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Life time | from eur€ 15,000/wk.

Sailing Yacht LIFETIME

COLIBRI | From US$ 57,900/wk

Sailing Catamaran COLIBRI

DUCHESS | From EUR€ 35,000/wk

Motor Yacht DUCHESS

VALIUM 67 | From EUR€ 35,000/wk

Motor Yacht VALIUM 67

PANGEA | Enquire for Pricing

Luxury Yacht PANGEA

STEPHANIE | From EUR€ 35,500/wk

Superyacht STEPHANIE

Celtic Spirit of Fastnet ex Lazy Jacques

lazy jacques

dARTAGNAN | From EUR€ 23,000/wk


Lady Godiva Swan 60 | From AUS$ 24,150/wk

Godiva home

EVENIA | Enquire for Pricing

Motor Yacht EVENIA

Sunseeker 62 | From EUR€ 13,000/wk

sunseek home

BREIZILE ONE | From EUR€ 34,000/wk

Sailing Yacht BREIZILE ONE (sistership)

MY LIFE FIVE III | From EUR€ 27,000/wk


Gullet Anatolie | From EUR€ 11,550/wk


Princess 65


TRUE STORY | From US$ 29,000/wk

Sailing Catamaran TRUE STORY

Gemini 70 | From EUR€ 18,000/wk


CHILOE | From EUR€ 44,800/wk

Sailing Catamaran CHILOE (sistership)

20m yacht price

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Boats for Sale 20m Boats

Welcome to our curated selection of boats, sorted by size. Explore our collection of vessels approximately 20m in length. Each listing offers a unique opportunity to discover the perfect vessel tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch with a member of the team to pair you up with your ideal vessel.

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View yacht BGX63, available for sale

BGX63 , yacht for sale


View yacht ST. NICHOLAS, available for sale

ST. NICHOLAS , yacht for sale


View yacht Astrea, available for sale

Astrea , yacht for sale


View yacht GÜERO, available for sale

GÜERO , yacht for sale


View yacht SERENITY, available for sale

SERENITY , yacht for sale

2008 Azimut 62E

View yacht 2008 Azimut 62E, available for sale

2008 Azimut 62E , yacht for sale

Nauti Time

View yacht Nauti Time, available for sale

Nauti Time , yacht for sale


View yacht –, available for sale

– , yacht for sale

This Little Piggy

View yacht This Little Piggy, available for sale

This Little Piggy , yacht for sale


View yacht PRIME TIME, available for sale

PRIME TIME , yacht for sale

1983 Swiftships Charter Boat

View yacht 1983 Swiftships Charter Boat, available for sale

1983 Swiftships Charter Boat , yacht for sale


View yacht ALL IN, available for sale

ALL IN , yacht for sale

Galathea 65

View yacht Galathea 65, available for sale

Galathea 65 , yacht for sale

Off the Grid

View yacht Off the Grid, available for sale

Off the Grid , yacht for sale

Bonnie Lass

View yacht Bonnie Lass, available for sale

Bonnie Lass , yacht for sale


View yacht BLACK PEARL, available for sale

BLACK PEARL , yacht for sale

2020 Axcell 650 power catamaran

View yacht 2020 Axcell 650 power catamaran, available for sale

2020 Axcell 650 power catamaran , yacht for sale


View yacht Kelea, available for sale

Kelea , yacht for sale


View yacht 22, available for sale

22 , yacht for sale

Chasin’ Tail

View yacht Chasin’ Tail, available for sale

Chasin’ Tail , yacht for sale


View yacht SEA HAWK, available for sale

SEA HAWK , yacht for sale


View yacht 65 Sport yacht, available for sale

65 Sport yacht , yacht for sale


View yacht DA DINGHY, available for sale

DA DINGHY , yacht for sale

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20m yacht price

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Sunreef 80 Sail

23.99m | Sunreef | 2022

20m yacht price

18.9m | Lagoon | 2015

20m yacht price

19.5m | Lagoon | 2017

20m yacht price

20.15m | Azimut | 2022

20m yacht price

20.2m | Azimut | 2017

20m yacht price

20.36m | Fountaine Pajot | 2021

20m yacht price

20.46m | Sunseeker | 2022

20m yacht price

20.5m | Prestige | 2018

20m yacht price


20.5m | Aicon | 2022

20m yacht price


20.73m | Sunreef | 2017

20m yacht price

20.8m | Riva | 2005

20m yacht price

21.16m | Ferretti | 2001

20m yacht price

21.25m | Princess | 2016

20m yacht price


21.32m | Princess | 2021

20m yacht price

21.34m | Sunreef Yachts | 2012

20m yacht price

21.34m | Sunreef Yachts | 2021

20m yacht price

21.37m | Azimut | 2019

20m yacht price

21.46m | Prestige | 2018

20m yacht price

21.7m | Princess | 2007

20m yacht price

22.26m | Pershing | 2008

20m yacht price

22.31m | Princess | 2022

20m yacht price

22.56m | Sunreef | 2017

20m yacht price

22.64m | Azimut | 2018

20m yacht price

22.7m | Sunreef Yachts | 2022

20m yacht price

22.8m | Canados | 2004

20m yacht price


23m | Pearl Yachts | 2014

20m yacht price


23.28m | Lagoon | 2019

20m yacht price

23.28m | Lagoon | 2018

20m yacht price

23.6m | Sunseeker | 2018

20m yacht price

23.60m | Sunseeker | 2021

20m yacht price


23.6m | Baltic Yachts | 2008

20m yacht price

23.6m | Azimut | 2017

20m yacht price

23.64m | Azimut | 2021

20m yacht price

23.7m | Lazzara | 2010

20m yacht price

23.75m | Sanlorenzo | 2021

20m yacht price


23.77m | Lagoon | 2020

20m yacht price

23.77m | Privilege Marine | 2016

23.78m | Azimut | 2020

20m yacht price

23.8m | Lagoon | 2018

20m yacht price


23.84m | Lagoon | 2021

20m yacht price

23.96m | Sunreef Yachts | 2022


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20m yacht price

85m | Oceanco | 2010

20m yacht price

27m | Wally | 2022

20m yacht price

43m | Mondo Marine | 2006

20m yacht price




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Safehaven Marine

When You Demand Strength and Sea-Keeping

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World Speed Record holders with our own vessel and crew

NEW 2024 T-2000 Voyager. 20m High performance, long range blue water explorer catamaran revealed.

20m yacht price

The T-2000 ‘VOYAGER’ is a Safehaven Marine designed high speed, long range, blue water explorer catamaran. Its main design remit was for a vessel providing the best efficiency, economy and range in its size bracket at higher cruising speeds circa 30-40kts, but also be equally efficient and economical at lower planning and semi-planning speeds right down to displacement speeds, and to be capable of, due to her large fuel capacity of an extremely long range at these speeds: (1,000nm+ at 30kts and 1,700nm at 16kts and over 3,000nm at 9-10kts). As such Voyager is capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean non-stop. The T-2000 Voyager perfectly fulfils the role of an ‘Explorer’ yacht and will appeal to an owner looking to explore remote and occasionally inhospitable locations but who, on occasion wishes to get there fast and take advantage of favourable weather windows, but not at the sacrifice of comfort and excitement.

20m yacht price

Combining potentially a very high speed capability of well over 50kts when fitted with the largest engine options, with exceptionally good seakeeping abilities enabling high cruising speeds of circa 30kts+ to be maintained in even moderately rough sea conditions. Blue water cruising can inevitably mean bad weather is encountered simply due to the long distances involved, and when encountered a true blue water yacht must be able to deal with such situations. Drawing upon Safehaven Marines 25 years of experience in building commercial all weather pilot, S.A.R. and patrol craft, Voyager is capable of true ‘all weather’ operation. The design also draws from Safehaven’s experience in setting multiple UIM World long distance speed records: In 2021 Safehaven set a World record in their XSV20 demonstrator Thunder Child II for crossing the inhospitable North Atlantic from Ireland to Iceland, an 862nm voyage at an average speed of 30kts. As such Voyager will be well able to deal with hard weather, and able to safely weather a storm at sea and do so in comfort, as the interior design incorporates a high degree of luxury in its fit out and will be equally at home cruising and entertaining in the Mediterranean.

Below: A couple of examples of Safehaven’ Marines more than 150 all weather commercial vessels, an Interceptor 48 and HMS Magpie built for the Royal Navy, together with the UIM World record setting private motoryacht XSV20 Thunder Child II

20m yacht price

Hull Design. The T-2000 Voyager features hydrofoil supported symmetrical semi-wave piercing hulls that combine an inverted bow with traditional topside flare. The inverted bow provides a very fine waterline entry to cut through waves but also maximises waterline length, thereby increasing its displacement hull speed and corresponding efficiency whilst the topside flare keeps the boat dry, throwing spray clear. The bridge deck is terminated 3.5m from the bows to eliminate the possibility of waves slamming on the bridge deck in large steep head seas when inevitably forced to slow down, (traditionally the Achilles heel of catamaran designs). Additionally the bridge deck to waterline clearance is substantial, being a minimum of 1m at the transom in order to prevent wave impact on the bridge deck. Overall the visual design of T-2000 is very graceful being exceptionally sleek, far removed from the typical boxy looks of most catamarans and in side profile has the looks of a sports monohull yacht. A hydrofoil is optionally incorporated which improves efficiency at higher speeds by as much as 20% with little low speed penalty, lifting the hull out of the water at speeds over 20kts reducing drag and resistance. Its design and position being optimised through CFD, as were the hulls spacing which, at a 6.2m beam proved optimum for wake interaction, and 6.2m, (which could be considered moderate for its length) provided the best compromise between static stability and dynamic behaviour in waves. The moderate beam eliminates the sometimes uncomfortable motion very wide beam cats can have in a seaway on certain courses, whereas the T-2000 in essence rides like a monohull that doesn’t roll or yaw in beam and following seas, or slam in head seas. Its moderate beam also makes the T-2000 ‘marina friendly’.

Being fully custom built Voyager can be specified with a range of engines and propulsion systems. Alternative propulsion systems such as Volvo IPS, Waterjets and conventional shaft drive are available where still very fast maximum speeds of circa 40kts are adequate.

With an L.O.A. of 20m the Performance of Voyager for her size is extremely impressive. The first of class being powered by a pair of MAN V12 1,550hp engines and Twin Disc MGX5146A gearboxes with surface drive propulsion from a pair of France Helices SD5 drives. Surface drives were chosen as they provide the best efficiency at higher cruise speeds (circa 35-40kts), and the surface drives props are vented for smooth low speed operation. A maximum speed of well over 50kts makes her one of the fastest boats of her size around, comprehensively fulfilling the ‘high performance’ brief and providing excitement in abundance, yet the design almost uniquely also offers ‘Trawler style yacht’ range and ocean crossing capabilities. Close quarters manoeuvring is assisted by large and powerful twin bow thrusters and twin stern thrusters incorporating ‘variable speed’ capability, allowing the vessel to be held against the quay or marina whilst being tied up or cast off, a real advantage when short-handed or mooring in adverse conditions. The powerful thrusters combined with the gearboxes ‘Quick shift’ low speed function ensure the T-2000 is very easy to operate when berthing.

20m yacht price

Above, the main cabin arrangement and below the forward accommodation sleeping areas.

20m yacht price

Accommodation: The very spacious and luxuriously appointed main cabin features a central helm with a two seats, and a navigators seat to st/bd, all being air suspension Grammer shock mitigation seating. The helm position features a ‘floating’ console wide enough to house the three Garmin 19” displays in a glass helm effect. A lower dividing console between the seats houses the dedicated Empire Buss touch screen boat systems control panel, allowing all the boats various systems to be monitored and controlled from the helm. A navigators position features a glass digital chart table housing a 40” touch screen, allowing route planning to be comfortably undertake. To port alongside the helm area is positioned a lounging settee with a table seating 2-3, this provides a sociable area forward allowing passengers to also enjoy the view forward underway. Aft lies a full comprehensively equipped galley in a ‘U’ configuration. The inboard side of the worktop incorporates a concealed 42” TV electrically lifted and viewed from the elevated large five seat dinette seating opposite. The table here is a split design on electric pedestals, allowing the area to convert to a large berth. A unique feature of the main cabin is the ‘Glass floor’ section behind the helm, giving a spectacular view of the hydrofoil in operation at speed underway, as well as providing a cool ambience to the cabin when moored from LED lighting within the bridge deck.

Sleeping accommodation is provided between three cabins in the forward hulls, one being a spacious master’s cabin in the st/bd hull with the large king sized bed extending over the bridge deck. Outboard here is a lower seating area with a bureau and provides a great view just above the waterline through windows. The masters cabin features large bathroom and shower compartment. A VIP guest cabin is situated in the port hull with its own ensuite bathroom and shower. Both Master and VIP compartments are accessed from the main cabin via sliding doors and steps. A third separate crew cabin fitted with twin bunk berths and a bathroom / shower compartment is accessed via a hatch on the foredeck. Utility multiple air-conditioning units ensure a comfortable environment and a 30l/phr water maker combined with a 400L fresh water tank provides the necessary capabilities for fresh water during long voyages. An 18kw 240v AC generator and 5kw inverter provides AC power aboard both underway and at anchor. A very spacious aft deck area incorporates a ‘U’ shaped seating module with storage underneath and a large folding table on a pedestal for both comfortable underway seating and moored entertaining. A module incorporating a barbeque, sink and fridge provides dining and entertaining facilities for the aft deck. A 250kg SWL slewing deck crane with winch is fitted across the transom enabling easy launching of a 3.5m RIB which is stowed outboard off the transom on support arms forming a cradle, the arms are hinged allowing them to be stowed back against the transom when not in use. The RIB is stored very securely high above the waterline for safety in heavy weather. A forward lounging area with removable cushions and table is situated in a well deck quickly drained through the bridge deck by two large 4” scuppers, allowing the well area to be cleared of water in 8 seconds. Each bow is fitted with an anchor and windlass (two anchors for safety) and a bridle system. Large anchor lockers also provide a storage area for fenders, warps etc with the st/bd compartment also housing a workshop. Stern to mooring is assisted by two capstans at the transom quarters and a Hydraulic extending Besenzoni Passerelle fitted to the transom.

20m yacht price

A flybridge is accessed from the aft deck via a substantial stainless steel ladder with wide teak steps and hand rail. The flybridge incorporates a two seat helm position, the console being electrically adjustable for height allowing a sporty low seating position for helming underway, but can be raised 50cm to allow standing at the helm when undertaking close quarters docking manoeuvres. A large ‘U’ shaped seating area with a table allows for comfortable lounging and entertaining underway. Each hull incorporates a large dive platform. The aft, side decks and forward decks as well as the flybridge are laid in teak and holy synthetic decking for low maintenance and durability with the side, foredeck and aft deck areas being enclosed by railings .8-1m, high ensuring all deck areas are safely accessed by the crew. The first of class T-2000 is fitted with a valved exhaust system, incorporating by-pass valves allowing switching between watertrap silencers for quite running or straight through, allowing the exhaust note from her V12 engines to be appreciated when offshore emitting a fantastic exhaust sound befitting her extreme performance.

Below the first T-2000 under construction July 2023 showcasing its graceful lines, its MAN V12 engines and surface drives. Safehaven’s first of class demonstrator is scheduled for launch mid 2024.

20m yacht price

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Safehaven Marine launch ‘SOLAS’ a new 15m Interceptor 48 pilot for the Port of Cork, Ireland.

20m yacht price


20m yacht price

Safehaven Marine deliver new Interceptor 48 Pilot to P&O Maritime for their operations in Maputo, Mozambique.

20m yacht price

Safehaven Marine launch new 15m Interceptor 48 pilot ‘Svitzer Oued Laou’ for Svitzer.

20m yacht price


20m yacht price


20m yacht price

Safehaven Marine deliver two pilot boats to the MVD Pilots association in Montevideo, Uruguay.

20m yacht price


20m yacht price


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Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m For sale

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m Yachts for sale

Wim van der valk flybridge 20m price and sales info, wim van der valk flybridge 20m overview, wim van der valk flybridge 20m specifications.

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m Description

About wim van der valk flybridge 20m yacht model:.

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m is a series of Flybridge motor yacht 67ft/20.4m superyachts built in in by Wim van der Valk. 1 Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m yachts was delivered so far, motor yacht Dutch Falcon 2 in 2013.

1 more of this model is taking shape in the shipyard now. The latest Flybridge 20m 3 will be ready in 2022, and it is available for sale.

Created to a design of Van Der Valk, Flybridge 20m has a Semi-displacement Aluminium hull and Aluminium superstructure driven by 2 x Volvo Penta D13-800 engines to a maximum speed of 28 knots while comfortably cruising at 20 knots. The fuel tank has a capacity of 5000l/1099gal what allows a yacht to cover nautical miles without the need to refuel. Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m has a beam of 5.4m/18ft. The gross tonnage of this Flybridge motor yacht Wim van der Valk is gross tons. That shows exactly how much interior space this yacht has.


Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m impressive leisure and entertainment facilities make her the ideal yacht for socialising and entertaining with family and friends.

Construction & dimensions

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m features a Semi-displacement Aluminium hull and Aluminium superstructure. She was built to CE-A ocean classification society rules.


Powered by 2 x Volvo Penta D13-800 2 x 800 HP engines and driven by Pod drives Flybridge motor yacht Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m is capable of a top speed of 28 knots, and comfortably cruises at 20 knots. With her 5000 litres fuel tanks she has a maximum range of nautical miles economic cruising speed. Her water tanks carry 1600 litres of fresh water.

Purchase Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m is currently not available for sale, to find out more about this superyacht please contact your personal Wim van der Valk yacht specialist.

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Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m is currently not available for charter, to find out more about this superyacht please contact your personal Wim van der Valk charter broker.

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m Exterior Gallery

 Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m  <b>Exterior Gallery</b>

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m Interior Gallery

 Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m  <b>Interior Gallery</b>

Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m General arrangement

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Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m Dutch Falcon

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Yachting Events

20m yacht price

25 September-28 September 2024 Monaco Yacht Show 2024 Port Hercule, Monaco

20m yacht price

September 10-15, 2024 Cannes Yachting Festival 2024 Cannes, France

20m yacht price

March 21-24 2024 Palm Beach International Boat Show 2024 Palm Beach, USA

20m yacht price

February 28 - March 3 2024 Dubai International Boat Show 2024 Dubai, UAE

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Pacific Land Yachts

Photo of Pacific Land Yachts - Santa Clara, CA, US. Up to 35 passengers

Review Highlights

Lily T.

“ Our driver was polite and easy to communicate with, especially considering we were a bunch of very excited teenagers. ” in 14 reviews

Mehrmah H.

“ The land yacht itself was very cool with nice seats, a great sound system , and some really fun laser lights. ” in 5 reviews

Julia K.

“ They will provide ice and cups on the 32 person bus , which saved me time when planning what to bring on-board 3. ” in 2 reviews

Location & Hours

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977 Warburton Ave

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Serving Santa Clara Area








Closed now

Amenities and More

About the business.

Business owner information

Photo of Mark K.

Business Owner

Let Pacific Land Yachts make your event one you'll always remember! Pacific Land Yachts provides luxury chauffeured limousine bus service throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Just give us your itinerary and we'll make it happen. Need a little help finding just the right club, restaurant or winery? Our chauffeurs are carefully selected so that you'll receive the utmost in professional service. Each is intimately familiar with the Bay Area-its hotels, restaurants, theaters, nightclubs, wineries, roadways and traffic patterns-so you and your guests can relax and enjoy yourselves. Standard chauffeur attire is black tuxedo (black suit and tie for business charters) unless you request otherwise. All charters include a variety of complimentary beverages, as well as red carpet service upon request. Other requested items, such as wine, beer, coffee and snacks are provided for a nominal fee. Our services: Anniversaries Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Birthday Parties Casino Trips Concerts Corporate Events Holiday Parties Nights on the Town Proms and Graduation Quinceaneras Sight Seeing Sporting Events Weddings Wine Tours …

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Photo of Teresita M.

The sweetest driver and the most amazing relaxing time. We didn't have to worry about anything. Really throughly enjoyed our time. We drove to San Francisco to a wedding, my aunts and uncles are older and it's hard for them to see in long drives outside of our city. This was a treat! It was around 30+ of us. Super friendly customer service, everything was easy and smooth. The bus was clean as a whistle and we were able to play our own music. Bluetooth connected, waters and a TV! We brought our own snacks and a little bit of wine, we had a blast.

Photo of Angelica V.

We rented a party bus for my husband and I's 30th and it was incredible! Mark was awesome and made sure we all got there and back safely, and we got sooo many compliments from our friends that came. Plenty of space, super clean ride and overall just a great time! Definitely recommend!

Photo of Jessica L.

Mark was a great help and made sure the day went smoothly for us. I would recommend him and his services. Thank you!

Photo of Denise M.

I had my senior ball on 5/5 and Mark was amazing! I found him on yelp and had messaged him starting from February because I knew how crazy prom season would be. I copied part of the message he sent me for the quote I asked for: "The following land yacht is available for your 6 hour (5:45p-11:45p) event on the date you've requested.  30-36 passenger - $1,695.00 Our prices INCLUDE ALL FEES AND CHAUFFEUR'S GRATUITY, as well as complimentary ice and bottled water." I had 32 people on my bus and we all had enough space! The water was definitely awesome for the end of the night but Mark was so responsible and got us to SF city hall on time and safely. He was so quick at replying to my messages and I have had looked into many other places and this was the most accommodating and reasonably priced. Highly recommend !!

20m yacht price

Our group had an amazing time! Mark arrived on time to pick us up and the bus was clean and spacious. The bathroom on board was an added plus. The pricing is very favorable to other companies and the bus has everything you need. I wish I had taken pictures of the interior because the other photos on here don't do it justice. There's also a TV that you can stream to. We ended up extending our reservation an hour because we didn't want it to end. We will definitely be using Mark again in the future.

Photo of S B.

First class experience from pickup, journey, to drop off. Our chauffeur Kelvin provided us with a safe and wonderful experience to make for a good time. Will definitely be hiring this company for future corporate events and celebrations. Keep up your good work. Thank you.

Photo of Amy S.

I had my 40th birthday bash and Mark was amazing. Bus was very clean and roomy with a bathroom which was a plus. Hands down, book with Pacific Land Yachts if you are looking for a party bus. Would definitely do business again!

20m yacht price

Mark is pretty darn awesome! We chartered his land yacht for a work event. Everyone had an amazing time, and everyone said that they would definitely want to work with Mark again for both future and personal events that require group transportation. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!

Photo of Ali G.

I rented a bus for my brothers 30th birthday and it was an unforgettable night! The bus was in great condition and so much bigger than I imagined. It even had a restroom which was helpful because we had it reserved for 5 hours. The driver was fantastic and let us blast our music and dance the whole time. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a good time!!

Photo of Jimmy B.

Great driver. Smooth sailing for a large group of 30+! Very nice clean bus (with a bathroom!!) We had such a great time. I can't wait to do it again.

1 other review that is not currently recommended

Collections Including Pacific Land Yachts

San Jose

By Aimee H.

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The Future of Streaming (According to the Moguls Figuring It Out)

Who will survive? Die? Thrive? And how? We talked to nearly a dozen top media executives and asked them to predict what lies ahead.

Credit... Illustration by Smlxl Company

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James B. Stewart

By James B. Stewart and Benjamin Mullin

  • Published June 22, 2024 Updated June 24, 2024

When the media titans Brian Roberts, John Malone and Barry Diller cast off in early February on Mr. Diller’s 156-foot, two-masted yacht, named Arriva, the waters off the coast of Jupiter, Fla., were placid.

The same could not be said for their sprawling entertainment businesses.

The three men meet occasionally to discuss the state of the industry, and lively disagreements have a been a staple of their discussions. But by the time they met on the yacht, they had all agreed that the money-losing status quo in the streaming business was unsustainable. The old cable model was a melting ice cube.

But what will take its place?

“There was peace in the valley for a period of time,” Mr. Malone mused in a rare recent interview, recalling the days before video-streaming upended the lucrative cable business. “Now, it’s quite chaotic.”

That is likely an understatement: The once-mighty Paramount, which owns the famed Paramount studio, CBS and a bevy of cable channels, recently replaced its chief executive and failed to sell itself after months of negotiations. Warner Bros. Discovery is frantically paying down its $43 billion in debt. Disney laid off thousands of workers and pushed out its chief executive as streaming losses mounted, and had to fend off a proxy contest from the activist investor Nelson Peltz.

The stocks of legacy media companies are a fraction of their former highs: Paramount is near $10 a share and Warner Bros. Discovery is hovering around $7, both down drastically from levels reached during the past year. Even Disney, at about $102, is down more than 16 percent from the price reached in March.

No wonder: Paramount, the media empire controlled by Shari Redstone, lost $1.6 billion on streaming last year. Comcast lost $2.7 billion on its Peacock streaming service. Disney lost about $2.6 billion on its services, which include Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. Warner Bros. Discovery says its Max streaming service eked out a profit last year, but only by including HBO sales through cable distributors.

At the same time, shares of the disrupters — Netflix and Amazon — are close to record highs.

Barry Diller in a black-and-white portrait.

Mr. Malone, Mr. Roberts, and Mr. Diller all came of age during the golden era of television. Mr. Malone, 83, clawed his way to a multibillion dollar fortune by building a cable empire, and is an influential shareholder in Warner Bros. Discovery and a longtime mentor to its chief executive, David Zaslav. Mr. Roberts, 64, succeeded his father as chairman, chief executive and the most influential shareholder of Comcast. Since then, he has transformed Comcast into a broadband giant and, by acquiring NBCUniversal, into a media powerhouse. Mr. Diller, 82, is chairman of IAC, the digital media company, and a veteran TV and movie executive. His long and successful tenure in entertainment and media has earned him a position as one of the industry’s most sought-after senior statesman.

By comparison, the heads of the disrupters, Netflix and Amazon, are younger, brash newcomers, with little attachment to Hollywood’s golden age.

Ted Sarandos, 59, co-chief executive of Netflix, worked his way up through the now-defunct DVD industry before going straight to Netflix when the company was still renting DVDs by mail. Mike Hopkins, 55, head of Prime Video and Amazon MGM Studios, was steeped in digital as chief executive of Hulu, the pioneering streaming service owned by Disney, Fox and NBCU, before joining Sony as head of its television unit in 2017. He came to Amazon in 2020 and reports to the company’s chief executive, Andy Jassy, 56, who has no professional background in entertainment.

Over the past five months, The New York Times interviewed those three older executives, and the two younger ones, as well as numerous other owners and senior executives of major media companies to assess the problems facing the industry and what the future landscape could look like.

Rarely do these executives speak so candidly, on the record, about the challenge in front of them. And the meetings on the yacht aside, rarely do executives in that stratosphere get together to discuss strategy. Not only are many of them fierce rivals — Mr. Roberts famously drove up the cost of Disney’s 2019 acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets by bidding against Disney’s chief executive, Bob Iger — but meetings among direct competitors might attract unwelcome attention from antitrust regulators.

In our conversations, there were still plenty of disagreements, but some consistent themes emerged as well — all with major implications for investors, advertisers and audiences.

The Magic Subscriber Number

Streaming has long been hailed as a promising business, because companies like Netflix can add additional subscribers at little extra cost. The more paying subscribers a service has, the more the company’s costs can be spread out over a large base, lowering the cost per subscriber.

But those subscribers want lots of options, and the costs of making enough programming can be enormous. As a result, a streaming service’s profitability depends in large part on how many paying subscribers are needed before those TV shows and movies become cost-effective.

There was a time when industry executives hoped that number might be as low as 100 million.

But now the consensus among many of the executives interviewed is that the number is at least 200 million, and possibly more.

“If you’re going to be a full entertainment service with live sports and tent-pole blockbusters today, 200 million is a number that can give you the scale with the hope for growth over time,” Mr. Hopkins of Amazon said.

Bob Chapek, Disney’s chief executive until 2022, also agreed that 200 million was the number that meant “you’re big enough to compete.”

Netflix has reached that, and then some, with about 270 million paying subscribers. Moreover, those subscribers pay an industry-leading average of more than $11 per month.

Netflix is highly profitable, with operating margins of 28 percent. In the first quarter of 2024, Netflix reported revenue of $9.4 billion, and $2.3 billion in net income. No one else comes close.

Disney and Amazon are the only other streaming services with more than 200 million subscribers. While Amazon doesn’t disclose the number of its Prime Video subscribers, Mr. Hopkins said the number was well above 200 million and growing. Disney+ and Hulu, which is also owned by Disney, have just over 200 million subscribers combined.

In May, Disney said its entertainment streaming services eked out a small profit. Amazon doesn’t disclose profit margins or losses, and streaming is embedded in a package of Prime services. But Amazon’s chief executive, Andy Jassy, has said that Prime Video will be “a large and profitable business” on its own.

$50 Million an Episode, Over and Over

The costs of attracting — and keeping — those millions of customers is no cheap feat.

Overall, Netflix has said it will spend about $17 billion this year on programming, about what it did before last year’s Hollywood strikes depressed production. That level of spending has produced a golden age for A-list writers and actors, many of whom are flocking to the company. A new series, “3 Body Problem,” debuted a few months ago on Netflix at a reported cost of about $20 million per episode. It spent more than $200 million on “The Gray Man,” starring Ryan Gosling.

“It’s a tall order to entertain the world,” Mr. Sarandos of Netflix said. “You have to do it with regularity and dependably.”

For Netflix, $17 billion represents only about half of its total revenue. But almost no competitor can match that spending level, the executives said, except for maybe Amazon. Amazon spent $300 million for six episodes of the spy thriller “Citadel,” or $50 million per episode — one of several major bets it has made.

Not all of those pay off. But when they do, the impact can be huge, like wildcatters when they hit a gusher. Amazon paid $153 million for one season of “Fallout,” a series based on the popular post apocalyptic video game. In April, “Fallout” was the top streaming title, racking up over seven billion viewing minutes, according to Amazon.

Mr. Sarandos held out the company’s recent “Baby Reindeer” series as a prime example of why companies have to keep spending: because viewers expect a nearly endless supply of options, or they will hit the unsubscribe button.

“When you finish ‘Baby Reindeer,’ there’s something else just as good,” he said. “I worry that this notion of these other services, that they have nothing to watch problem, and that once you do a show and then you drag it out over 10 weeks or doing one episode at a time, you still end up in the same place, which is there’s nothing to watch after it.”

The data appear to bear him out. When cable TV was in its heyday, 1.5 to 2 percent of subscribers churned monthly, abandoning or suspending their service. The average churn across all streaming services is more than double that, according to data from analytics firm Antenna, with the churn rate of some smaller streaming services, like Paramount+, as high as 7 percent. Only Netflix has a churn rate below 4 percent.

Some executives who oversee rivals to Netflix and Amazon say their companies can reduce spending by only producing hits. But that’s been the holy grail ever since Hollywood was created, and no one has succeeded over the long term. Even Disney’s Marvel franchise has stumbled at the box office lately.

That means streaming services need the resources to invest in a wide variety of projects, knowing there will be some, even many, relative failures for every hit. (“Citadel” is a case in point — it never made Nielsen’s top 10 streaming shows.)

“It’s still more art than science,” Mr. Sarandos said.

Adding to the cost pressure, the executives said, is the soaring cost of sports programming. Even in the bygone era of traditional television, the broad appeal of sports was obvious. The big networks paid billions for must-see events like the Super Bowl and the N.B.A. Finals and much of what was left over went to Disney and Hearst-owned ESPN, one of the most lucrative cable franchises ever created.

But that was before streaming and the arrival of the deep-pocketed tech giants. Amazon now offers football games from the National Football League, NASCAR races, the W.N.B.A. with its newly minted star Caitlin Clark, the National Hockey League in Canada and Champions League soccer in Germany, Italy and Britain.

Apple TV+ also features Major League Baseball, as well as Major League Soccer.

Alphabet’s YouTube offers N.F.L. Sunday Ticket, a lineup of out-of-market football games. Even Netflix, which long shunned live sports, announced in May that it would stream N.F.L. games on Christmas Day for the next three years.

The appeal of live sports is both unique and twofold: They attract new streaming subscribers and reduce churn since viewers want to watch sports live. It is also a big draw for advertisers as streaming services look to grow their ad businesses.

It may not be an overstatement, the executives said, to say that a streaming service can’t survive as a stand-alone business without sports.

Comcast’s Peacock scored a huge success in January with its exclusive N.F.L. playoff game between Kansas City and Miami. The game was the biggest livestreaming event ever, with about 32 million viewers . (Comcast’s NBC network pays $2 billion annually for a package of N.F.L. broadcast rights.)

“Sports seems like the simplest and most interesting thing,” Mr. Malone said.

The result is bidding wars unlike anything experienced before in the media industry, currently on display during the protracted negotiations for a new 10-year N.B.A. rights contract. The rights, which are now shared by ESPN and Warner Bros. Discovery’s Turner cable network, are being chased by NBC and Amazon, as well as ESPN and Warner Bros. Discovery.

While ESPN, Amazon and NBC are finalizing deals for their packages, Warner Bros. Discovery is seen at risk of being outbid, though executives at Warner Bros. believe they have the legal rights to match Amazon’s bid. Many in the industry expect that the final deal will be more than triple the last N.B.A. contract.Which raises questions that executives didn’t have a clear answers to:

As the cost of rights soars, will the streaming services actually make money on them? Or will marquee sports events function as loss leaders, drawing viewers to other fare, as they once did for the old broadcast networks?

Advertising to the Rescue?

Wall Street analysts and investors in streaming once fixated entirely on the number of subscribers, ignoring losses, in the belief that prices would someday rise substantially. That changed with dizzying speed in early 2022, when Netflix announced it had lost subscribers for the first time in a decade.

It’s now clear that price increases won’t be the answer to streaming profitability for most services, the executives said. Netflix is the industry price leader and has pushed its monthly fee in the United States to $15.49 a month without ads. Few believe the monthly fee can get much above $20 a month for the foreseeable future.

After years of championing an ad-free consumer experience, Netflix introduced an ad-supported subscription in 2022 at a steep discount of $6.99 a month. Disney+, Hulu, Amazon, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max, Peacock and Paramount+ all offer cheaper, ad-supported subscriptions.

“It’s a nice way to get price-sensitive consumers,” said Mr. Chapek, who introduced an ad-supported tier while running Disney. “Heavy users will still come and pay the higher monthly fee.”

Mr. Chapek acknowledged that advertisers covet — and will pay more for — mass audiences. As a result, the streaming services have a strong incentive to produce programs with broad appeal instead of more niche content, including some of the kind that generates critical acclaim.

Netflix shocked many in the industry last year when for the first time it revealed its most-watched programs over the prior six months. At the top were “The Night Agent,” an action-thriller, and “Ginny and Georgia,” a comedy-drama about a mother and daughter trying to forge a new life. Both shows were snubbed by Emmy voters, with a lone nomination for a song from “Ginny and Georgia.” (“Squid Game,” developed in Korea, is Netflix’s most-watched program ever.)

Advertisers, the executives say, also like that streaming services can target ads to specific users and demographics.

The results have been explosive. Netflix is on pace to generate roughly $1 billion in advertising revenue this year, according to estimates from eMarketer, and Disney has already generated $1.7 billion this fiscal year.

That kind of success suggests that streaming ads are here to stay. And some of the executives said streaming services predicted that companies would raise prices aggressively on ad-free tiers in an effort to drive consumers to ad-supported versions.

Who Will Survive?

How many streaming services will consumers support? That was one of the great mysteries of the nascent streaming world, and the answer is coming into focus: not very many.

“Can your current business be a successful player and have long-term wealth generation, or are you going to be roadkill?” Mr. Malone mused. “I think all the small players will have to shrink down or go away.”

A recent Deloitte study found that American households paid an average of $61 a month for four streaming services, but that many didn’t think the expense was worth it.

That suggests the once-unthinkable possibility, many of the executives said, that there will be only three or four streaming survivors: Netflix and Amazon, almost certainly. Probably some combination of Disney and Hulu. Apple remains a niche participant, but appears to be feeling its way into a long-term, albeit money-losing, presence, which it can afford to do. That leaves big question marks over Peacock, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max, and Paramount+.

Peacock, with just 34 million subscribers, isn’t trying to be another Netflix. By focusing on North America, and not trying to be all things to all customers, Mr. Roberts believes Peacock can achieve success on its own terms.

Peacock also has the advantage to being embedded in the much larger Comcast, with its steady cash flow.

“We all have a different calculus to define success in streaming,” Mr. Roberts said. “As online viewing increases and internet usage skyrockets, I believe we have a special set of assets that put us in position to continue to monetize and more importantly innovate as this transition happens.”

The Bundling Conundrum

After years of go-it-alone strategies, “bundling” — offering consumers a package of streaming services for a single fee — has become the latest strategy for reaching profitability among the smaller services.

In May, Comcast announced it would offer its broadband customers a bundle of Peacock, Netflix and Apple TV+ for $15 a month. Disney has bundled Disney+ and Hulu, with Max to be added this summer at an as-yet undisclosed price. Venu, a new sports streaming joint venture from Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. Discovery, is planning its release this fall.

However innovative the arrangements, the executives said, the economics of bundling are complicated. Participants need to attract consumers who wouldn’t already subscribe to their individual channels at full price. They must also puzzle through how revenue should be divided among bundling participants of unequal stature.

It’s also unclear that bundling will achieve the scale that participants may be hoping for. Many customers already subscribe to one or more of the bundle options. So it’s not a matter of simply adding up subscribers. And if multiple subscriptions are offered at a discount to attract customers, the average revenue per user declines.

Jason Kilar, the founding Hulu chief executive and former chief executive of WarnerMedia, has called for an even more radical approach than bundling: a new company that would license movies and TV shows from the major studios and pay back close to 70 percent of the revenue to those studios.

“I’ll call it the ‘Spotify for Hollywood’ path, where a large number of suppliers and studios contribute to a singular experience that delights fans,” Mr. Kilar said. “The studios would be the ones that would be taking the majority of the economic returns from such a structure.”

Media companies have started to embrace licensing deals after a period of avoiding them. During AT&T’s ill-fated ownership of WarnerMedia, the company insisted that its content be shown exclusively on its Max streaming service. Disney pulled back on licensing deals when it started Disney+ in an effort to force fans to subscribe. Before he returned to Disney, in 2022, Mr. Iger compared licensing the company’s franchises to selling nuclear weapons to “third-world countries.”

But AT&T subsequently abandoned streaming, merging WarnerMedia into Discovery, and Mr. Iger has since embraced the nuclear option. Both Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery are again licensing their content to rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Sony Goes Another Way

One company embodies the embrace of the licensing strategy: Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Sony, the studio behind “Spider Man” and “Men in Black,” rejected general entertainment streaming services years ago. Tony Vinciquerra, the company’s chief executive, instead adopted what he has called an “arms dealer” strategy, selling movies and TV shows to companies like Disney and Netflix.

The exception is that Sony operates a niche streamer, Crunchyroll, that focuses on anime, Japanese-style hand-drawn animation. Its success suggests that a small (more than 14 million subscribers worldwide) and low-cost operation can be profitable without going up against Netflix.

Mr. Vinciquerra pointed out that Sony’s rivals running big streaming businesses were losing money on those services while at the same time seeing their traditional cable networks in decline.

“I’m still scratching my head wondering what these companies will do here,” Mr. Vinciquerra said, referring to the declining cable networks. “They all have these massive albatrosses around their neck that they can’t do anything about right now.”

So far, Sony’s strategy appears to be working. Sony’s Pictures Entertainment generated almost $11 billion of revenue in 2023, a 2 percent increase from the same period a year earlier, according to filings. In 2021, Sony struck deals to license movies to both Netflix and Disney worth an estimated $3 billion annually. Profits were roughly $1.2 billion, 10 percent lower than the previous year because of the actors’ and writers’ strikes.

Unlike Paramount or Disney, Sony Pictures is part of a sprawling global consumer electronics conglomerate. Sony recently teamed up with the private-equity giant Apollo Global Management to make a $26 billion bid for Paramount. But Sony is interested only in Paramount’s film library and characters like SpongeBob SquarePants and has contemplated selling the rest of it — including the Paramount+ streaming service. But Sony has since backed away from its offer.

That’s just the latest indication that expectations for merger deals have faded. Paramount is still looking for a buyer after months of tortured negotiations and is revamping its streaming strategy in the meantime. So far as is known, no one is pursuing Warner Bros. Discovery, free since April, to buy or be sold under the terms of its separation from AT&T. Potential buyers like Comcast are understandably wary of their decaying revenue bases in cable. And Disney is shackled with its own cable issues and is loaded with debt from buying 21st Century Fox.

The End of a Golden Age

All of these changes have had a big upside for viewers.

“It’s been a golden age, even with prices rising,” Mr. Chapek said. “You get entire libraries built over decades plus all this new content, and you watch at your leisure.”

But a change is underway, he said: “Now we just have to make it viable for shareholders.”

That will necessarily mean higher prices for customers, more advertising, and less — and less expensive — content. That’s already happening. On average, consumers spend 41 percent more on streaming than they did a year ago, according to the recent Deloitte study, while satisfaction has declined. While some of that may be because of the limited new content offered last year during the Hollywood strikes, Disney and pretty much everyone except Netflix and Amazon have vowed to reduce spending and produce less new content.

The rise of advertising may be a windfall for streaming services, but the quest for the mass audiences that advertisers seek risks turning the streaming landscape into a sea of police procedurals and hospital dramas punctuated by major sports events and blockbuster concerts. Ironically, that’s pretty much the old model once dominated by the four ad-supported broadcast networks.

Netflix and Amazon executives acknowledge the risks to high-quality programming but promise that won’t happen on their watch. They contend they have enough scale that their prestige programs can be profitable and reach a vast audience — even if it’s a small percentage of their overall subscriber base.

“We can do prestige TV at scale,” Mr. Sarandos said. “But we don’t only do prestige,” he added, citing popular shows like “Night Agent.”

Mr. Hopkins of Amazon said “procedurals and other tried and true formats do well for us, but we also need big swings that have customers saying ‘Wow, I can’t believe that just happened’ and will have people telling their friends.”

“We want rabid fans,” he said.

Bryan Lourd, chief executive and co-chairman of the powerful Creative Artists Agency, said media executives needed to put aside financial engineering and remember that creativity — and entertaining customers — was the only way to win in the long run.

“The task at hand is to keep the customer at the front of your brain,” Mr. Lourd said. “When people stop doing that is when things start to go wrong.”

And Yet, Continued Optimism

On Mr. Diller’s yacht that day in February, Mr. Malone’s advice to Mr. Roberts was simple: In light of the challenges facing the industry, Comcast should continue its current strategy of investing in other areas like theme parks.

“Now, are they large enough to be the biggest?” said Mr. Diller, speaking generally about streaming services besides Netflix. “No, that game was lost some years ago. Netflix commands not all the territory, but they command the leading territory right now. They essentially are in a position of dictating policy.”

But Mr. Diller, like many of the other executives interviewed for this article, sees a path forward for streaming companies once they stop trying to be Netflix. (That’s the strategy already adopted by Mr. Roberts of Comcast.)

The focus, according to Mr. Diller, needs to be on what “has been true since the beginning of time.”

The business, he said, “is based on hit programming, making a program, a movie, a something that people want to see.”

James B. Stewart has been a reporter and business columnist for The Times since 2011, focusing on the human drama of the business world and the struggle for corporate power. More about James B. Stewart

Benjamin Mullin reports on the major companies behind news and entertainment. Contact Ben securely on Signal at +1 530-961-3223 or email at [email protected] . More about Benjamin Mullin

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    About Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m yacht model: Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m is a series of Flybridge motor yacht 67ft/20.4m superyachts built in in by Wim van der Valk. 1 Wim van der Valk Flybridge 20m yachts was delivered so far, motor yacht Dutch Falcon 2 in 2013. 1 more of this model is taking shape in the shipyard now.

  19. Princess 20M boats for sale

    View a wide selection of Princess 20M boats for sale in your area, ... Price (highest to lowest) Price (lowest to highest) Make (A to Z) Make (Z to A) Year (new to old) ... View Results. Filter Boats By Back. Make Princess Model 20M Condition Used (1) Boat Type Power (1) Class Motor Yacht (1) Price £200000 - £500000; Length 60 - 100ft / 18 - 30m

  20. Boats for sale in California

    Motorized yachts are more common than sailboats in California with 1,887 powerboats listed for sale right now, versus 658 listings for sailboats. Yacht prices in California. Prices for yachts in California start at $13,560 for the lowest priced boats, up to $4,443,825 for the most expensive listings, with an average overall yacht value of $178,330.

  21. Sun Country Marine Group

    Inlanddealer locations in Irvine, San Jose-Campbelland Lake Havasurepresent Cobalt Boats, Nautique Boats, Bennington Pontoonsand Premier Pontoons. The best Selection, Sales & Service of boats, pontoons and yachts. 10 convenient locations. 10 world-class brands. 35 years helping families enjoy time on the water.


    "The following land yacht is available for your 6 hour (5:45p-11:45p) event on the date you've requested. 30-36 passenger - $1,695.00 Our prices INCLUDE ALL FEES AND CHAUFFEUR'S GRATUITY, as well as complimentary ice and bottled water." I had 32 people on my bus and we all had enough space!

  23. NFT Collection Prices & Charts Today By Trading Volume

    Floor Price 24H Price 7D Price Chart Market Cap Owners; 1: Pudgy Penguins ... Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) $410.12K (-65.51%) $6.66K-2.09%: $129.89M: ... $962.20M: 0: 14: WHAT THE FFFF (WTFFFF ...

  24. The Future of Netflix, Amazon and Other Streaming Services

    When the media titans Brian Roberts, John Malone and Barry Diller cast off in early February on Mr. Diller's 156-foot, two-masted yacht, named Arriva, the waters off the coast of Jupiter, Fla ...

  25. Boat Detailing

    After. Call Today for details! 510-688-2765. Bay Area Mobile Detail comes prepared with water and electricity. We offer the best boat detailing service in the Bay Area, so if your boat need oxidation removed not a problem; we will make your boat shine. Our technician use high speed polishing and waxing to get the job done right.