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Landyachtz Drop Cat review

October 9, 2021

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

If you’re looking for a cruiser that is compact and super easy to skate, look no further. The Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 is one of the best cruisers I’ve skated to date. It’s low to the ground, easy to skate, and quite turny. I’m quite pleased that I own this board and get to skate it often. However, the turning did feel a bit awkward sometimes … 

Check out my review for more.

Table of Contents

  • Width – 9″.
  • Length – 33″.
  • Wheels -Hawgs 72mm 78a Plow King wheels.
  • Trucks – Reverse kingpin Bear Gen 6 trucks. 50*, 180mm.
  • Bearings – Space Balls Abec 7 bearings.
  • Construction – 7plys of Maple

**Though Landyachtz did send me this to review and ride as part of my sponsorship agreement with them, I will remain unbiased and fair in the review. A big part of me accepting the sponsorship was being able to review products from an unbiased POV.


When it comes to cruisers, I like those that are on the smaller side of the spectrum. They’re usually a bit nimbler, easier to carry around and just more fun to cruise with than bigger ones – hitting features, busting out small slides and slaloming between road obstacles is what I crave for and small cruisers have that juice on tap. 

That said, you often can’t fit very big wheels on them and they aren’t suited for skating distances more than a handful of miles. Mini-cruisers do have their limitations.

I really liked the Fireball cruiser as a mini cruiser but I couldn’t push it for too long before getting tired. Pushing uphill and over rougher roads kinda sucked as well – it just wasn’t the type of board suited to that sort of riding … 

I was itching for something that was just as compact as the Fireball but was better for getting around, especially over those longer distances.

I had been eyeing the Drop Cat 33 for a long time (even before my sponsorship) as it seemed like the sort of board I was looking for – it was relatively compact (33inches long), had a standing platform that was low to the ground (easy to push), had bigger wheels (would roll longer and over most things), and seemed to turn on a dime (easy fun slalom). So naturally, I had to pick it.

When I actually got to ride it, my suspicions were confirmed. It was easy to ride but ofcourse, one or two little things that weren’t obvious affected the overall ride.

For more info on the best cruisers on the market, check out this article here.

The Drop Cat is quite small …

At 33inches, this is one of the smaller drop-through cruisers around and I really liked this. I’ve always felt like most drop-through cruisers are too big (most are about 36inches in length). This makes them feel a bit slow turning and sluggish, and makes them feel unwieldy when carrying them around – I’ve bumped many a people in a supermarket aisle trying to handle a big board. 

I’ve also always felt like I have to have my feet too far apart to handle those bigger boards (I’m only 5ft10, so taller riders may disagree with this).

Because it is so small and is also a drop-through, you sort of get both the benefits of riding a drop-through and the benefits of a smaller compact board. As a result, the Landyachtz Drop Cat is easy to carry around, lightweight and has a nimble feel when turning – it’s very reactive to your input and.I love this!

However, with this small size comes a rather small standing platform. You only have about 20inches of actually board to stand on as the wheel cutouts to avoid wheelbite are quite big. 

This small standing platform isn’t going to work for everyone – especially those with wider stances. I think tall riders will be affected the most.

The standing platform isn’t too big

The standing platform of this board is only about 20inches long, 9inches wide at the front and 8inches at the back. It tapers to the smaller 8inch width from the front to the back.

It’s about the same as riding most compact cruisers – but you have a wider, more comfortable standing platform. So if you’re used to small cruisers, you’ll be able to transition to this one with no issue. 

Basically, if you can comfortably stand over the mounting points of a small cruiser with a wheelbase between 14-17inches, this board will likely be ok for you.

And whilst it is wide and kinda comfortable, I couldn’t help but sometimes feel that I didn’t have enough room length wise. I think it’s because I unconciously prefer to have my feet over the mounting options that I felt this way. Other than that, I’m quite happy with the overall size of the board.

The Landyachtz Drop Cat has flex

The board has a considerable amount of flex and will flex under your weight. This lowers your to the ground and makes pushing and footbraking abit easier. Paired with the considerable amount of rocker, you actually ride super close to the ground.

The flex also just adds a bit of bounce and “juice” to the overall ride. It makes it a bit more fun as you can bounce in and out of the turns – just watch out you don’t accidentaly force the wheels to break traction as you do. It’s quite easy to do this if you’re over enthusiastic.

Finally, the flex acts as a shock absorber and it helps harsh out the feedback you get from riding over rougher surfaces.

This complete is really turny!

As I mentioned earlier, I usually dislike how to drop throughs turn. They aren’t very nimble, feel sluggish and they take forever to turn. Fortunately, the Drop Cat has a much better feel when turning.

Because of it’s compact size, it has a smaller wheelbase. This allows it to have a smaller turning circle and a sharper turn. It also has a considerable amount of rocker which carries on throughout the board. This rocker wedges the front trucks by about 5-7* and wedges the back trucks by about 3-5*. 

This rocker brings the overall truck angles to about 57 and 53 degrees. Naturally, a higher angle truck turns a lot more and this adds to the nimble feel.

Though it is nimble and it does turn a lot, with the stock bushing setup the board didn’t give me a particularly nice feel when turning. 

It had a tightrope sort of balancing point and it would turn too suddenly for my liking … I talk more about this in the “what I didn’t like about the Drop Cat section below. Messing with the bushings did solve this, and some riders might actually not find issue with it at all.

How does the turning feel?

When it comes to turning, the board doesn’t turn much, then it turns a lot/suddenly, and then it quickly taps out of that turn. You don’t really dig into the turn as you would with a top-mount board, the turn sort of taps out, and you can lean and fall off the board if you keep adding more pressure/leaning expecting the board to lean and turn even more. 

You kinda have to hold the angle and just hold on as the board turns. It’s like a dead end of the lean and you just hold it there.

The board sits super low to the ground

The drop-through nature of the board, the considerable amount of rocker and the flex allows this board to sit super low to the ground. This does a few things.

It’s super easy to push and footbrake

The first thing the low height does is make the Drop Cat really easy to push and footbrake on. 

When skating longer distances and skating uphill even, I could feel myself getting less fatigued as I didn’t have to reach as far to get my foot down to push. I wasn’t bouncing up and down as much to get to teh ground and I was able to conserve a lot of energy.

Footbraking was also a lot easier. I gave the board to a friend who was struggling with footbraking and they were able to do it quite easily on this. They struggled a lot on a top mount as it was higher off the ground but came close to doing it quite well with the Drop Cat.

I found the board to be quite comfortable

When it comes to concave, the board has minimal features and the concave is rather mellow. It does have wheelflare sort of things and kinda rises up where the cut outs are. This might be uncomfortable if you have really big feet, but should be ok for most.

The main place that felt kinda of uncomfortable was the rear of the board. If I put my feet directly across the wheel flare sort of things it wouldn’t feel very nice. 

The only issue I see is the standing platform feeling a bit too small for bigger riders.

The construction is solid

Despite being really flexy, these boards can carry riders up to 250lbs in weight. The construction is solid and I haven’t had an issue with any cracks or anything forming. I only weigh 150lbs, but I make sure to abuse my boards, taking them over all sorts of environments. 

No issue so far construction wise with the Drop Cat.

Is it good for learning to slide?

It’s not a good board for downhill skating. It has flex and a lot of wedging which increases the angles of your trucks considerably, this can make it unstable at faster speeds.

However, because it is so low to the ground and it is a drop-through, it will be a good board for learning to slide. Drop-throughs and boards that sit close to the ground break traction super easy and this is no different.

I gave it to a buddy of mine who was still learning to slide and he had a blast. It broke traction easily for him and he was sliding within minutes of riding it.

It’s not a bad board for doing downhill stuff with under 25mph.

However, because the standing platform is quite small, it’s best for riders with a narrower stance. You might suffer if you like a wider stance for sliding.

The components are quite good

Apart from being a great board all-around the Drop Cat comes with excellent components too. It is paired with Bear trucks and Hawgs wheels – all baby companies of Landyachtz.

I was really impressed with the Plow kings

The Plow Kings surprised me! I didn’t think these wheels would be this good. Looking at the product pictures, I took them at face value and discounted them as regular, kinda wack longboard wheels. But they blew me away when I actually tried them 

These roll fast and pick up acceleration quickly. They rolled over most things and absorbed a ton of road vibration. They didn’t have an amazing amount of traction or grip, but were good enough for a cruiser wheel. But I should not understate that they roll really fast and accelerate quite quickly. They’re not a race winning wheel, but they really excel in that 15-30mph range.

They were also quite easy to slide despite having such a wide shape … though I reckon it’s mostly because they were attatched to the Drop Cat that they have been easy to slide, so take that with a grain of salt.

The Bear Spaceball bearings are decent

When I skated them the first few times a lot of lube leaked out of them and on to the shields. This is largely normal though. The lube leaking out was the excess lubricant in the bearing and this happens to most bearings as they break in.

Bearings with thicker lubricants (eg. Lithium Grease) don’t have this happen to them though …

You will have to wipe the wheel down to get it clean once the lube stops coming out.

Otherwise the bearings are still wroking quite well. I’ve skated them over dust, mud, puddles etc. and they’re still going strong. No issues so far.

The Bear Gen 6 trucks are high-quality

The Gen 6 trucks are the update Bear cast trucks. A lot of people didin’t like the 5th gen bear trucks and after trying them myself I can see why. The Gen 6 are considerably better though.

These have a very flowy turn, and feel quite leany and carvy. The turn is usually quite predicatable and smooth. 

What I didn’t like about the Landyachtz Drop Cat

It had a tight-rope feel when skating.

When leaning, the board would turn very suddenly and quickly and would react to my inputs quite drastically and then would suddenly stop turning as much. This gave the board an overall tight-rope feel like I was balancing on a point and it would turn very quickly/suddenly if leaned either left or right.

Honestly, this feel isn’t too bad and some people might like it, but I didn’t find it to be very comfortable and it made the board a bit awkward to skate. It was also not very confidence-inspiring at higher speeds (20-25mph) –  you want a board with a smooth, forgiving turn for going fast.

How did I fix this?

A quick fix to this tight-rope feel would be removing the cupped washer on the bottom of the boardside bushing. This will give the board an overall better feel as the bushings won’t be constricted as much and will allow the trucks to flow better. But for the best feel, you should pick up some aftermarket bushings according to your weight.

 What after market bushings am I using?

I eventually switched over to soft hardcore bushings which gave me the feedback and the smoother lean that I was looking for. I am currently riding the 85a (white) bushings in the front truck and the 87a (green) bushings in the back truck. The board still turns just as much, but the turning isn’t as sudden and it leans in a smoother controllable way. 

These bushings also give me feedback (a tiny bit of bounce) when I’m engaging the truck rather than just mushing over and allowing the truck to flop left or right. This gives me a lot of confidence, both at low speeds and slightly higher speeds as well.

I think higher rebound bushings (like Powell Hardcore bushings, and Venom SHRs) give a better feel in them. I tried some Venom HPF and they felt waay too mushy for my liking. Higher rebound bushings gave me a better feel.

The graphic got dirty quite easily

I got the version of the Drop cat with the white graphic. Being in Kenya, where there is dust, mud and all sorts of things, the board nturally got a bit dirty. Also, grease stains stuck on it and stuck out a bit.

I cleaned it for the review and they more or less came off. Some stubborn stains stayed but it was more or less like new. But if if how the graphic looks is important to you, get the darker versions where the stains won’t show up.

Is the price fair?

Depending on where you pick it up, this board will cost you bout $200. It is a bit on the expensive side, but you are paying a premium for high-quality products with great components.

If you like what I’ve said in the review, you will absolutely love this board and it will be worth it for you.

No kicktail – not the best for all sorts of terrain

Not having a kicktail hasn’t really affected me so far. I’m quite used to navigating urban roads on boards that don’t have tail (most of the DH boards I have don’t have one), so this was quite easy to adjust to. 

However, I can see the lack of a kicktail being an issue for people who have to use one to go up curbs and the like.

Things to watch out for!

It’s easy to kick the wheels.

Because its so short and sort of narrow size, you can sometimes kick the wheels on this board when you’re pushing. This only happened to me the first few times skating the board, or when skating it after a long-period of not skating it. I would quickly adjust and it would’t be an issue any more.

Just something to keep in mind.

Be careful riding over puddles

The cut-outs let water and mud  through. You’ll get sprayed if you roll over any of these.

Unless you have wheel shields to protect against the water spray, this board is best for riding in the dry.

Don’t use trucks under 160mm in width

You’ll get wheelbite quite easily with trucks that are a shorter width than this. And with this board, you’re going to want to avoid wheelbite as much as possible. It is often quite sudden and you’ll find yourself flying forward.

Who is this board right for?

  • Looking for a relatively compact cruiser that will be easy to skate around with? This is the one for you.
  • Still want a compact board but want something better suited for longer distances? This is a good choice.
  • Looking to buy a board for a kid? This one is a good choice. The smaller size and standing platform accomodates a shorter stance. They’ll have better control and a better riding experience with this board.
  • Looking for a great beginner board? This is a great choice.

Who shouldn’t buy this board?

  • If the board doesn’t fit your budget, it isn’t a good choice for you.
  • If you have a very wide stance, this board might be too small for you. You should consider the Drop Cat 38.
  • If you want kicktails, this isn’t a good choice.

Where to buy the Drop Cat cruiser?

Buy the Drop Cat here at the Landyachtz website. Use the code – “ AroniSkate&Explore15 ” for 5% off.

You can buy the Drop Cat 33 here at the Stokedride shop.

You can also pick up the Drop Cat 38 here at Stokedride shop too.

What do you think, is the Landyatchz Drop Cat right for you?

If you’ve liked what you’ve read I highly recommend you pick up the Drop Cat. You will absolutely love it. If you’re still hesitant, I recommend looking at my best cruiser boards list for more options and info on other boards.

Big thanks to my  patrons  Jed, SuperbadJuju, Mowgii, Bryan, Andrew, Jan, Jay, Owen, Samil, Daniel, Alex, and Kasajja for the support. Your continued support of me allows me to keep making things like this. Cheers!

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landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Philip Krayna

Hi- thanks for a great and thorough review. I am buying the 38” model— what specific bushings would you put on to improve ride? I couldn’t tell from your review and photos which brand and durometer you recommend.

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

I am currently riding the 85a (white) bushings in the front truck and the 87a (green) bushings in the back truck. I weight 150lbs/about 70kg. It should work good for you if you’re about the same weight

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Looking into getting some Venom SHR standard bushings. Do you know if I have to get separate washers? Sorry, new to this whole thing but really need to make adjustments to improve maneuverability as I am a pretty light rider.

Depends on where you buy them from. If you get them from muirskate you can get them with washers.

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landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Stronger Together, Forged in Adventure

Forged Venture

Landyachtz drop hammer longboard: a comprehensive review, brief overview of landyachtz drop hammer longboard.

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard is a versatile and dynamic board that has taken the market by storm. It is an ideal board for cruising around town, commuting to work or school, and even downhill riding.

The 36.5-inch deck offers a low center of gravity which makes it easier to maneuver. One of the main things that sets the Drop Hammer apart from other longboards in the market is its unique design.

The board features a drop-through truck mount, which lowers the center of gravity and provides more stability at higher speeds. The deck’s concave shape ensures better foot placement and control while carving or sliding.

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

The Landyachtz team has put in a lot of effort to create a durable, high-quality board that can withstand rough terrain and regular use. They have also given attention to detail and aesthetics, making it not only functional but also visually appealing.

Purpose of the Review

In this article, we will delve deeper into what makes this longboard special by providing an overview of its design and build quality, components used, riding experience across different terrains, as well as highlighting pros and cons for potential buyers. Whether you’re an experienced rider looking for your next upgrade or just starting out in the world of longboarding, this review aims to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether this board is right for you. So sit tight as we walk you through everything there is to know about the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard!

Design and Build Quality

Description of the deck shape and size.

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard has a unique design that sets it apart from other boards on the market. The board is 36.5 inches long by 10 inches wide, giving riders ample room to move around comfortably.

The deck features a drop-through mounting style, which lowers the center of gravity and makes the board more stable at high speeds. This design also allows for easier pushing, making it a great option for commuting or cruising.

Material used for the deck and trucks

The deck of the Landyachtz Drop Hammer is made from bamboo and fiberglass, which gives it both durability and flex. This combination of materials creates a board that can handle rough terrain while still providing a comfortable ride. The trucks are made from aluminum, which makes them lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle aggressive riding styles.

Durability and sturdiness of the board

One of the most impressive aspects of the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard is its durability. The combination of bamboo and fiberglass in the deck creates a strong foundation that can withstand heavy use without cracking or warping over time. Additionally, the aluminum trucks are designed to hold up against wear and tear from sliding or carving maneuvers.

Overall, the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard is built to last while still providing riders with an enjoyable ride experience. Its unique design elements contribute to its durability as well as its performance on different terrains.

Riding Experience

Smoothness of ride on different terrains.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard is how smoothly it glides over various terrains. Whether you’re on a flat, smooth surface or cruising over rough pavement, this board provides an incredibly comfortable ride. The drop-through design, combined with the soft bushings and shock-absorbing wheels, make for a buttery-smooth experience that feels like floating on air.

Maneuverability and control while carving or cruising

Thanks to the compact size and low center of gravity, this board is highly maneuverable and easy to control. Whether you’re carving down a winding hill or navigating through tight turns on a busy sidewalk, you’ll feel confident and in control at all times. The responsive trucks are well-suited for quick turns and sharp maneuvers, making it an ideal choice for riders who want to experiment with different styles.

Stability at high speeds

Despite its relatively small size, the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard is surprisingly stable at high speeds. This is due in part to its wider deck shape and lowered platform design, which provide excellent stability and balance even when cruising downhill at top speeds. Additionally, the heavy-duty trucks are designed to handle high-speed riding without wobbling or shaking excessively.

Overall, the riding experience offered by this board is exceptional regardless of your skill level or preferred riding style. Whether you’re looking for a casual cruiser or an adrenaline-pumping downhill ride machine, the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard delivers in every way possible.

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Components: The Heart of the Landyachtz Drop Hammer Longboard

Quality wheels for smooth riding.

One of the key components of any longboard is its wheels. The Landyachtz Drop Hammer comes equipped with high-quality Hawgs wheels that help provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

The 70mm diameter ensures that the board can easily handle rough surfaces like cracks, bumps, and pebbles without any trouble. Additionally, the 78a durometer rating means that these wheels are soft enough to absorb shocks in order to prevent you from feeling every bump in the road.

Bearings Matter Too!

Another crucial component for a longboard are its bearings. The Landyachtz Drop Hammer comes fitted with high-end Bear Spaceballs bearings that allow for a speedy and responsive ride. These bearings are pre-lubricated with enough grease to ensure they will last a long time and maintain their performance even after extensive use.

Grip Tape for Safety and Control

Grip tape is another vital component of any longboard as it provides traction between your feet and the board. Without proper grip tape, riders can experience slippage or lose control while riding. Luckily, The Landyachtz Drop Hammer features an extra-coarse grip tape to give riders maximum traction under their feet at all times.

Each component plays an important role in overall performance of this board. From smoother rides, quick turns, safe riding experience to maintaining speed over longer distances, each aspect needs to work together in perfect harmony to give the rider an unforgettable experience!

Pros and Cons

Advantages of owning a landyachtz drop hammer longboard.

There are a lot of reasons to love the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard. For starters, its size and shape make it incredibly versatile.

The deck’s length and concave shape provide stability for cruising, while the dropped platform makes it easy to push around without sacrificing speed on hills or smooth terrain. Additionally, its drop-through design lowers the deck height for better control and makes it easier to push.

Another advantage is its quality components. The board comes equipped with top-notch Bear Grizzly 852 trucks that offer excellent turning ability and stability at high speeds.

The wheels are also high-quality Hawgs Supremes with a 69mm diameter that offers good roll speed without sacrificing grip. This board boasts an attractive design with a variety of graphics to choose from – making it perfect for riders who want both performance and style.

Drawbacks or areas for improvement

Despite all of its advantages, there are a few drawbacks to the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard that potential buyers should consider before making a purchase. One common complaint is that the drop-through design can make the board feel unstable at higher speeds due to increased flexibility in the deck. This issue can be remedied by tightening your trucks or selecting stiffer bushings for added stability.

Another drawback is that this board may not be suitable for riders who prefer less flex in their boards. Although some riders appreciate the added bounce in their ride, others find it uncomfortable or difficult to control at high speeds.

Overall, the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard is an excellent choice for riders looking for versatility and quality components in their ride. While there are some minor drawbacks to consider, they don’t detract too much from what is overall an excellent board designed with both style and performance in mind.

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer: An Exceptional Longboard Overall

After thorough evaluation of the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard , it is safe to say that this board is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a versatile, high-performance longboard. The design and build quality are top-notch, with a sturdy and durable deck made from high-quality materials.

The riding experience is smooth and stable, with excellent maneuverability and control while cruising or carving. The components also contribute to overall performance, with high-quality wheels, bearings, and grip tape.

Pros and Cons of the Landyachtz Drop Hammer

Like any product on the market today, the Landyachtz Drop Hammer longboard has its pros and cons. The advantages of owning this board far outweigh any drawbacks or areas for improvement. Some of the pros include its versatile design that makes it ideal for different types of riding styles such as commuting or downhill riding.

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s relatively affordable compared to other premium boards in this category. One drawback that may be worth noting is that some riders may find it challenging to ride at very high speeds due to wheel wobble issues; however, adjusting your trucks can alleviate this problem.

The Final Verdict: Should You Buy The Landyachtz Drop Hammer?

If you’re looking for a top-performing longboard with excellent maneuverability and stability at high speeds without breaking the bank, then you should definitely consider buying the Landyachtz Drop Hammer. You’ll get great value for your money with a premium quality board designed specifically to meet all your cruising or commuting needs!

How to Choose a Freestyle Longboard


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landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Riding Boards

Landyachtz Drop Cat 38

The Landyachyz Drop Cat 38 is an excellent drop-through longboard for learning to freeride. It’s like a drop deck although not in a conventional way (strong rocker).

At 38.6″ by 9.9″, it’s long and wide enough for comfort and secure feel, yet short enough for easy pushing into slides and going switch as the symmetrical shape lets you ride both ways.

See Ridingboards’s full review

  • Description
  • Additional information

The Drop Cat is designed for maximum stability at speed with a long stable 29.3″ wheelbase and a strong truck-to-truck rocker making the board super low riding.

The Drop Cat gives you the best of both worlds for freeriding: a low-riding board stable at speed, but one that lets you break into slides with ease while giving you that secure feel and control you need as a beginner. Perfect for taller riders or those looking for a more stable ride.

This board has a strong and durable maple construction and a futuristic rocker profile. It comes with Bear Grizzly trucks and large grippy 72mm Hawgs wheels.

Related products

Loaded Fattail 38

Loaded Fattail 38

The Fattail is an improved version of a pintail designed primarily for carving and pumping. It has energetic flex and a lightweight, durable construction.

Landyachtz Battle Axe

Landyachtz Battle Axe 38

The Battle Axe Paper Tiger is a drop through longboard that measures 38″ long by 9.4″ wide at the front with a significant taper towards the rear. Its 8 ply maple construction gives it a moderate amount of flex which, combined with its super low ride height and mellow concave, makes it a very stable platform ideal for beginners or riders looking for a fast, comfortable board to commute on. The Battle Axe comes equipped with our flagship 50 degree 180mm grizzly Gen 6 trucks ideal for deep carves and confident cruising. The wheels are 69mm 78a Hawgs that will keep you rolling fast, gripping hard and cruising over everything in your path.

Loaded Tarab 47

Loaded Tarab 47

The Loaded Tarab is one of the best dancer boards out there, a high-performance board specifically designed for dancing. It’s also a great longboard for distance commuting.

The Tarab II with its roomy platform, rockered shape with subtle concave, reinforced kicks, and highly durable composite construction, is probably the most sophisticated dancing longboards on the market .

See Ridingboards’ complete review

Landyachtz Drop Cat 33

Landyachtz Drop Cat 33

The innovative high rocker makes this board low riding for pushing and distance, and offers nice foot lock-in for freeride. The mild flex helps absorb shocks from uneven ground without affecting stability when going fast.

With a 33″ length, the Drop Cat is the smallest drop-through Landyachtz has ever made. It’s an outstanding short longboard for freeriding, beginner sliding, carving, and some downhill speed. The Drop Cat’s small size makes it ideal for riding tight corners and narrow pathways.

See Ridingboards’ mini review

Privacy Overview

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Free Shipping on all North American Orders over $125 – Excluding Bikes

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat




landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat




Drop Cat 38 – Dune

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

A tapered, directional, drop-through longboard that has the perfect amount of flex. The Drop Cat 38 is ideal for taller riders or people looking for a stable yet responsive feel. The medium flex will smooth out your ride on rough pavement while still being stiff enough to handle some speed and sliding. The flares on the corners of the deck keep you locked in and comfortable. An aggressive rocker brings you closer to the ground and changes the angle of the trucks, which increases the responsiveness of the board. The lowered platform makes this board extra fast for pushing and large commutes, while simultaneously increasing stability. Get a taste of perfection with the Drop Cat 38.

Flex Rating

Skate Spots

Pathways | Campus | Mellow Hills



Time-tested maple construction and super low ride height come together with a futuristic rocker profile to create a board that lets you travel through time to sample the very best of what we’ve learned over 20-plus years of designing boards. The Dune graphic is created by Jesse Stone. The Drop Cat 38 is made with 8 plies of high-quality Canadian maple and comes in at 38″ long by 9.9″ wide. 180mm Gen 6 reverse kingpin trucks are a perfect fit for this deck, and we set it up in the 50-degree baseplate option for maximum carve-ability. To finish it off, we added the PLow King GTs for a smooth, fast ride. Dig deep into your carves and enjoy every minute of your skate with the Drop Cat.

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Gen 6 180mm

Redesigned from the ground up and incorporating technology perfected in our high end DH and Freeride trucks, Gen 6 Grizzlies are the best performing cast trucks on the market today. Game changing strength and highly refined steering geometry are just the tip of the iceberg.

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

74mm Plow King GT

The bigger brother to the Plow King, the Plow King GT is taller, wider, and softer than last time! The Plow King GT comes in at 74mm tall and 66.5mm wide, with a durometer of 76a. These upgraded specs offer a faster, smoother, and grippier ride allowing anyone to tackle even bigger and badder terrain!

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

 Spaceballs are our answer to all of your bearing problems.  Never again can you lose your washers, or spacers because we’ve built them into the inner race!  On the functional side, this means your bearings are always mated correctly which negates any bearing-induced chatter. 

Orders are currently leaving our warehouses within 1 – 3 business days. For us, “business days” means Monday – Friday as we do not ship orders on weekends. From Monday to Friday our hours of operation are 9am – 5pm PST, excluding statutory holidays. Order processing times are subject to change and orders may ship out later (or earlier) than the aforementioned window – depending on how busy we are.

USA:  Free Shipping on orders above $125*. Express/Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost.

  • West Coast*  – all orders shipped ground, average transit time is 2-3 days.
  • East Coast* –  all orders shipped express from our LA warehouse, transit time is usually around 5-7 days.

CANADA:  Free Shipping on orders above $125*. Express/Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost

REST OF THE WORLD:  Live rates based on destination.  Customers are responsible for any local taxes, duties and customs clearance fees on their order.

At Landyachtz we have always aimed to improve the quality of the skateboard you ride and we strongly believe in the boards we make. You can rest assured knowing that, in the rare case of defect, our skateboards come with a 1 year warranty.  

The more we know, the easier it is to help your claim!  The best way to submit your warranty claim is using the form below .   There you can provide all of the necessary information and images we require to assess  your warrant y  claim. Before completing the form please ensure you have photos that show the top and bottom of the board as well as detailed pictures of the affected area.

Please allow us 3-7 business days for us to asses your warranty claim and get in contact with you. We will do our best to make sure you’re back on a quality skateboard as soon as possible.

The   following issues are not covered by our warranty:

  • Impact damage, including snaps and cracks
  • Run over by a vehicle (or horse)
  • Scratches or minor chips
  • Water damage


landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Drop Hammer – Sun Fox

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Top Cat 37 – Fade

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Rally Cat FG

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Switchblade 38 – Crown Peak

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Ditch Life – Sand Cat

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Pocket Knife – Wash

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Slim Jim – Baja Sail

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Dinghy Classic – Wave

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Ripper – Forager

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Drop Hammer – Lighthouse

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Big Dipper – Sun Logo

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Tony Danza – Texture Flow

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Tugboat – Space Tiger

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Dinghy Shape 9 – Eyes Cube

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Dinghy Blunt – Tropical Night

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

ATV X Classic – Fern

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Tugboat – Light Peak

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Battle Axe – Sanctuary

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Evo 40 – Bear

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Surf Life – Flow

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Stratus 46 – Texture Flow

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Switchblade 40 – Chief Night

landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

Jammer – Gravity

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landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat


landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat


Flex Ratings

We’ve categorized the stiffness of our boards into 3 main groups, listed below.  The general rule is the faster you’re skating, the stiffer the deck, but this is not universal.

Flexy – Soft and supple flex profile best suited for carving and cruising on longer boards. The bouncy nature of these decks lets you turn deeper and surf your surrounds.

Medium – The do it all of our boards, a perfect balance of stability and carve. 

Stiff – From cruisers to downhill boards a stiff flex profile excels in stability and responsiveness.  Whether you’re dipping into driveways or bombing a mountain pass you’ll be down with the stiffness.


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    landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

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    landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

  3. Review & Comparison: Landyachtz Drop Cat 33, Arbor Zeppelin, and a

    landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

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    landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

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    landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat

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    landyachtz drop hammer vs drop cat


  1. perfect excavator piling drop hammer 4.5Ton #shortsfeed #shortvideo #youtubeshorts #shorts #short

  2. Хантер 390 А (НДНД) с мотором 6 (9.8) л.с.

  3. Landyachtz Drop Cat 33

  4. MHL48th 2023 12/17 Gold Division DROP HAMMER vs SONIDO 3-11

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  1. Drop Hammer vs Drop Cat? : r/LandyachtzBoards

    I'd say the drop hammer is a bit more fun and the drop cat is a bit more practical. Hi, 180 lbs is nothing for a drop cat, no worries on bottoming the drop cat. I have the drop cat and love the lowness of it, also the shape allows to use 85mm speed vents or caguamas. If you use for longer runs, go for the lower board.

  2. A little confused and looking for some beginner advice on ...

    The drop hammer has 70mm supreme hawgs with a width of 54mm, vs the 72mm plough kings with a width of 62mm that come on the drop cat. The plough kings will be faster ofc. Another pro is that the wheels can be upgraded to speed vents or otang cags (both 85mm) as someone mentioned already, and both of these wheels would make for a very fast and ...

  3. Landyachtz Drop Hammer Review: Comfortable, Pushable, Stable

    The Drop Hammer has great carving capabilities while still being stable enough for riding down decent hills with no speed wobbles. The Drop Hammer is strong and durable and can take a 250-300lb rider without issues. This board is quite lightweight and easy to carry around. The artwork on the Pinecone version of the Drop Hammer is stunning.

  4. Best Landyachtz Longboard By Riding Style [2023-2024]

    Landyachtz Drop Cat 33″ - 38″. The Drop Cat is a rockered directional drop-through commuter longboard. It comes in two sizes, 33″ x 9 5/8″ (23.9 WB) and 38″ x 9.9″ (29.3″ WB). The innovative high rocker makes this board low riding for pushing and distance and gives good foot lock-in for freeride.

  5. Landyachtz Drop Hammer Review

    This is a good board, thank you Landyachtz for making it. Very good.Catch the in-depth accompanying writeup here -

  6. Landyachtz Drop Hammer Review

    The Drop Hammer isn't super long, but it is still a pretty longboard. This means it isn't super nimble. If you're trying to weave in and out of traffic or in-between tight obstacles, you will suffer. The board doesn't make the tightest of turns easily. That aside, it will be turny enough for most uses.


    How's it going everyone? Today, John reviews the Landyachtz Drop Hammer for you. Watch his cruise and hear what he thinks about it. If you have any questions...

  8. Landyachtz Drop Cat review

    The Landyachtz Drop Cat has flex. The board has a considerable amount of flex and will flex under your weight. This lowers your to the ground and makes pushing and footbraking abit easier. Paired with the considerable amount of rocker, you actually ride super close to the ground.

  9. Landyachtz Drop Hammer Longboard: A Comprehensive Review

    The 36.5-inch deck offers a low center of gravity which makes it easier to maneuver. One of the main things that sets the Drop Hammer apart from other longboards in the market is its unique design. The board features a drop-through truck mount, which lowers the center of gravity and provides more stability at higher speeds.

  10. The Best Beginner Boards 2019

    Axis 40 Bamboo. Arbor's Axis 40 Bamboo from the side. This is a 40″ drop-through deck with reverse kingpin trucks. It'll be stable, won't turn super fast, and will be best for cruising, relaxed riding, and, of course, learning! Bamboo is excellent because it's strong, incredibly flexible, and sustainable.

  11. Landyachtz Drop Cat 33" cruiser (in depth) review

    You can also buy the Drop Cat from the Landyachtz website (*). Use the c...

  12. Landyachtz Drop Cat 38

    The Landyachyz Drop Cat 38 is an excellent drop-through longboard for learning to freeride. It's like a drop deck although not in a conventional way (strong rocker). At 38.6″ by 9.9″, it's long and wide enough for comfort and secure feel, yet short enough for easy pushing into slides and going switch as the symmetrical shape lets you ride both ways.

  13. Longboards • Landyachtz

    1. 2. →. Our Longboards are designed to get you out exploring your environment, no matter what kind of terrain you have surrounding you. The boards in this category come in two deck styles; Top mounted or Drop-through. Top mount boards give you tons of leverage over your trucks, giving you a deeper carving, surfy feel and a lively ride underfoot.

  14. LY Drop Cat 38

    Should I get Drop Hammer / Drop Cat or Switchblade? The winner is Drop Cat. It's rocker is amazing, there is no need to be afraid of its low profile. I tried...


    Based on the Drop Cat and featuring an incredible rocker, mellow concave, and top-mount design, this board is truly a sweet ride. If you compare the Top Cat to the Drop Cat, you will notice the lack of wheel flares and the lack of drop-through cut-outs. The Top Mount style gives more leverage over the truck for better responsiveness, grip and ...

  16. Drop Hammer

    Skate Spots. The Drop Hammer is a symmetrical drop-through longboard measuring 36.5″ long and 10″ wide. Its low ride height makes it an ideal city commuter and its medium concave and reasonably stiff construction make it a perfect board for an introduction to freeriding and carving on bigger hills. The Drop Hammer has been modified to work ...

  17. Drop cat 33" vs Drop cat 38" vs Battle Axe 38"

    mattydude420. • 3 yr. ago. Drop Cat 38: Bigger wheelbase means less wobbles/not big wobbles. Also, the deck has a comfortable flex making it great for long distance and paired with it's wheels it can handle rough concrete. The Battle Axe being stiffer makes it harder on your feet to push and balance for a long time.

  18. Drop Cat 38

    The Drop Cat 38 is made with 8 plies of high-quality Canadian maple and comes in at 38″ long by 9.9″ wide. 180mm Gen 6 reverse kingpin trucks are a perfect fit for this deck, and we set it up in the 50-degree baseplate option for maximum carve-ability. To finish it off, we added the PLow King GTs for a smooth, fast ride.

  19. Landyachtz Drop Cat 38 mild hill bomb and carving around town

    Just out for a cruise with my dad