be given the opportunity to work with the prestigious design firm over three months to create their dream apartment.

Sophie Killip

Latest in luxury, the explorer.

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Boat Interior Restoration and Ingenious Renovation Ideas

Envisaging the amazing transformation of a boats interior is an irresistible daydream whenever a potential buyer and owner contemplates acquiring a project boat that has been left to languish.

Consequently, one might wonder where exactly does one start when undertaking the entire restoration of boat interiors ?

Have you ever wondered what long-term living on a beautifully restored boat would be like ? We have prepared a blog post for you on this subject called Living on a boat full time . We think you may enjoy reading this article. You can reach it by clicking on the link. Anyway, let's move on 🙂

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Finding Inspiration for DIY Boat Interior Restoration

Exploring creative ideas and designs for transforming a boat's interior through DIY restoration efforts.

Sometimes, there is already a clear vision as to what kind of colors and decorations one wants for the new interior. However, others should think about it properly before embarking on the work. There are a multitude of resources and pictures available for DIY boat interior restoration . A reading material can include sailing magazines, literature about decorating boats or for example Pinterest or boating sites all this at your fingertips. Seeing real-life boat interiors is possible by attending local boat exhibitions too. This will further result in setting up a reference library when you have settled on one particular design style. Such reference collections would be useful in finding what items would be needed once someone decides to embark on such endeavor .

One must remember that while boat exteriors may look alike, the interior is an area where personal style and personality may express themselves the most . Be courageous with creativity since this area will be home to most of your cherished leisure moments and nothing more than love should be given here.

Boat Interior Decorating Basics

Illustrating the fundamental principles and elements of decorating a boat's interior to achieve both aesthetics and functionality.

As tempting it might be to treat the inside of a boat like a house, practicality remains paramount . Decking out an interior with knick-knacks and adornments may sound appealing but such things easily become clutter during navigation.

In picking materials for the new interior, there is need to walk on egg shells. A marine accessory will require higher prices than any ordinary equivalent. Nonetheless, they are available elsewhere at lower prices. Storage containers from household retailers can substitute expensive galley utensils bought from specialty stores.

Conversely, upholstery, electronics, curtains, and flooring call for marine-grade supplies.A boat’s internal environment is consistently affected by both fresh and salt water. The latter, however, is particularly corrosive to equipment and materials . While resorting to cheaper non-marine-grade options might save you money initially, it will prove to be unsustainable once you have to replace them after a few years.The knowledge of the cost of boat interior restoration therefore becomes very important in this context.

Lastly, there are some things that should just be left behind considering the kind of motion that takes place on waters. They include fragile items and those that can easily fall ; these replaceable with plastic alternatives such as glass frames or drinking vessels.

Boat Interior Restoration

Showcasing the process and remarkable transformations involved in restoring the interior of a boat to its former glory.

Having looked at these factors, we can now consider what are some of the elements that could bring about considerable changes when restoring boat interiors.

Boat Furnishings Renovations

Soft furnishings are the single biggest impact on a yacht interior . These include seat covers, biminis and cushions that might add bright color or muted hues to give character to any space. There is a limitless selection of materials that includes patterned fabrics , leather upholstery among others. One’s choice of colour says much about them as an individual. Most new boats will leave the shipyard in neutral colours but this is an opportunity for the owner to introduce some personalization. One could decide on a lively , colourful palette or keep it sleek with black and grey tones that consider the size of the room so as not to overcrowd its compact nature.

Creative Yacht Storage Solutions

Almost all boating vessels are admittedly short of storage area hence necessitating careful planning in terms of interior design in order to make good use of every square inch available. A clutterless environment gives an impression of more space and usability especially while cruising . Putting drawers within steps provides much needed small item storage while also turning under-bunks into a treasure chest for such things like towels, bedding and clothes. Raising beds represents a clever idea for capitalizing on normally wasted spaces below them . This helps integrate visually appealing storage boxes matching the color scheme as part of the overall design.

Flooring Transformation

Another major area capable of being changed dramatically is flooring with amazing results . For instance, due to its durability, waterproofing and ease of maintenance marine vinyl flooring has become most preferred by many people. Marine vinyl comes in different colors and designs; hence allowing creative expression that is consistent with the main theme chosen for designing it. However, caution must be taken not to overwhelm small spaces with overly intricate patterns or dark shades . In colder climates especially those who would prefer softer floor underfoot can opt for marine grade carpets which are available in plenty colors.

Window Covering Considerations

Window coverings offer another range besides soft furnishings . This can be blinds in different shades or timber tones to add sophistication to the space. Alternatively, blackout curtains in cabins are great for improved sleep during overnight stays on water. A good budget plan enables motorised shades that are highly convenient and could also be custom-made to fit the style of interior decor.

Personal Touches

Regardless of whether one intends to live onboard, travel round the world or go for weekend cruises along the inland waterways; the inside should be synonymous with home. Some familiar items like family pictures, wall art and bedding from home can be used to create an inviting and homely atmosphere . Accessories help bring everything together with a personal touch. All matching or contrasting colours could be used in making of decorative pillows which are more comfortable when spending time on board at night. In addition to this, throw blankets may have a boat’s name written on it for adding a unique touch, plus purposefully selected lighting can alter the mood completely. Functional stark white light does not compare to colored LED lights that serve both aesthetic and practical purposes by marking walkways and accentuating saloon spaces as well as cabins.

Rejuvenating a derelict boat and restoring it to its original state is a bit challenging, but very satisfying. On many online platforms, there are thousands of boats for sale around the world that can be purchased by different people . To have a complete restoration project or simply to organize the interior according to individual preferences, visit well-known sites to buy your boat in an easy and informed way. In order to have a smooth journey towards your maritime dreams there are always experts ready to give you any necessary guidance. You should also consider the cost of boat interior restoration when you plan your project .

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